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Exposer and closer of the extrinsically infistulated.
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Whiieeeuh! Pffrrrbbh. Haierrmmurmphm.

<clop clop> mrruierhm <clop clop clop clop clop clop clop clop> pphfiereph.

Neeigghh wheeingnhm! <snort>.
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Art Mashups

Onslaught Against the Euvum!

An Undiminished Leave

Stay Back! That’s My Kombucha!

Let Me Calm the Void, Not Once!
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· on Yet Hope, In Part, Found Purchase · >>Corejo
Hail, Author! Stand atop my slate!
With this reflect-review of mine,
I’ll not write off your effort fine.
‘tis clever work to thus relate.

The scheme that you select, forsooth,
From A to B and B to A
In smaller structure shows the way
The work at large is mirrored. Truth

Is herald to a higher scheme?
This retrospective cast we see
From mare to filly, obversely,
We hope to read more than there seems

For purchase in your prosody,
So densely cast we closely strive–
A task not fit for all alive,
Yet worth pursuit for those that see…

Yet worth pursuit for those that see
A task not fit for all alive,
So densely cast we closely strive
For purchase in your prosody;

We hope to read more than there seems.
From mare to filly, obversely,
This retrospective cast we see
Is herald to a higher scheme?

The work at large is mirrored. Truth
In smaller structure shows the way
From A to B and B to A
The scheme that you select, forsooth,

‘tis clever work to thus relate.
I’ll not write off your effort fine.
With this reflect-review of mine,
Hail, Author! Stand atop my slate!
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writerrun, pastintenses and participulates, contrastants and inciparticipundits, all gatteround! From all semispheres, semaphores seem afore the way, and summerscribes from baskingsands and winterwrights from shiversnows conglamourate to vie vivant against uther aurothors.

Gerties and Lens, mark your toes and repare to toss your kayberds. If you loose your inspuration, write it off! A-scribe it to misastruss pasts, and peck up what you put down. Proseflows grow in verbrant rows. Plant your plots in comfy seights and surrange them to miximal efferfect.

In fine, hie thence and regale tales in the finest traducions of Anguish letterchore!

Here now the condutions:

Call whoe to Harsewords! With rigor, rig original. Hayfic is treyf-fic! Bepart from this, your subject is in prompt, you. Set say-all and steer by stars between Scylla of too-kay and Charybdis of hate-kay.

Cur-tail the loopfics thisaround, and Procrustrate your precious prose, lest wordcount halt you at the

Phoenish line. (whew!)
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Once Upon a Burning Sky, Cross My Heart and Hope to Fly, Young Mare Came In from Hunting, Faint and Weary Of Light and Shadow.

“I’m Not Going to Miss You.” Tips and Tricks, The Price of Magic. The concept of sawing Florida off and pushing it out to sea–The Missing Piece. Dangerous Magic, Fill in the Blank.

“Is it because I’m—” Me Among the Mighty, Just For Fun, But you touch one butt, and suddenly it’s a big deal! Everyone Poops–All The King’s Horses! Ass Capades! Princesses’ Clusterfuck. Diplomatic Disaster, Light Treason, Rules of Engagement… “—Rumbly in My Tumbly?”

“End the Suffering.” The Reign of Mortals. Day By Day In a fictional world, What Could Possibly Go Worng? How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren’t Real?

“I’ve Got Your Back.” It’s The Journey, Not The Destination Over the Moon. Lie Me a River.

The Kiss, Lamp Twice as Bright Among the Clouds. Horses’ Shadows Touch and Go. Resolutions, In Other Words.

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· on Bearers of the Celestial Palanquin
She sits upon her subjects, the Mistress of the Sun.
They fight to breathe but she is only having fun.
There’s nothing brightly shining beneath her thunder buns…
Her blubber will not yield to force
Her meals are eleven-course
Fat Horse
Fat Horse...
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Once Upon a Time, Mike Pence, Princess of Equestria, [REDACTED] Government Subsidized Outrage Tabloids Beyond the Grave, Bending the Bridge Back to Basics–The Red and the Black Tunnel of Love.

Those Who Wait Roll for Initiative. The Long Game! Moments, Divided. An Impromptu Visitor That Is Not Dead–The Lady who Knows Everything. A Different Side of Me! Everybody Wants to Rule the World.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes. Me Among The Mighty Monsters of Horror, Where the WiFi is Usually Free. Living with Lycanthropy: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things. It’s the Halloween Spirit! Autumn is for Apples.

The Cart Before the Horse. It’s Just a Figure of Speech. And Then, Things Got Worse. Night in the Woods; Don’t Look Behind You… That’s One Way to Start Your Morning. What The Heart Craves After the Storm, Among the Clouds. Wind Beneath my Wings, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Winter Wrap Up Wubbed the Wrong Way. Luna Blue, Counting Stars, Horse Latitudes, Cold Comfort.

Spooky Scary Skeletons! William Antonelli Is Afraid.

The Way They Smile Nailed It.
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Ashes of Civilization, Falling With Style. Snake Swallowing Tail Among the Clouds At the Edge, Skyflight. Blue Blood Supermoon; The Lunar Trifecta.

“Superhero? Slayer of Giants…?”

“Weekend Warrior. I Tried to Save Them.”

“When Everyone’s Special, No One Is. Glory is Fleeting but Obscurity is Forever.” We’re Still Submitting. Prompts Don’t Try to Vote, You Idiot.

“Freedom of Choice, Into the Unknown with Both Feet.” Don’t Quote Me On That.

“The fox guarding the henhouse… The One who sees His shadow.”

“We Have Met the Enemy, and They are Us. Final Feast.”

“This Broken Fence, Between Past and Present Tense…”

“Fuck Binaries! Break Time! Ask not for whom the bone bones, it bones for thee.”


“Serendipity. Picture This… Writing on the Wall.”

“Whatever You Would Do, Do It Now.”


Under the Surface… Doomed.

Everything Is Perfect. Heaven Is in the Sky.

Loved to Death, Pain is Game.
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The World Beyond Our Doorstep: There is a House in New Orleans, Fifth Ace; Keep Pretending. In The Summertime, In the Distance… Hurricane Daydream.

Unleavened Dread. It’s too Early for Nightmare Night; Where Did All You Zombies Come From? “The Wolf Off?” Within Acceptable Error, It Stirs the Forest Darkness.

Draw My OC. Please, Draw Me a Pony Beanis Catching Fire. The world burns. Now what? Mare vs. Nature.

The Cobbler’s Children Have No Horseshoes. Ain’t No Sunshine (When She’s Gone). The Ethos Knife. Shirtless man stares down Hurricane Despacito.

A Dream I Had–The Letter G, The Number 5, Mixed Massages, And da Booty Goes: “Buck The Police!”

Black Ships Ate the Sky. Swing Low Sweet Chariot. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down). It’s a Long Way to the Top, Easily Amused Alumni; We’ll Have Tomorrow.
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Thanks to everyone who commented!

This was an experimental piece in which I explored swapping the roles of articles and conjunctions, which seems to have led to confusion for several reviewers. Still, I feel that calling my piece ‘an impenetrable redoubt of supercilious pedanticism’ is being woundingly overdirect. I had to spend an extra hour under the covers, clutching a cloth-and-batting representation of a neotenic and anthropomorphized ursine (whom I have dubbed “Mr. Snigglywubbles”), and I needed an extra mug of hot chocolate to entirely refroid my sang. This plays hell on my diet! A little consideration, please!

Other reviewers complained about the middle paragraph (that block of 4,294 “gibberish” characters which counted as one word). As should have been patently obvious, the start of the string showed that it was to be interpreted as a zip file, which when uncompressed with the password (QUIZZICAL, as revealed acrostically) would reveal a one thousand, six hundred and thirteen word dissertation about the maximum beak length of Emperor penguins, the comprehension of which is quite necessary to understanding the dramatic reversal of Quarmbogger’s affections in the penultimate paragraph. I am not surprised that almost no one got this (props to Horizon!), but I am just a trifle disappointed. However, I do regret having been the point of contention in such a heated discussion over the Writeoff regulations, and I thank Roger for making the correct call and not deleting my account and, even worse, utterly disqualifying my story.

Now, as to the section which described a series of slash marks and curves (“in snore-inducing detail,” as one critic so blithely put it), if the gentle readers would only take the trouble to draw them out as described, they would find a perfectly legible string of Xiang Chinese characters, for which translators are readily available online–

…Wait, I’m still in?

Nevah mind. Good thing I stopped before I gave too much away!