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Content Rights

Disclaimer: This page does not constitute legal advice.

A lot of Writeoff participants are unclear of the rights associated with their work. The following is an attempt to expain the consequence of submitting work to this website.

Rights you grant this website

The terms of service say you grant us a license to publish any submitted work, because publishing the submitted work is the point of this website, and we need a license to do that. It also says you can't submit any work you don't have rights to, which should be fairly obvious. To be clear, you still own your submitted work. We just have a license to publish it.

First publishing rights

If you want to sell your story, most publishers will want first publishing rights. They want to be the only place where customers can get the story. If customers can buy elsewhere—or even better, read it for free here—then you don't have much to sell.

Given that you've granted us a license to publish your work, and it's already been published, how exactly do you go about selling it?

Deleting your work from this website

You can revoke the license granted to us by unpublishing your story. This can be done after the event is concluded and will result in the story's contents no longer being displayed on the website.

However, this is the most extreme solution and may not be required (nor in some cases sufficient).

The concern most publishers have is that their customers can find the story elsewhere. The way most customers will go about doing this is searching the story's name on Google. Fortunately, Google (and other well-behaved web crawlers) can be told that certain pages are not to be indexed. So if you want to instead make your story disappear only from search engines, you can simply mark it as not to be indexed.

Both of these flags can be set from the story submission page.