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#10634 · 7
BWHAHAHAHA I did not see that one coming!
I only submitted the One Shot promp 'cuz that's the name of the game that made me bawl my eyes out last weekend. I dont even have any real ideas for my own prompt! Good job, me.
#13633 · 3
· on Skins
Aw geez you guys are really railing on this one..
*Sigh*. Attempted Devil's Advocate mode engaged!

The 'trans' bit fit in well in the context of the story. Judging by your comments I read before I actually finishing the entire thing I was honest to God expecting shitstorm levels of... someting...
And after reading i felt a sense of 'thats it?'
This is a future were talking about, one with cloning and all the other stuff J mentioned. You'd assume casually flipping genders would not be that big of a deal
I cant understand the rest of you flipping out so much about a future where, as i see it, the issues of today have long since been cleared up, for the better if anything. If were going for commentary its a GOOD thing! That its an accepted fact of life and noone is going for the pitchforks is, if nothing else, a future we should be aiming for.

Sure the main charachter isnt that great for the others reasons pointed out and maybe the reaction was a bit uncalled for but even as a bi person if someone i liked suddenly flipped genders with no warning i too would ask what the fresh hell theyre thinking

And "cold glass of casual transphobia"? Seriously? If we're going for faults than it cant be anything more than ignorance because i very much doubt an actual transphobe would ever bother going out of their way for the perceived jab that you seem to find here

Also im not going to comment on the rest of the story because im not a qualified enough literat, but seriously people youre making mountains out of molehills here.
#11762 · 1
· on The Longest Way · >>GroaningGreyAgony
Can't say anything other than this is the perfect embodiment of the feeling of space, and it fits the prompt oh-so wonderfully as well!
#7379 ·
· · >>Bachiavellian >>Trick_Question
So, uh, lets say a story is set in the same universe with the same charachters with the same names, does that count as giving yourself away or do you just make it really easy for the guessers?
#11655 ·
Hmm. This should be... interesting...
#11761 ·
· on Sleeping with the Snailfishes
Oh damn, absolutely excellent composition on this. The bell doesn't read quite as well as it could have, it's just a tad too dark. The chain, I'm guessing you might've been going for motion blur (or not) that looks just a wee bit off.
Other than that, top tier.
#13632 ·
· on Truly Uncanny · >>MLPmatthewl419
Imma' be honest i think this might be my winner. Maybe its the banality of the joke or the fact that the sarcastic title gets me going every time or how unnasuming it is. It tries as hard as the two photos, wich is more about them than this, yet somehow achieves just as much if not more. Also bonus points for the fact thats its drawn.

Or maybe im just talking out of my ass, who knows. GG you person