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It's a Long Way Down · Original Short Story ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 2000–8000
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This is a very simple piece, but it makes good use of color and scale, fits the prompt well, and is rather aesthetically pleasing all over. The human figures are iconic, and the ilumination of the area from whatever the person has in their hand works well. It looks like they've taken some sort of ramp down to the bottom of a cave or something, but I can see a lot of ways to play with this piece.
#2 · 2
Disclaimer: I am not an art critic. I do not know things about art.

That having been said, this one is really pretty and I like it a lot. Just wanted to make sure the artist got to hear that <3
#3 ·
This one is awesome.
#4 ·
This is easily my favorite so far. The colors are aesthetically pleasing, and it looks darn cool.
#5 ·
Beautiful and mysterious. Even after taking it into a photo editor and brightening it, I’m not sure what they’re at the bottom of. A barrel? A bottle? A staircase? An enormous number 3, in which case perhaps they’re in the number mines of the Mathemagician?) There’s a suggestion of stalagmites in the distance, or perhaps golden towers?

There’s a lot here to inspire an author. Well done, Artist. Top tier.
#6 ·
This one is nice—colors are "pleasing," and I like the possible mother/daughter or siblings relationship between the figures—but I'm afraid it's not hitting me with the same strength that it's hitting others. There just isn't much here that stands out. Also, misuse of hyphen in the title = me sending an angry badger to your mailbox.
#7 ·
Sorry, artist; this one isn't wowing me like it did many of your commenters. Compositionally I am most puzzled by the starfield completely surrounding the central ... pillar? cave? thing?; the nature of the two figures' exploration is already somewhat muddy to me, and that stands further in the way of any sensible interpretation that doesn't involve The Little Prince-style people-sized planets hanging in the void. And while compositionally the occasional highlights on the winding road to the top do add some welcome relief from the darkness, they complicate the narrative further -- making it more or less impossible for this to be a cave, and raising the question of why the entire road isn't gently highlighted if this is some sort of mountain or whatnot being illuminated from above.

So, good vision, but frustrating me in the details. Regardless, thank you for sharing.