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Oblomov, or Обломов. Like the novel by Ivan Goncharov.
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Hey. Cool introduction for the Writeoff here. We have art now.
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Not being very busy during the summer, I told myself I'd finally participate in a Writeoff. In fact, I even implored my good comrade Monokeras to hold me to it.

"Okay Oblo. I hope you live up to it. [...] But, if you duck out of your promise. I swear you’ll have to face the music."

So, with this chilling threat, I finally finished my first Writeoff entry under my real alias. I'm spared Mono's wrath, but probably not the wrath of reviewers.

So, good luck to all, and here we go!
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This story has brought us closer to Stalin's grace.

This is great.
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Only the second story I read, but I can already see this near the top. >>Aragon really put it perfectly.

Also, there's no wolves.
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Hear, hear!
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i did it this time guys
Post by Oblomov , deleted
Post by Oblomov , deleted
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GOOD stuff
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It's late, and a few hours away from results, but on the off chance that you're not commenting on your own entry to throw us off:

I really do think that this is a strange issue to have with the story. I imagine you must be passionate about your conception of human nature, or else this one line wouldn't have caught your eye so much. Isn't it a common trope in post-apocalyptic fiction, video games, and so on that the resulting world is a lawless, faithless place? Historically, did movements like existentialism not flourish after great calamities like World War II, horrific events which made people question whether God could preside over such a world? In any case, the author never reveals what kind of calamity struck the world, nor do I think this entry is supposed to prompt a debate about human nature. But maybe that's part of your issue with the story. I just think this is an odd snippet to break the story over.