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Time Heals Most Wounds · Original Minific ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 400–750
Show rules for this event
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· · >>PinoyPony >>Trick_Question >>Trick_Question
Please refrain from saying anything that might compromise your anonymity. Doing so is grounds for disqualification. It's recommended you do dummy reviews of your own stories should it otherwise be easy to deduce which you wrote.

Email notifications have been updated to have more flexibility. Check your preferences for more deatils.
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Really I don't have much to say so—good luck everyone!
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Life has been making it really hard for me to participate in these events, but this time, I will get something in! It's either do or die at this point!
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Here's hoping I get to participate in this one too. Wish the best to everyone!
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· · >>Monokeras >>Remedyfortheheart >>Leo
Sorry I'm new here and have a couple of questions. (Some of these questions will be 'no-duh' questions, so please bear with me, I'm just checking...)

For one, is it required to submit a prompt to participate?

And two, for the Prompt, are you looking for phrases like:
"The End of the Line"
"Forbidden Knowledge"
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· · >>PinoyPony
No it is not required. You can participate even though you submit no prompt.
On the other hand, if you submit a prompt and no story, you can stick a fork in it.

And yes, prompts are, well, prompts. There’s a good sample already available.

Good luck and welcome!
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· · >>QuillScratch >>PinoyPony
>>PinoyPony Oye! Phillipino! Finally someone who shares my love of rice. Anyways! Welcome and be sure to have fun here. If you just wanna write a prompt is not required. Though it can help adding more ideas to the prompt roster.
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Let's see...now to think up a good prompt.
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· · >>Leo
I would love to participate, but...

Well, finals are next week. I need all the time I can get to study for these. :(

Good luck, everyone!
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I haven't competed in far too long. I'm gonna give this one a shot, if I can.

Rice is the best.
I love rice too.

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The new email preferences are excellent. Thumbs up.
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· · >>Oblomov


Thanks a bunch to both of you!

Also, Remedyfortheheart, to answer your presumption, I do like rice- goes good with many things.... yum.

I have another question though... for 'Original' Minifics, I take it that you stay out of fandom and create something of your own. Or am I overthinking things? So, what I am really asking if you can write FiM stories for this, or not?
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· · >>PinoyPony

You are correct. Original rounds were previously called "General", and this question would come up every time. You were allowed to write FiM stories, but it was sort of frowned upon. Now, I'm pretty sure that fan fiction of any sort is barred from Original rounds.
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· · >>PinoyPony
Oh, hi there! I knew your avatar looked familiar c:

That sucks. Good look with finals!
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Huzzah, here we go again. Hopefully the muse cooperates.

Also, for any of the folks who read Homebound from last OF round, I've completed the rewrite (though the ending is still incomplete - I'm working on the continuation). Feel free to take a look.
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· · >>Leo

Welp... I haven't written a story with my own setting and characters in a long time
...time to cough up some archetypes


I wish you luck, you are a very good writer... I don't stand a chance

Still though, this writeoff is going to fun, competition or not...
time to club and kidnap my muse... it's writin' time!
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Huh, no Ot prompts again. We must ot forgotten.

Anyway, I'm really hoping 'Time Heals Most Wounds' wins. That's just an awesome bittersweet prompt.
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I gotta say, I'm pretty excited to do this. Can't wait to see what prompt wins. I'm pretty proud of the one I submitted. I can tell this will be some tough competition.
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· · >>RogerDodger
My hopes are on "I Will Be There", but on the other hand I don't care too much. I just want to start writing already!

We gonna see about that, but I accept the compliment, thanks xD

Edit: Now wait a second, when does the event start again? Someone on FiMFiction said it's 6 pm UTC but the counter counts down to 12 pm UTC.
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· · >>Leo
Edit: Now wait a second, when does the event start again? Someone on FiMFiction said it's 6 pm UTC but the counter counts down to 12 pm UTC.

Well, everyone wants to see countdown timers on the front page of the event, but either there's a technical challenge or Roger's just allergic to it.

For now, just click on Fic Submission to see the time left before the prompt vote ends and the 24 hour story submission clock starts counting down.

FWIW, My times all show 5am Pacific as the cutoff/start times (SF Bay Area).
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· · >>Leo
All scheduled events will start at 12:00 UTC from now on.
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Man, two rounds in a row during convention weekends — Babscon and EFNW drawing out all the pony authors. (I'm at a convention myself this weekend, though not Everfree.)

I guess I'll see if I feel like taking time off from the con to slap a minific together. :\
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Thanks. Maybe you could mention this in the FAQ, in case other newbies might wonder about this too.

I shall now start writing.
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· · >>Trick_Question
Do stories have to be titled with a phrase that isn't the prompt, or do we simply use the prompt as the title?
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· · >>Astrarian
You cannot use a title that has already been submitted to the competition (so only one author would be able to, were that the case).

It isn't expected that the prompt appear explicitly in either the title or the story. Be creative!
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It would be too confusing if all the stories shared a single title.
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Yeah, I thought it would be something like that, but it's not explicitly mentioned anywhere and I'm new so I wanted to check. Thanks!
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Crud. This seems like a good prompt.. But nothing is coming to me. :(
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· · >>Trick_Question
After my surgery, my scalp is covered in tiny scabs I am not permitted to pick at. This is driving me crazy and though most wounds heal with time, I don't think I can concentrate enough to write a story in time. And this wounds me. Mostly. :raritydespair:

Good luck everypony!
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Well, the stars aligned and I had a decent idea for an entry. Then I wrote it. Then I finished writing it and submitted it. >.>

I don't imagine it'll do well, but it feels good to break my non-participating streak. I'm back, I suppose. Hi everyone. :p
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Wow first write-off I've participated in since 2012! Perhaps I can return my former glory as the fifth place warrior. Or just do okay. I'll take okay.
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It's been a long time since I entered a Writeoff. My last one was Illusion of Choice, all the way back in November of last year. I dunno how many of you might remember what happened with my entry, but it doesn't really matter anymore. I'm as ready to jump back in as I'll ever be, so here I am.

I wouldn't say I only recently got done licking my wounds. I made my peace with that round a week or two after it all went down. I guess it's just been a mixture of not having any ideas for a Writeoff and not having any motivation for a Writeoff. Plus, I've been busy with an account move and school and personal issues. Just hasn't worked out until now.

I had ideas for a few of the prompts immediately while I was voting on them. This prompt is one of those, so I wrote an entry and submitted it. I guess we'll see how it goes.
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Oh crap I lied and submitted something anyway. :facehoof:
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· · >>Ratlab
Huzzah! I finally managed to submit something!
#35 · 3
· · >>NotARock

Congrats! I have just done the same.
#36 · 3
So have I!
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· · >>PinoyPony
Erf. Submission made. I'm not particularly pleased with it, but at least I managed to submit something. It's a shame. I came up with a bunch of ideas for this prompt, but pretty much none of them really developed properly in my head. I'm sure if I had a bit more time to let them percolate, I could have come up with a second story to submit... Alas, it is already well past time for me to hit the hay. Good luck to everyone still rushing to finish their story! :)
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I have a confession. My daughter writes another kind of fanfiction, and I've tried to convince her to submit an entry for this week. So I'm not only a pony author, but I'm contagious.
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I wasn't planning:

At all on doing one. But then? Whoosh! There was one! So I submitted it.

#40 · 1

To be a little honest, I procrastinated a wee bit. But, you get no more than twenty-four hours, so, what exactly counts as procrastination?
Eh, anywho, like you said, time to hit the hay. I'm looking forward to reading what others had thought up for the prompt...
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· · >>horizon >>MonarchDodora
I broke up with my girlfriend today. Longest relationship I've ever been in.

I turn to writing instead of the bottle.

I did an experiment. How much could I write in two hours, no planning, no editing. Just story idea, execution, submission, idea, execution, submission.

I got... results.

Hope this doesn't tank my score too bad though. Not my best work.
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It's in there. May the writeoff gods have mercy on my soul.
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Heyla, everyone. Long-time lurker, first-time poster.

I just submitted a story. It is not a very good one, but it is a finished one. It is the first story I have completed in roughly ten years, and, if nothing else, I take an earnest pride in that. Hacking a path through personal anxiety and ego, not to mention generally being able to get out of my own way, are abilities at which I am decidedly imperfect, but, hopefully, my little tale represents a step towards getting better at all three.

For everyone else laboring to finish their work in these last small hours, I say to you:
I wish you all success, by whatever personal rubric you use to measure such things, and I look forward with all chambers of my heart to reading (and commenting upon, even!) what you have written.

Good night, and good luck.
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Mama Mia! Here we go again! 25 ideas and all of them flopped thanks to this prompt. Wasn't expecting a normal prompt to win on my end. So had to make up something completely new. Taking forever to write it though.
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· · >>Trick_Question
Alright, I'm not entering this round, but...

Last round, I suggested live readings to people in the Discord chat, and the idea seemed popular-ish.

So, I plan to try the same thing again. I'm going to aim to read some of your fics out-loud in the Discord chat (click the link above) about twelve hours after submissions end here. If you're interested in potentially hearing your fic read aloud by some weird stranger, come hang out around then.

We can also discuss fics and stuff. It might be fun.

Be there or be perfectly circular.
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I submitted! It's crap Yay!
#47 · 4
Well, I got something in. It's probably not up to my usual standards, but considering I crammed it into a frantic hour of writing mid-convention, I'm just happy I'm participating.

Kudos to all the new and returning-after-an-absence authors! Please remember, if it gets ripped apart in feedback, it just means your story needs a little *more* love — we're all writing without a safety net here, and the vast majority of stories benefit from a little refinement after it looks "done".

Sweet stars. D: Good thoughts your way. Breakups are horrible experiences at the best of times.
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· · >>Trick_Question
Huh 750 words exactly on the first draft. I may be getting a little too practiced at these contests.
#49 · 2
Well, I submitted something. Hurray! Bit nervous about the fun and games to follow though...
#50 · 2
Time might heal most wounds, but nothing can soothe the pain you'll get from MY story entries!!
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· · >>FrontSevens
Perfectly rectangular doesn't imply square. You'd need to be equilateral as well, or have the angles in oppositio—buck why am I like this
#52 ·
· · >>Trick_Question
How about be there or be quadrilateral :v
#53 · 1
My usual experience:

Maybe this will be 500 words if I pad as I go.

I'm almost done and it's 600 words, no padding needed.

Okay, time to trim—WAT how is it 930 words now‽

These contests are the nightmare realm of stories ranging between 742 and 750 words.
#54 ·
Rectangles are already quadrilateral silly. You'd also need to be equiangular and equilateral. Convex would follow from those, at least.
#55 ·
· · >>Trick_Question
Another small question: what do the triangles next to the stories do that appear in the ballot? Is that how I vote? Can I undo clicking on one by accident?
#56 ·
· · >>Leo
You vote by clicking and dragging stories to the top in rank order. If you click the triangle it will place the story in the ranking area at the bottom of the vote count, but that's all it does. You can click "abstain" to remove an accidental vote, but you can only abstain five stories at a time, so the system is imperfect.

Once you've voted on all of the stories, you can click to add another story to your slate if you wish. You can change any of your votes later, except that you can only abstain five stories (so you're forced to rank any of the others you've clicked upon).

EDIT: Wait, if you abstain then un-abstain, it reverts to the "not voted" territory. So you can always undo.
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Thank you. That makes sense :)
#58 · 2
I should put out a disclaimer here for anypony who sees it:

Degree of criticism in my responses is not generally a bellwether for how I ranked a story. Heavy criticism of approach probably indicates some docking of rank, but ultimately it's the story that interests me, and I'm often more critical of stories that I see have more potential.

tl;dr plz no hate wuffiez
#59 ·
Jesus H, man. You need to buy a lottery ticket, because you are so damn overdue for some good luck. Hope everything's cool.
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With no further ado, the live readings have ended. I was joined by a handful of listeners, and a mysteeeerious reader calling themselves Changelin|mposter, and a good time was had by all.

If I remember correctly, I read:

Cryogenics Anonymous
Owl City
One Day I Shall See a Bird
Birds of a Feather
Swan and Albatross
The Red Forest
Second Chance
Some Food Court Take Out

While the strange and unforeseen man of the hour, our inimitable guest reader Changelin|mposter read:

Long Distance Call
One Step Too Far
A Beautiful Morning
Of Time and Indie Game Design

Perhaps one of these stories was yours! Most of the stream was recorded, (except possibly the last story) by Murmurpunk. If all goes well, I'll do a bit of editing on that and post it to this thread in the next few days.

For now, I'm going to judge this experiment a success.

I don't make promises, but I enjoyed myself and others seemed to be having fun as well, so there's a pretty good chance that this will happen again at some point. Maybe next round. We will see.
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· · >>Not_A_Hat >>RogerDodger
Please see >>Trick_Question regarding whether the fic should be DQ'd.
#62 · 3
· · >>Ratlab
Also, is there a way to set an option so that there are fewer than 100 posts per page? It's very difficult to locate where I left off reading with this many comments appearing in a row, in particular when I'm trying to avoid reading comments on stories I haven't read. 40 or 50 would be much preferred.

Ooh, idea! Maybe have something that spoilers comments from stories you haven't voted or commented on? That would make it MUCH easier to read the comments (although the original issue still would remain, for me).
#63 ·
· · >>RogerDodger
>>Trick_Question Although Roger is, of course, able to change his mind, last time this came up (when discussing changing 'general' to 'original') he replied here with:

Enforcement of genre (in non-trivial cases) will be done as it is in FiM contests: by voters. This is simply clarifying the expectations to voters and participants.
#64 ·
I very much like this idea of having an option to auto-spoiler posts for any fics you haven't read.
#65 · 8
· · >>Orbiting_kettle

They have been chopped up by story. I've tried to include the relevant discussion, and cut out the irrelevant silence and banter.

A tremendous thank-you to the compassionate and friendly Murmurpunk for supplying the recording; I didn't plan to record, but due to her kindness, these are available for your enjoyment!

She had to leave early, though, so the last story - Some Food Court Takeout - is not here.

I apologize to the author. Next time, I'll have to look into recording these myself.

EDIT: I have since taken these down. If you'd like a copy, please msg me.

All the edited recordings should be in the Reading Archive zip for people who plan to download and listen elsewhere. Otherwise, you should be able to stream right from the folder.

If there are problems with this, let me know, and I'll attempt to rectify them.

The recordings are labeled in the order we did them, and the name of the reader is in the filename.
#66 · 1
I greatly approve this initiative. Awesome work there.
#67 ·
Georg’s first Round Micro Reviews for Time Heals Most Wounds: Scores are letter grades for Plot, Technical Work, and Characterization, with an E for stories I find particularly Enjoyable. I have them ranked by how I like them, not necessarily how perfect they are on the score. (and posted all at once, from top to bottom so they line up on the chat. (checks) Holy cats, I’ve got 16 on my voting list. Better get started. And grabbed an extra.
#68 · 6
· · >>billymorph
Howdy everybody,

So it's 24 hours till the prelims end and I want to call attention to some under-reviewed stories. We have a pretty even spread of reviews this time around (about 75% of the entries have 4 or 5 reviews, which is great!) but there are still a few that could stand to have another review. The following entries have 3 reviews as of now:

5. Wounds
15. Pocketful of Time
17. Knight
36. Stasis
39. One Day I Shall See a Bird
46. Protracted Plight

I've already reviewed Pocketful of Time, Stasis, and Protracted Plight, so if I have time to review more today, I won't be able to review those (I mean, I could, but I've already reviewed them so it'd just be a comment of me saying the same thing I said before >.>).

Let's bring 'em all up to 4! c:
#69 ·
After seeing the rules changed with word count. I'm noticing a couple of authors just decided not to join due to length problems. I didn't see it but know I was gonna be cut just on the amount of overwhelming content that goes over the word limit. Which makes me sad.

On another note! I apologize for adding length as a negative trait on my reviews. I didn't know about the low word count limit and have adjusted accordingly for my reviews. Apologizes once more authors if I have read your story.
#70 · 3
Had a tough week. Been too tired to do much besides rewatching Battlestar Galactica in my spare time. But I'm going to try my best to knock out reviews for my slate in the next few hours. Wish me luck.
#71 ·
... Yeah, sorry guys, I'm really not feeling up to it, tonight. I tend to find minifics harder to review than short stories, and I got fatigued a lot faster than I thought I would. I'll see if I can get one or two more before I turn in, but I can't make any promises right now. >.<
#72 · 4
Less than 12 hours to go and only 2 more fics have just 3 reviews:

36. Stasis
46. Protracted Plight

If you've got a few minutes and you're in the reviewing mood, give 'em a read. Though of course I may not speak for them, I'd imagine their authors would appreciate it :>
#73 · 8
More Readings?

...I wasn't originally planning on doing readings again for finals. However, I'd like to test recording on my computer (I _think_ I've figured it out) and at least one person seemed interested in it last Sunday.

So, if you want to hear more stories read, and/or join in with discussion or reading, upvote this comment. If it gets, I dunno, a half-dozen or more upvotes, I'll try and read a few more stories on Sunday, eight-ish my time. About 24 EDIT: Sorry, I said 24, but I'm tired. >.< I meant 36 hours after finals begins. About 8 in the evening for me, on Sunday. About midnight GMT?

I'm still trying to gauge people's reactions to this thing, so let me know.
#74 ·
Okay! I'm stepping out of the author-guessing this time, for Reasons. But I've reviewed all the finalists and my top four are:

Mystery Medic Story
Food Court Action Story
Meet God, the Box
Indie Game Thing

Good luck, all, and thank every one of you for a wonderful read, as always. :twilightsmile:
#75 ·
Sorry to those who replied to a comment/review of mine in the last four days or so. I hate not answering replies. I love talking with you guys. But my time has sort of gotten vacuumed up (by the cosmic dyson in the sky). Reviews have slipped away from me too. I'll try to do some for the finals (because my opinion totally matters, right guys? ...guys?) How you people seem to spit those things out I'll never know. I can easily spend an hour writing just one! D:
#76 · 7
Finalists Readings!

...have been taken down! If you still want a copy of one, msg me.

This time, I read:

A Brown Coffer
The Hillside Path
A Pocketful of Time
The Prison of our Minds
Circles Never Stop Themselves

And Dubs read:

When Time Doesn't Help

I also read Wounds, but with trying to figure out my recording software, I missed it. I'm sorry, Author.

These have been minimally processed, to cut out some noise and minimize volume differences. I apologize for the coughs and clacking; I forgot push-to-talk didn't mute my recording.
#77 · 3
Hay all! Shameless self-promotion: my uber-geeky novella which was originally intended for the "Out of Time" contest is finally complete!

Broken Symmetry

Now I am going to lie down because I broke my arm today! :facehoof: (Yes, really. Ow ow ow stop typing wolf.)
#78 ·
· · >>Trick_Question
cant type well, braken arm.

I misspoke when I said fugue state, I have psych degree too. All I meant is that it doesn't seem realstic, which is more of an opinion than fact; but if severyl users share it that might indicate you're not getting the point across properly

I could blab with you a lot about natere of dissociative disorders, but again, broken arm :facehoof: I'll save it for when the cast is on.

Also whoever wrote Six Candles: dick move for stealing the same idea and running with it! :V I actulaly thought the imagery in Sunny Side Up was more evocative (I rated it 80% in prelims), it just wasn't quite as believable. The messages were very different as well, since SSU was about denial and psychological trauma while SC was about being able to let go of the past. But still, dick move story thief :V
#79 · 5
You might consider this spam, but oh well, let's spam kindness...

Congratulations to all who made it this far and through the finals...
with less than ten hours left on the clock, only time can tell who will win.

The competition is rough- there are some really good stories out there...

All in all, I wish you guys luck! May the odds be ever in your favor!
#80 · 1
· · >>LiseEclaire
Congrats Lise!!! :pinkiehappy:

I no longer have any ability to predict who will do well vs. who will do poorly.

I was doing pretty well myself, but fortunately horizon and TD were there at the last minute to put me in my place. :trollestia:
#81 · 2
Huge thanks, Trick! :)
I liked your story a lot (though it made me incredibly sad). :')
#82 · 3
Congratulations Lise!
And congratulation to the other medallists too.