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Uncharted Territory
Friendship is Short Shorts Short Short
* Princess Not Included
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Buyer Beware
It Could Have Gone Better
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No Stomach for Diplomacy
Just Like Old Times
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One Last Time
The Twilight Zone
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You Open this Door with the Key of Friendship
Like the World Is Ending
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Waiting Is The Hardest Part
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Fine, just Keep Pretending, there. :B
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· on Bonfire Lit
I know what this is. This is a cave drawing which indicates that the CMCs travel back in time and ruin pony pre-history.
#18684 · 6
By not having all the time in the world to write a story about all the time in the world, I may have accidentally written myself into a time paradox.
#17899 · 5
· on This is the Weather Patrol · >>Hap
I like that Raindrops is getting some fic time here.
I also like the ridiculous levels of critique from the superior officer:
“Private, do you like your iced tea watered down with rain?”
“Yes sir! I mean, no sir! I mean, I do, but they probably don’t!”

Yeah, I liked this.
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· on Daring Do and the Fearful Physical
They had been trading war stories for a few hours now, and had gotten well into the old battle wounds phase of the conversation.

“This scar is from a ninja—“ said Daring.
“This scar is from a ninja—“ said Batman.

They had spoken simultaneously...

Batman and Daring Doo both slowly placed their ciders on the ridiculously long Wayne family dining room table. This was it. A challenge that neither could decline. This would require all of their skill, all of their speed and reflexes. And there could be only one winner—

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· · >>MLPmatthewl419
Yeah, that system is definitely debuting with us.

I love being a guinea pig; it means I can squeak and complain all I want! :D

Edit: I also just realized you can vote that your own prompt is garbage now.
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· on Day One · >>Monokeras
I, too, am intrigued by the possibility that, in a horrifically tragic turn of events, Luna was purged of the Nightmare when she was struck by the elements. Then we get to figure on whether she is infected again upon re-entry, which opens up a lot of possibilities for why, (the stars are cold and full of evil) or whether the sorrow and bitterness from her imprisonment ( feel the weight of 10,000 years!) is what caused her to convert back to evil and begin to plot her escape.

I got the meteorites... but not the graffiti, since that does imply that there is enough hoof-traffic to warrant such a thing... :rainbow shrug:

I think this one has possibilities, it depends on which direction it is expanded in.
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>>Zaid Val'Roa
Oooooh, both. That sounds like something I can get in on.
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· on A Bitter Leaf from an Old Book
If it’s a deconstruction of the feghoot genre (is it really a genre?) then maybe just a little more to make it stand out as not a real feghoot? At the end, Luna could actually just say “No, it was a failed attempt at a feghoot.” Which would, ironically, make it a feghoot.


Since I’m already being shameless: This would be a feghoot attempt within a feghoot story, feghootception. We’re three feghoots deep!
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· on The Colossus of Davey's Bedroom
The abstraction in this piece is amazing. I appreciate how the white blobs, which a layman might mistake for clouds, are actually well placed thought bubbles. This evokes a feeling that the subject is having many incomplete thoughts at once. Also, they are a statue without limbs, showing that they are trapped within the confines of a self created mental prison.