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Ever wonder what happened to these stories after the Writeoff? See: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/800295/writeoff-and-fimfic-stories
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blah blah no time blah blah

Calling it now: horizon writes for one hour, still takes bronze.
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So I don't want to stank things up too much with personal stuff, but I guess I'll do a little: I've not been in the best place with my anxiety for the last few of these, which has limited and/or skewed my participation. My goals for this one are (1) just to participate, and (2) to do so from a place of deeper authenticity.
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A brief note for the new folks:

Welcome! Thank you for submitting your story. I'm sure I'm speaking for everyone when I say we're glad to have you here.

Now that the stories are in, people tend to go through and offer reviews and/or criticism. Just as there are different kinds of stories, so there are different kinds of feedback. The goal is typically to keep this constructive and useful, though be aware that sometimes that doesn't happen.

Feel free to contribute feedback if you want! Be aware that others are doing so as well. Whatever you do, please make sure not to compromise your anonymity until your story shows up with your name next to it in the Gallery. There's no special notification of whether your story made it to finals or not, other than to check that view.

Also be aware that the Writeoff tends to draw some very established and talented participants, so please don't get discouraged no matter how things turn out. Someone's going to have to come in last place no matter how strong the field may be. Competing for Horse Points (TM) is certainly diverting, but the more important thing is to keep growing as an author.

Now get out there and start reading & voting!
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must... not write... story called... Alicorn Butt Crisis Armageddon 1/2...
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Hey guys! IMO this prompt is a great opportunity to advance the concept of being a bit lenient with stories that don't line up with it in a super-obvious way. That is unless we all want to read stories about:

1) Ponies/Technicolor Humans Lying
2) Rivers
3) Ponies/Technicolor Humans Lying While Traversing Rivers

I know this isn't rocket science and most people are probably cool with this anyway, but I feel like it's worth putting out there for discussion, as I could see this prompt being somewhat restrictive otherwise.
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Oh hey, I just realized that this doesn't reflect the updated word length for Minis that got talked about a couple months back. Was that still going to be the plan, or was there follow-up about it not happening after all?

EDIT: le context
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Mashups incoming in 3... 2... 1...

Thank You For Imported Marital Aids: A merry mix-up (and significant property damage) ensues when Sunset and Starlight are summoned to bring "new and unusual toys" to Shiny and Cady's chambers. After first surviving, and then firing their new communications director, the royal couple give Twilight the bad news: they don't have bandwidth to help put together Horse-MENSA welcome bags after all.

The Catsitter of Hoofholt: In a world... where dragons rule the land... one mare... and an army of Daedric cats... make with the Fus! Roh! Dah!

This Is The Big Important Wizard: After Cherry strikes out with Sunburst, Raindrops steps up to bat, and rolls a natural 20 on her Flirt check...

Summer Palaver 1008: All Starlight wanted was a nice cup of tea with princess Luna. All she got was a masquerading Discord calling her a "retard." And all she could do, in the end, was leave him a bad Yelp review.
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I'm out. I wanted to join the club and be a hero, but the prompt was too much of a grinder.