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Oblomov, or Обломов. Like the novel by Ivan Goncharov.
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The Dawn
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Hey. Cool introduction for the Writeoff here. We have art now.
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Not being very busy during the summer, I told myself I'd finally participate in a Writeoff. In fact, I even implored my good comrade Monokeras to hold me to it.

"Okay Oblo. I hope you live up to it. [...] But, if you duck out of your promise. I swear you’ll have to face the music."

So, with this chilling threat, I finally finished my first Writeoff entry under my real alias. I'm spared Mono's wrath, but probably not the wrath of reviewers.

So, good luck to all, and here we go!
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This story has brought us closer to Stalin's grace.

This is great.
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Only the second story I read, but I can already see this near the top. >>Aragon really put it perfectly.

Also, there's no wolves.
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Hear, hear!
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i did it this time guys
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Post by Oblomov deleted
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GOOD stuff
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You are correct. Original rounds were previously called "General", and this question would come up every time. You were allowed to write FiM stories, but it was sort of frowned upon. Now, I'm pretty sure that fan fiction of any sort is barred from Original rounds.