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One Shot · Original Minific ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 400–750
Show rules for this event
#1 · 11
· · >>horizon
“Hello and welcome to Radio Writeoff! I am Calamus Squeak—”
“And I’m OnTheBrim!”
“Today we’ve decided to interview a few writeoff regulars to ask them how they feel about the round which starts off now. Oh gosh I’m so excited about it!”
“Yeah, me too. But let me begin by repeating that this is a minific original fiction round. So 750 words tops and no pony!”
“That's right. You can even write 750 words on how to rightly place a comma in a sentence. So cool!”
“Wow, that looks exciting for sure. That would made for a future top contender—”
“—and the complex and intimate relationship between commas and semicolons! Their interplay, their mating dance as the words deftly and gingerly take their proper position around them, the subtle sound—”
“Okay, okay. I think we got the drift of it. Time to begin with our first guest, BudsRelistener. Hey Buds!”
“Hi there Brimstone!”
“Heh. So what’s your feeling about this new Writeoff Buds?”
“Eh? Why's that?”
“Skyline will win again, and I'll finish in the dregs.”
“Skyline always wins OF mini, eh?”
“Skyline is a fucking good writer, yeah. A bloody bastard, but I love him.”
“By the way, he's accepted to join us. Skyline?”
“Yeah? Who's this?”
“It's OnTheBrim. Remember you've accepted to say a few words about this new writeoff, right?”
“Uh. Yeah. I mean—maybe.”
“What's up? You not feeling right?”
"Yeah. I mean… My sleep schedule is fucked.”
“How so?”
“I kept looking for my car all yesterday.”
“Gosh. What happened?”
“Well, I got out with the intention of running an errand but my car wasn't where I'd parked it the night before anymore. Or anyplace else.”
“You called the cops?”
“Yeah, did that and had to walk all day.”
“Did they found it?”
“Well… err… yes and no.”
“Turned out my car was in the garage. I'd forgotten I'd parked it inside.”
“… Okay… I see. So, anything to tell us?”
“Well, not really. I'm not sure I'll enter. Maybe I'll have time to snatch something of low quality in the last five minutes. I can definitely put up with the bronze this round. Anyways… Yeah. Good luck to Gold for the silver!”
“Oh yeah. Gold for Chavez are you with us?”
“Hey team!”
“How do you feel about that new round?”
“Tough competition expected.”
“You say that each time, but you still manage to get well ahead of the pack. What's your secret?”
“Writing, then writing again and on top of that more writing.”
“I feel we should create a platinum medal especially for you.”
“Don't! Besides, Skyline is ahead of me in the scoreboard.”
“That's true, but it's sorta dead heat. You'd both definitely be eligible to it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Gold.”
“My pleasure and viva la revolucion!”
"Man, sometimes I imagine Gold as an explorer putting down his memories, much like Colombus. Speaking of which, Calamus, you know how they call Colombus in Spanish, don't you?”
“Oh my god such a gorgeous name! Was his travel punctuated with ellipses as he dashed forward to America?”
“Well I guess that's for you to find out, as elaborating into that fascinating question would drive us into too long a tangent. Next guest is Éclair au Chocolat. Hey Éclair!”
“Speaking. Yes?”
“So how do you feel about the next writeoff.”
“Like a brick. I don't feel. I merely passively register.”
“You know winter has passed, right? Time to shuck that meme off!”
“Bricks disregard seasons. They endure in spring and summer alike. Now I feel like a brick in spring.”
“And what a brick in spring feels like?”
“I don't know. I haven't thought about it yet.”
“But bricks don't think!”
“Who knows? Maybe there are sapient bricks? Maybe they all think but they just can't reach out to us? Maybe… Wow that would made for such a good prompt: ‘Like a Sapient Brick’.”
“Hum, okay… And I suppose if you use sapient bricks you can't complain walls have ears, eh?”
“Wow. Such another good prompt ‘Walls Have Ears’.”
“You know it's a single prompt per entrant. So you'll have to choose.”
“Yeah, I guess I'll toss a brick to decide…”
“Right, good idea, and don't break a window. Last guest is Marett. Hello Marett!”
“Hell… oh! giggles
“Ahem. How do you feel about this writeoff?”
“All wright off course! giggles
“Right-o… I think we're running out of time. This is Radio Writeoff signing off. Good luck to all!”
#2 · 1
I'm too tired to match the names to the Radio'ers. Good luck on your prompts getting in!
#3 · 6
· · >>horizon >>Spectral
Y'know, the previous thirty-seven times somepony submitted it as a prompt, Ot wasn't funny. But this time it's hilarious!

#4 · 1
· · >>horizon >>georg >>Cold in Gardez >>Trick_Question
Finding my car in the garage was the third weirdest thing to happen to me that day.

The second was finding out that the thief had left a freshly written, gold-medal-worthy minific on the driver's seat.

The first was realizing that I had accidentally found my car two days early, so I couldn't enter the story into the competition. :V

Seriously though, I'm sitting this one out. I'm staffing a convention this weekend and most likely won't have the free time, but actually that wasn't what drove my decision. I'm so ruinously overdue on posting Time Enough For Love that I'm sticking myself in the penalty box and forcing myself to use my writing/commenting time here for story editing instead. I won't even be checking the thread unless someone tags me (>>horizon).

See you all in the short-story round! (Current plan is to skip the MLP minific too, for the same reason, and because I like writing short stories more anyway.)
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· · >>horizon
>>horizon Tag! (Just kidding. You may now return to your regularly scheduled activity, already in progress)

Original minific. 400 words. On ot. Yeah, I could do that.
#6 · 7
>>Trick_Question >>georg
I will change my mind and commit to entering on one condition: if Ot wins the prompt voting. ;)

I am *so* going to regret this joke if it somehow wins
#7 · 1
· · >>The_Letter_J
Someone please explain what Ot means. I never learned, and I've been afraid of asking.
#8 · 3
· · >>Monokeras >>GroaningGreyAgony
A combination of a typo and accidentally​ hitting the submit button resulted in "Ot" being on the prompt list once. Everyone immediately realized this was hilarious, and it has since been submitted most rounds, to the continued amusement of all.
#9 · 3
· · >>GroaningGreyAgony
to the continued amusement of all.

Bemusement would be more correct.
#10 · 6
· · >>Monokeras
>>The_Letter_J, >>Monokeras

It’s a ‘ot topic, I see
#11 · 2
Of OTter importance indeed!
#12 · 3
· · >>Stupidhand14 >>Kritten >>Trick_Question
I just realized this'll be on the same day as Season 7 premiere
#13 ·
... *sigh* Writing or watching the episode 20 times... choices...
#14 ·
thanks for reminding me
#15 ·
Another contest approaches. And hey, I might be able to participate in this one.
#16 · 6

I'm suing
#17 · 4
· · >>CoffeeMinion
Oh heck. If Ot wins, I'll do this one too. And I don't do genfic rounds!

(Note that this may serve as motivation not to let Ot win)
#18 · 5
There are some interesting prompt here, even if I have already seen the half of them.

I swear, if Ot wins, I'm gonna submit 10 entries with a typo on EACH word.
#19 · 1
· · >>Trick_Question >>Trick_Question

Christ, you haven't posted Time Enough for Love yet?
#20 · 1
Well crap. I'm going to be hosting a party all day tomorrow for the S7 opener.

>>Cold in Gardez
I know, right?! That story is my favorite from all the Writeoffs! :raritydespair:
#21 · 6
· · >>Monokeras
>>Cold in Gardez
Also don't call horizon Christ. It's true his ego could use a boost, but not THAT much of one.
#22 · 7
· · >>Hagdal Hohensalza
Besides calling somebody Christ on Good Friday is somewhat ominous.

Unless you want to nail it.
#23 · 4
· · >>Monokeras

Careful, now. That sort of humor can make some folken a bit cross.
#24 · 1
>>Hagdal Hohensalza
I hope your real name is not Brad :P
#25 · 4
This weekend is actually pretty free for me in the first time in a while. I've been thinking of trying to write a basic story idea for every prompt both as a challenge and because I'm rather bored, so I'll be hoping to post those in here after all the voting is done. I'm seeing a lot of prompts that could be neat to write about, so here's hoping we don't get Ot! I'm excited for the result!
#26 ·
"One Shot," huh?

Alrighty. I can do something with that.

Good luck, everybody!
#27 · 4
I wanna do the right thing
I wanna be the ONE SHOT
I wanna have my mind straight
I wanna have my point got

I wanna be a good man
I wanna have my act down
I wanna be the future
And I wanna be right now

Sometimes I feel like I can change the world
But I don't know where to start
I dig and come up empty
Clutching an empty heart

*trumpet solo*
Post by Shadowed_Song , deleted
#29 · 10
> prompt isn't Ot


> prompt is Onesh Ot


(Back to the con. Have a fun round!)
#30 · 7
Identity Loss, Missed Connections, Nth Time’s the Charm. One Shot-ot!

On The Air, The World in Sync with the Music. The Perfect Present. Perspective Influences the Design.

Best Kept Secret: William Antonelli Is a Fraud While The Cat’s Away. Unequal Exchange. The Egg’s on Your Face! It’s Not Your Fault We’re All Screwed, Kinda. The Wages of Error Are Death.

The Man Who Has Everything: A Lever Long Enough, A Blue Shadow, Modern Warfare, Sins Not Tragedies, What Might yet Be!

A Letter to My Future Self: Time to Leave the Nest. Fly Me to the Moon. Sunset, Remembering Home. The Stars in the Distance Harden the Heart.

I’ll Be Back. Going To Try Art and Genocide!

Where Are We? Who Do You Think You Are?

The Revolutionary!

If Walls Could Talk, Running at the Mouth… That’s impossible!

And Then, Things Got Worse…

Not Again!

Welp, There Goes the Round.
#31 · 4
All my available time--about four hours--yields five disjointed stanzas of iambic septameter. Curious experiment, but my hat is not to be in this ring. Here's to some piercing reviews, maybe. Good luck, everyone!
#32 · 3
Well self, looks like we're saved from the scourge of Ot.

Until next time...
#33 · 6
I'm in. First time I've submitted to an original fiction or a minific round.
#34 · 7
BWHAHAHAHA I did not see that one coming!
I only submitted the One Shot promp 'cuz that's the name of the game that made me bawl my eyes out last weekend. I dont even have any real ideas for my own prompt! Good job, me.
#35 · 3
I am in!
#36 · 7
Aaaand, done. Now, if only the warm glow of a job well done wasn't so strongly offset by the cold spikes of apprehension at the possibility of a job poorly done.
#37 · 5
Well, one story remains in the trash no matter how I attempt to dress it up. At least it served it's purpose on specifically what not to do when writing a story, no matter it's length.

Hope to have fun.
#38 · 5
Oh boy, just barely made the submission.

I am so going to get destroyed this round! Heh
#39 · 4
Welp. This was a stupid story idea.

But hey, it's in now.
#40 · 5
And done.

I'm deeply sorry for this one.
#41 · 5
. . . Ugh.

I really like my story idea. I really do not like the resulting story I wrote.

Eh, frell it. At least I submitted something.

Good night, and good luck.
#42 · 1
· · >>Cold in Gardez
Welp, that's my slate+some.

Happy Easter, folks!
#43 · 3
· · >>Not_A_Hat

Bonus points to Hat for getting so many reviews done in the first day.
#44 ·
>>Cold in Gardez
Thanks! :)

Car+Laptop FTW.
#45 · 2
Mom's Spaghetti!

Radio Writeoff: "One Shot"

Will Record

Barring Noodly Apocalypse

On this coming Saturday




8pm BST


2pm Central

That should be about five days after two hours before the time this was posted. :P

Screw timezones.


Join Us For





He has joined us as a semi-regular contributor.

We may even discuss YOUR story!

Please vote on what stories we should discuss!

Use the Discord link at the top of the page to find us.
#46 ·
Extra Announcement!

The inestimable Fenton will be joining us as a guest for Radio Writeoff!

Also, if you would like input on what stories we talk about, please remember to vote.
#47 ·
The prelims is almost finished and there is still a bunch of stories with a low review count.

One Shott has only two

Atlantis 2050, From Above and Coup: Last Chance have only three.

Go show them some love. Also, only 16 entrants out of 30 have, at least, done one review. Ditto, go show your love.

And finally, the poll is still open here.
#48 ·
Well, congrats to all those who won. And better luck next time to those who didn't.
#49 · 1
Congrats to !Hat, CiG, and Rogue for their medals, and to everyone for making it through another original fiction round!

… No mashups? D:

Gonna skip the next round again and return for the short stories. Might throw in a quickie if I feel super inspired, but I'd feel bad about entering without reviewing, and that's the time I'm trying to reclaim.
#50 ·
I will try to write a retrospective later, as in tomorrow.

Still, I'm strangely happy that I now lead in having the most "Most Controversial" stories in the OF rounds :D
#51 · 1
Neutral post first!

Congrats to everyone. Not just our lovely medalists, not just our finalists, but everyone who entered. Seriously just completing something, anything, is always an accomplishment worth giving a little cheer. Writing is tough, Writeoff structure is tougher, so seriously: grats to everyone (including the two jerks who beat me >:|).