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· · >>CoffeeMinion >>Ritsuko
"I can't talk now, Mom and Dad, I have to write a story about ponies and then figure out how to turn them into humans."
#18676 · 10
· · >>Bachiavellian
Somepony accidentally submitted it as a prompt one round and then to be funny ponies kept submitting it as a prompt for more than a year afterwards...

#13735 · 9
Ah! The perfect idea! :pinkiehappy:

Twilight casts a spell that changes the colors of the Elements of Harmony, rearranging everypony's cutie marks! Then she casts another spell to fix that problem, and then for some reason she grows wings.

No, wait. That's a terrible idea. :facehoof:

Back to the drawing board...
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· · >>No_Raisin
This prompt would be great if I hadn't already written twenty stories on it.
#12903 · 8
It's not the prompt we need. It's the prompt we deserve.
#15637 · 8
Well, that's every entry. Like a bawwwwss.

I have too much crap to do now. Must go work. Good luck to all, which is a ridiculous wish since the scoring is relative so forget I said that.

I am tired.
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You can't predict the Box, so you shouldn't let it dictate your writing.
#17259 · 8
I hope I haven't spoken too soon.

I've been in a downward spiral of depression over the past few weeks even though I'm starting a new treatment (transcranial magnetic stimulation), and concentration is currently beyond my abilities (hence my lack of updates online). I have a story planned out and begun but I don't know if I can complete it or not. At the moment I can't even relax with a game.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.
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· on Proxy Sensible · >>KwirkyJ
I'm so sorry that the text asks you to think.

Feedback is feedback. You don't have to agree with it, but being passive-aggressive with your critics does nothing to make your writing any better.

I'd be happy to not comment on future work you do, but I can't, because the Writeoff is anonymous. Either way, I apologize if my tone comes off too strongly-worded. I know I'm really bad at that, and I'm not sure how to mitigate it.
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· on Guy Stuff · >>Fenton >>bloons3
Guy Stuff

Thanks to all who reviewed the story:

>>CoffeeMinion >>Fenton >>Light_Striker >>Ceffyl_Dwr >>Monokeras >>Posh >>Xepher >>PaulAsaran >>Ranmilia >>Monokeras >>JudgeDeadd

I think this is a great story right now, but most readers didn't follow what it was trying to say, or were offended by the thought of a penis. It's hard to make the point I'm trying to make without being overly-direct about its underlying message.

No, this is most certainly not a comedy. And holy Moonhorse, Xepher, it isn't a fetish piece! I'm not sure how anypony could think urinary problems equals fetish. Ow. Eww. No. Wrong. What? No.

(On the bright side, you probably correctly assumed this was mine.)

So what is this story about? It's about the oft-overlooked hardships of being male, and how some of them compare to similar difficulties that females face more openly. I don't mean the nature of male-specific medical issues; rather, I mean the struggle behind needing to appear strong and in control of oneself, versus giving up control to take care of a problem. This story is not highly fictitious. There are lots of medical conditions people face that aren't in the literature because those who have the issues are too embarrassed or sensitive to allow a doctor to experiment on them, and a lot of those are specifically male urological conditions. There really is a thing called 'male pelvic pain syndrome' that is almost assuredly several different disorders. Many people have never even heard of an andrologist or are aware they exist as a specialty.

As for related-to-ponies, I wanted to showcase how this predicament has nothing to do with station in society. The stallions here aren't having problems because they're in the subordinate class to mares; they're having problems because of the nature of their gender role, which transcends social status.

If I post this on Fimfiction, I can expect an army of downhooves. But it's still a very meaningful piece for me, so I might do it anyway. I'm not sure how I can be any more euphamistic about a penis than I already was. I'm surprised and saddened that so many readers were offended or disgusted. That wasn't my intent. But uncomfortable? That was intentional.