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* Princess Not Included · FiM Minific ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 400–750
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· · >>bloons3
Everyone ready?
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I guess both the Aussies and the French are asleep.

Remember, be anonymous, do dummy reviews to maintain anonymity if need be. You'll be DQ'd otherwise.

Roger, might be worth doing an automated first-post message thing if having the rules at the top of the thread is important to you.

EDIT: Why do French people eat snails?

Because they don't like fast food!
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· · >>Not_A_Hat
I wasn't asleep at 2 PM you galoot ;), I was biking to an interview.

Hat thanks for filling in!

PS: you could've introduced a bit of levity in that message! :P
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I'll give this one a shot methinks.
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Additional levity has been added.
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Ready! Fire! Fire! Fire! ... Um... Aim?
(The way I tend to write minifics)
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Alrighty. Now that I've got My Fluttering Heart published, I don't have any excuse not to get something done here.
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As always, we shall see.
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This should be a nice tonic for those post holiday blues. And by that I mean I'm hoping to write something that doesn't contain the words 'sheep', 'Wales' and 'It's looking at me funny'. I'm on top of my editing too, so this all feels quite unnaturally timely.
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Oh man do I want to get in on the festivities this weekend. I hope my Saturday cooperates.
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Great. Writeoff falls on the weekend I move into college. The same week, mind you, that I got sick and had to postpone my next chapter of History Lesson. All I can say at this point is I'll try.
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· · >>CoffeeMinion
Time to write something and hope!
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Everyone please give a warm Writeoff welcome to >>Misternick!

Welcome aboard, and I look forward to being trounced by you! :-p
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· · >>billymorph
I'd Kill For Some Hayfries


We've been through one already, could we please not?
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I'm sort of wondering... what if TBD IS the prompt and we're all just waiting. Then it never changes. We keep waking up every day waiting for the prompt to change but it never changes. We're stuck in an infinite loop of waiting. Waiting for Godot.
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· · >>Dubs_Rewatcher
No intro post by Mono :(
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Alright, I'm in this one. I have no ideas whatsoever, but I'm in!
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what's the point of going on
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· · >>Ceffyl_Dwr
I've never done this before; how exactly does this work? I read the rules, but it would be nice to hear it from someone who's done it before.
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Well; it's kinda scary, but I guess it doesn't hurt to try... so, count me in...
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Three... two... one... let's horse.
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Oh boy
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>>ZaidValRoa Some of us just like to watch the world burn :D
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Excellent. Got my Ship Sinkers entry done; now I can focus here.

Oh, and finding a job, I guess.
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· · >>Nadir
Any parts in particular?

Basically you have another two hours to submit a prompt (optional), then another 24 hours to vote on prompts from the list (optional). Then another 24 hours to write a fic (or two) inspired by the winning prompt, and submit via this site (again, optional, but kind of the point).

You're then allocated a slate (you can add more) of fics to read/critique (optional, but helpful to writers) and rank in order. There's some magical algorithms that enable said rankings to be collated, with a top number of fics going through to the finals. Author details are kept anonymous until prelims are over (for those that don't make the finals) and at the end of the finals (for those that do).

I may have just regurgitated the rules into Ceffy-speak, but I hope that helps some?
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· · >>QuillScratch
Gotta Make You Understand

Alright, who's the wise guy trying to Rick'roll? :P
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· · >>billymorph
Maybe. Maybe? Maybe!
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Maybe. Maybe? Maybe!



Ah shoot, now I've remembered Justin Bieber exists.
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New around here and even if it didn't help him, it really helped me. Thanks!
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Last round we had "I Just Want To Tell You How I'm Feeling", and the round before had "You Wouldn't Get This".

I have a feeling this is a follow-up to the time someone submitted the entire Team Rocket motto over about ten writeoffs...
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· · >>Pascoite >>GaPJaxie
Let's see if I can get this link to work.

Refer to this post for the full rules, procedures, and explanation: >>Pascoite

I'm going to try the same thing for minifics this time, but I'll have to modify the rules a bit to accommodate. So the following changes apply.

Obviously, helping one person a day isn't going to do much when there's only one day to write, so I'll take on 4 people. Because these things are so short and aren't quite as fleshed out as a full-length story, they're not going to require the same level of feedback. As such, I don't think the live interaction will be necessary. I'll spend up to 30 minutes reading and critiquing however many entries you care to send me (is there a limit on them now?). I'll do so between ten o'clock and midnight US eastern time, Saturday night. That's about 2/3 of the way through the writing period; some of you might not plan on having anything done by then, so take that into account. If you happen to catch me while I'm in the doc (assuming you use GDocs, which is the best way to manage this), you're welcome to use the document's chat function to engage me in live discussion, too--whatever fits in the 30 minutes. Whereas I wasn't too focused on mechanics last time, since they might well get changed in later editing anyway, I will be paying more attention this time, insofar as they can have a pretty big effect on fitting within word count, though if the story needs that much attention with the mechanics, I'll have to break from it at some point before I run out of time to have anything substantive to say. In fact, that's usually something useful to have an outside perspective on: figuring out what can be cut to free up word count for more important things.

How to sign up is also detailed in that previous post I linked, and I'll notify the folks who get picked tonight, around midnight US eastern. I'll reiterate that selection is completely random. I don't care whether I'm helping a top-notch veteran put the last few touches on or showing a beginner the basics. And you don't have to tell me what day you pick, since there's only one day.
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I know I've been saying "I'll join" and never did for the past few ponyfic rounds, but I think I'll be able and willing to do this one.

Probably might help that I have reliable access to the Discord now.
#33 · 4

Guess I've signed up for this bidness. I may have been a little drunk when I did so last night, but dang if I won't stick with this. Or something.
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Ding dang it!

I keep forgetting how quickly these things roll around these days! I just started work on a longish Pony story--I'm figuring ten to twenty thousand words when I'm done--and I dunno if I wanna put that on hold till Sept. 7th. I'll see if the prompt speaks to me--or if I can find a 700 word chunk of what I'm working on that I can shoehorn in.... :)

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Minifics -- and especially pony minifics -- are my "off" rounds (last round's three entries notwithstanding), and I'm out of town most of Saturday, but I'll see if I can sneak something in.
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Call me committed.
#37 · 2
I'm in. :dashcool:
#38 ·
Significant chance my schedule just opened up for at least a bit of writing. Hoping that the stress of moving back into college, switching to a creative writing major, and remembering how precious little is left of my GPA won't kill what little optimism I've been able to pull together.
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· · >>CoffeeMinion
Due to prodding from Coffee Minion, I am dusting off my keyboard for this event.
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Huzzah! My gradual corruption of the Writeoff continues apace!
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· · >>Cold in Gardez >>Monokeras >>CoffeeMinion
Well, didn't get any takers. I guess people don't want to do this for minific rounds. Maybe I'll give it another shot with a future short story event.
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· · >>Pascoite

I think you'll have trouble with this for any minific round. A lot of people don't start reading this thread until the writing period starts, and for minifics that's pretty much too late.
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· · >>horizon
Pasco, if I finish in time, I might send mine to you!

Also sorry for this late answer, I didn't expected your proposal to show up on this thread before the actual deadline. Not sure I'll be able to cope with your schedule, so don't be bothered if I don't show up (and don't wait for me!).

Also general warning: I'm doing this on my iPhone. No computer available.
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· · >>Monokeras >>Syeekoh

Forget lack of time, lack of sleep, lack of inspiration, writing poetry, and entering Original Fiction rounds with pony pieces. Writing fiction on a smartphone is the real Writeoff hard mode.
#45 ·
Uh, I like handicap races! :)

I'm getting used to it. Last Days… was written under the same conditions. I hope my next story fares better though :B
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Oh ho. This is going to be interesting. I'm going to need to think about this one...
#47 ·
That's criminal! I didn't want to hog a slot, but dang, the interest is there.
#48 ·
Well... I thought I had something for this...
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· · >>007Ben >>CoffeeMinion >>TIAS_A1927
Alright, managed to finish one. Now to edit and see if I can come up with more than one. Minifics are surprisingly hard. You start off with a small idea, thinking you might have to puff it up a bit, and then you realize you reached the max word count and still bare bones. Is this how it always goes?
#50 ·
Not always. Take me for example. I'm still stuck on the "start with a small idea" part.

Seriously, though, what you described is pretty normal.
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· · >>CoffeeMinion
What About Discord?, anyone?
#52 ·
Yes, this can happen. Hang in there!

I wonder if the 'Cord will see disproportionate representation this time, and due to today's episode. :-p
#53 · 2
I wrote my last minific entry on a phone in between helping my Mom move.

It's not that hard if you have a clear idea in mind.
#54 · 2
"Princesses Not Included," eh?

Very well, prompt. You entertain me.
#55 · 1

Hey! You!

I like you and I like your editing.

Not sure if I'll have my entries done by this evening, but if I do, I will give you a ring. :)
#56 ·
I was all like "nah, that's not gonna happen to me". Then I'm at 750 words and I've only 2/3 of the fic written. Ouch.
#57 ·
Dang, the prompt I voted for was in second place. I can't really connect with the prompt that won, so I guess I'll sit this one out. I'm actually happy it turned out this way, as I'm so ridiculously tired that any attempt at writing would be crap anyways.
#58 · 1
Time to write something tangentially related to the prompt :)
#59 · 6
So... can I just treat this prompt as "You can write any story, as long as it doesn't have a princess in it?"
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· · >>ChappedPenguinLips
Just submitted something for the first time ever, hooray! Been lurking around this place long enough, I figured it's high time I actually contribute.
#61 · 4
· · >>FanOfMostEverything
Huzzah! Just signed up, and I'm really looking forward to hanging with the cool kids.

Quick question: Do I need to switch to Anonymous when submitting, or does the site somehow magically hide my name until it's time for the reveal?
#62 · 4
· · >>ArgonMatrix

I'm in the same boat, it's my first time as well. Best of luck to you!

Now... if I could only get an idea. Haha... I'm so screwed... XD
#63 · 2
Well, I have one story in. We'll see if I have anything else in the tank for this one.

The name obfuscation enchantment is built into the system. Your identity will be kept safe until you're out of the running, whether that's after the preliminaries or the finals.
#64 · 1
Thanks, and good luck to you too! I got pretty lucky with this prompt in that I've had an idea in the back of my head for a long time that lines up nicely with it—nice to have an excuse to actually write it. I'm sure you'll figure something out!
#65 · 1
I actually finished one!

Needs another pass through, but there's plenty of time for that.
#66 · 2
Blech. I've got two semi-decent ideas for this prompt... Why aren't either of them coming out out of my keyboard??
Post by Brazened Awe , deleted
#68 · 3
HA! I had a bad idea and I ran with it like I do with scissors!
#69 ·
· · >>Crimmar
Well, I submitted ONE story... I had to cut it down a bit, and I think it lost a bit of it's punch because of it, alas...

Even worse, I don't think I have time or energy to work on my second story idea... Which may be just as well, considering how silly it is... ;>
#70 ·
I racked my brains for hours trying to come up with a second idea until I fired up the submission page and just started plowing in a barren field. Imagine my surprise when something did manage to sprout out of its own accord. I mean, I think there must have been a point when the idea popped and I started writing, but I've got no idea when or even if it really happened. Too bad I'm too tired to tell what plant it is. I'm hoping for a good, wholesome apple at least, but I'm afraid I might have ended up with lettuce.
What I'd want now is to write something flowery or with impact, but I got nothing left in the tank. Maybe I'll manage to wake up with a proper idea in my head after a good night's sleep.
#71 · 2
Considering how silly ideas often end up being great you might want to try nevertheless. Heck, I was trolling tvtropes today and I just learned that Terry Pratchett's character, Sam Vimes, was supposed to be something of a placeholder character, made up of cliches all stuck together until he became actually alive in his head. That's not counting how often I've seen guys in fimfiction be all like, "why did people like this story most out of everything I've written? It was a stupid idea! I didn't mean that!"
#72 ·
I submitted a thing! :o

Also, I won't be able to do reviews this time around. I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow & I'll be gone for a week, so have fun, y'all ^^
#73 · 1


and it's pretty good too if I do say so myself
#74 · 1
Well, first sub and looking decent. Hope I can make it pass the prelims.
#75 · 2
Okay, wow! I finished a second fic!

Aaaanndd.. I'm already kinda regretting it. That time probably would have been better spent polishing my first, good fic. Instead of got a semi-decent unpolished fic... And a second crappy fic that I might have a chance to review first thing tomorrow morning... And which has no real chance of making it into the finals.

Oh well. It's only a contest! And churning out two stories, good or not, is still an accomplishment! (At least in my mind!) :)
#76 · 3
· · >>Bachiavellian
Just got out of a ten hour shift. Now, the question of the hour is whether or not I can come up with something and throw it together before I pass out.
#77 · 3
I can do this. I have the ideas. All I need is for the family to go to sleep, not have any kids wake up, get myself into the zone for a couple of productive writing hours, and have all of these things happen at the same time. :raritydespair:
#78 · 1
Well, I submitted something. It's not as polished as I would've liked, but the change in time means I won't be up in the morning to fix it up like when the time limit was at 1/2 EST depending on daylight savings (or was that the short story rounds... in which case I remember the other kind of round being 11/12, which also would be better).
#79 ·
Wooden Spoon get.
#80 ·
>>Cold in Gardez
I was hoping people would be paying attention during the prompt voting. The problem is that I'm often not on the computer until kind of late on Saturday, so I wouldn't be able to give people much notice that they got picked. I can't move it to Sunday morning, either, since I'm never on my computer by the time the writing period ends. Even when I participated, I had to submit my entries when I went to bed on Saturday. So maybe it's just a bad fit for the minific round. But I'll give it one more go next time, since people have seen it now, so if this might interest anyone, then pay attention during the prompt voting period next minific round.
#81 · 1
Bleeeehhh I can't do it.
Maybe I'll review though.
Good luck to everyone!
#82 · 4
This wasn't:

One of the prompts I voted for, but I've found it alarmingly inspirational. This'll be the first time since I started entering these contests two years ago that I'll have more than one story in the mix. And I added 500 words to the Pony story I was going to spend all day working on, too! :O

#83 · 2
As an advance notice, it is my intent to narrate some stories in the discord chat, starting two or three hours after prelims begin and perhaps again some twelve hours after then. It's much more fun to have an audience, and historically there have been some fruitful post-narration discussions that take place as well.
#84 · 2
· · >>Moosetasm >>MrExtra
God help anyone who reads it, but I submitted an actual thing this time!
#85 · 3
· · >>MrExtra >>CoffeeMinion

I just got mine in as well. Now to sleep for 4 hours, work, then hopefully read some fics!
#86 · 4
· · >>CoffeeMinion >>Moosetasm
Woo-Hoo! I wrote something! It's been too long.

>>CoffeeMinion >>Moosetasm
High fives all around, We did a thing!
#87 · 6
· · >>CoffeeMinion >>MrExtra >>The_Letter_J
God I hope I didn't screw the formatting up.

Otherwise, Yay for my first story ever!
#88 · 3
· · >>MrExtra >>Moosetasm
Huzzah! And fear not, yours sucks less than mine does! Trust me! :rainbowwild:
#89 · 4
I honestly wonder how many people got their start here in the WriteOffs, I know I did.
Good Job! YAY!
Ahh, self hatred and depreciation. The mark of a TRUE writer.
#90 · 3
In case you were unaware, if you go to the submission page, you'll see a link to the story you submitted at the bottom. You can use that to look at it in its final state to make sure the formatting is okay.
#91 ·
Words happened. Time for bed.
#92 · 3
... And the answer is apparently "yes." Okay, going to go die of sleep deprivation, now.
#93 ·
· · >>horizon
I had a ton of ideas for this in the last few hours. I am sad I won't get to do a couple of them; I think they could have been silly fun.

But? I think the one that did come out is the best one. At the least, I am happy with it. As I sit here and listen to the distant thunder (Youtube is wonderful these days in generating ambience for bedtime)...yes. I am happy with this.
#94 · 3
I have an entry I'm happy with.

It won't win. But I'm happy with it.

>>Morning Sun
Happy author brohoof! /)

edit: Also, hello to all the new authors, and the new-to-the-Writeoffs authors! A lot of new folks this time. Let's all try to be mindful of keeping story criticism constructive.
#95 · 2
Welp, I secured one.

Lack of computer, kids and birthday celebrations stood in the way of writing more.

But I, too, am pretty happy with what I put down. I hope you guys will enjoy it! ;)
#96 · 4
Submitted two. My appendix aches from hunching over my keyboard for so long.
#97 ·
I had no ideas for the prompt, so sitting this round out. Good luck everyone!
#98 ·
1 hour left: I have no idea if I’m going to finish this or not. Some fleshing up on descriptions to do in the next hour or so. As everyone else said, best of luck to everyone involved!
#99 ·
Welp, final coat of polish applied. Or final defacing of the edifice. Possibly both. I'll find out soon. Good luck to everyone, new and old!
#100 · 1
alright, managed to make at least one submission, even if it was really down to the wire :-P