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One Shot · Original Minific ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 400–750
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Prompt Score
Sunset 10
Identity 6
Time to Leave the Nest 10
Nth Time's the Charm 11
The Egg’s on Your Face! 2
William Antonelli Is a Fraud 6
Ot 12
On The Air 12
The Perfect Present 10
Going To Try 6
Who Do You Think You Are? 9
The Revolutionary 6
Loss 4
A Letter to My Future Self 8
Fly Me to the Moon 10
Running at the Mouth 3
Not Again! 6
Unequal Exchange 13
The Stars in the Distance 10
I'll Be Back 9
Welp, There Goes the Round 8
Where Are We 11
And Then, Things Got Worse... 8
It's Not Your Fault We're All Screwed, Kinda. 9
Remembering Home 8
One Shot 17
A Lever Long Enough 4
Modern Warfare 9
Harden the Heart 5
The Man Who Has Everything 3
The World in Sync with the Music 4
What Might yet Be! 4
Missed Connections 10
The Wages of Error Are Death 5
Perspective Influences the Design 6
Best Kept Secret 8
A Blue Shadow 4
Art and Genocide 9
Sins Not Tragedies 5
While The Cat's Away 9
If Walls Could Talk 4
That's impossible! 4