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Rising From the Ashes
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#10637 · 5
Well, one story remains in the trash no matter how I attempt to dress it up. At least it served it's purpose on specifically what not to do when writing a story, no matter it's length.

Hope to have fun.
#10910 · 5
· · >>MLPmatthewl419
You know what I dislike? Unfunny Star Wars memes.

I may be singled out alone here, but they're honestly as redundant as arrow in the knee jokes. They just want to make me roll my eyes whenever I see them. They're easily forgettable. But you know what's not forgettable? The Writeoff, and I wish the best of luck to all of you who enter.

In fact, I guess you could say that the fourth may be with all of you.

Not funny? Point proven.

(Seriously though, good luck! And don't forget to have fun!)
#9876 · 4
· on My Dad Was a Dragon and My Mom Was Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis · >>The_Letter_J
I'm so happy someone else made this joke. I was this close to making it myself.

10/10 would r8 again
#10196 · 4
· on Meaning · >>Fenton >>wYvern
Overall a really good concept but hindered by poor pacing. If you have a really good concept for the story, you shouldn't force your audience to read through things that can be summarized with a quick sentence or two, or better yet, not at all. The entire beginning part could've been skipped, alongside a couple events here and there. But when the story begins stomping onto the good parts, oh it really gets a-thumpin'. However, for me, at least, those good parts are only within that second half.
#10338 · 4
· on A Struggle Between Oneself
>>Morning Sun
It's supposed to be two different faces that when mirrored give off different expressions. But I guess I wasn't fully quite capable of showing that off despite even having viewers showing their uncomfortableness with the given expression. One of them is conflicted with the side that wants to protect Twilight, while the other is doing whatever you want it to be doing, given that there's not much to go off of (legs, half a face, armor, etc.)

But hey, it's just a piece of art.

And thanks to the rest for also helping.
#15923 · 4
Oh look, my hat's now relevant.

Merry Christmas, everyone. And have a happy new year.
#16299 · 4
Sweet. I've got no plans for the weekend. Guess I do now.
#16320 · 4
Good luck to those submitting, even with the super bowl and all. I wont be in this time so have fun.
#19149 · 4
· · >>Miller Minus
Honestly I'm surprised too after being gone for almost a year. I'd think that at least the population would half but nope. Really shows the passion in writing colorful cartoon ponies some people have.

Here's to another year for this site.
#5278 · 3
· on Compartment
Wow, I didn't know that other people would have such gripes over this story when I put it on the top of my list.

I, for one, adore the thought that Princess Celestia could have a bitchy side. For all of the little time she does appear on the show, us for the viewer only makes the inference that she's like she is all day every day, but the probability that she isn't really intrigues me.

Back in the episode where Cranky-Doodle Donkey asks Celestia about how she does that with her hair, she lets off a moan. The type of moan usually with the emphasis of "I don't want to be put through this right now". It was funny while it lasted, me having the thought that Princess Celestia could be a whole lot bitchier if she just vented for at least a little moment. It also makes you think of the kind of stuff she would normally go through in her everyday life as a princess, since being a ruler doesn't always mean top of the line enjoyments and leisure.

I don't really blame the author for wanting to expand on events such as that, where her true personality comes to shine in the light. Hell, I would encourage it. I love characters that are truly deceptively evil on the inside. The only thing you do need to note about what you write, author, is that writing about stuff like suicide and top-of-the-line bitchiness can really have a negative effect on your story in these types of contests, as you are writing for a specific kind of audience. Don't let that get to you, though, and find where you can really make your talents shine.