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Exposer and closer of the extrinsically infistulated.
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· on U Gonna Get Scienced! · >>Anon Y Mous >>Light_Striker
>>Bachiavellian, >>Light_Striker

U Gonna Get Silvered!

‘Grats to Anon and Matt, and thanks for the silver and positive comments!

This was the strongest visual idea I got from this round, but my lazy brain did nothing with it until the last day. I then had the choice of trying to execute some polished art that was much restricted in scope, or just taking my rough draft sketch and running with it; I chose the latter. I’m happiest with the expressions on Princess Twi and Lab Twi, though I acknowledge that the whole piece is rough. This is also the first time I’ve tried to draw EqG Twi; perhaps her apparent lack of enthusiasm is also mine.

The mouseover is a reference to a filk song written by the late great Randall Garrett, which is sung here by the late great Isaac Asimov.

Why does lab unicorn Twilight have both a modern-style pen and a feather quill?

That’s a lollipop she’s saving for later.

(Also, none of you mentioned the Twilight at the bottom. This is probably just as well.)
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· on Snap · >>Anon Y Mous
Oh, snap! This one pops!

Artist, you have a knack for drawing attractive, dimensional curves, full of character. (Have you ever done caricature? If not, I will bet you’d be good at it.) Her eyes are darkly shaded and easily lost in her face, but those menacing fangs preserve the tension. Good use of hatching overall; Dolda’s artist could use it as an example.

This is a top tier piece, Artist. Thanks for creating it!
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· on Dolda Anslutningar · >>MLPmatthewl419
[For the curious but unadventurous, online translation says that the title is Swedish for “Hidden Connections.”]

This piece is, at bottom, well drawn. The houses are simple but dimensional, and the Mare in the Moon is well defined.

But it doesn’t pop (grab the eye), and there are a few separate reasons.

1) When you’re using a marker or crayon for coloring, it’s easy to arrive at a scribbly appearance. This can be avoided by varying the direction of the strokes between sections, giving a different texture to different areas, and by using hatching techniques to fill space in a harmonious manner. In general, since we are used to seeing horizontal lines in the sky and in landscapes, using horizontal instead of diagonal or vertical coloring strokes would have helped to give a more natural appearance.

2) The impact of the golden lines is undone and darkened because they are blending in with the background color. They should have been drawn first, with the background added around them, or been applied with opaque color.

3) The biggest factor here is presentation, Artist. No matter how good your drawing looks to you, you also need to make it look good to the viewing audience. And here we have a low contrast, low resolution image that I am sure is not how you intended your piece to look. It’s difficult to see the golden lines at all unless you look closely; they at first appeared to me to be patches of green grass.

If you can’t scan the image yourself, or take a decent pic with a smartphone, you may want to see if a local copy center can make a scan for you. As I’ve mentioned repeatedly, learning to use digital adjustment tools to enhance your images will help immensely with your presentation quality.

So, points for composition, minus points for appearance. I’ll rank this as a low-to-mid slater. Thanks for participating, Artist! It’s clear that you have drawing skill, and taking more care in the execution will help your work immensely.
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· on Liar!
This is touching on one issue I had with the story - yeah, so it’s technically a wyvern and you don’t have your anti-wyvern tools. Still, you could be doing something, rather than hiding in an inn and lecturing your apprentice while the town gets dismantled around you. You are presumably experienced in dispatching large fiery scaly monsters.

Anyway, que sera. Congrats on your medal, Artist.
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· on m_ss_ng
Simple but effective. Good job at making the lines look like chalk. Thumbs up, Artist.
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I am in, and not entirely sure why.
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· on On the Classification of Giant Winged Lizards
…doomed ot repeat the past.

We’ll never see the end of that prompt, either.
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· · >>MSPiper
I'd recommend using a draft title early on. Just copy a few words from your opening sentence if you literally have nothing else. Then submit drafts of your story periodically as you revise it, so at the worst you'll have something in.
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>>MLPmatthewl419, >>Bachiavellian

Thank you! I had a feeling while writing it that it would come out well.
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I am in, with something.
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· · >>MLPmatthewl419 >>Bachiavellian
A Letter to Him:

Shattered Time Magic! In Association with Scientists, Innocence Lost Through the Heart. One Hundred Souls, Never Enough; Dead Men Do Tell Tales.

We Come in Peace, In Blindsight.

A Meeting With Destiny, Suitable for use Above Reason, Below Logic.

Soonest, Love...?

—Dancing on Air

Stuck in Denial. A Bird in the Kush, Hungry Like the Wolf.

Dead-End. Friends In Name Only.

Fix It Yourself.

—Significant Other
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· on The Human in the Garden · >>Baal Bunny >>Chris
>>Chris, >>Baal Bunny, >>Xepher, >>scifipony

The Human in the Garden

Thanks for the bronze, and the lovely comments!

I’ve had this idea kicking around for a while, and I’m pleased that it finally found expression here. I also am moderately surprised that this crossover doesn’t seem to have been tried before.

Twilight was initially added to the story to provide a pin for poking at stereotypical HiE tales. I then conceived that she would call Rarity crazy at the beginning, which adds power to the closing line. I’ll see if I’m able to anchor her more firmly; I am reluctant to write her out altogether.

>>Baal Bunny raises an interesting point. Is this meant to be the flipside of Thurber’s story, or an event in Thurber’s life that inspired the writing of that story? I am playing it as the latter. This is why certain details differ from Thurber’s story (for instance, he’s eating a scone for breakfast instead of scrambled eggs.) I’ll try to make this clearer in the revision.

Fun fact: I ate a flower on the day I wrote this.
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· on Just Give Me a Chance
>>Zaid Val'Roa, >>Rocket Lawn Chair, >>No_Raisin, >>Zaid Val'Roa, >>Anon Y Mous


On behalf of the stick cat, I thank you.

Well called, RLC.
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· on Play It as It Lies!
>>Miller Minus, >>horizon, >>Xepher, >>Rocket Lawn Chair

Played Just as It Came Out

I had a scene in mind of a spread of tarot cards, including Sun and Moon, with a Devil Discord atop them. But what I had in my mind’s eye, I could not draw in time. I had to cheat with bits and pieces of what I had accomplished and make a bare bones version.

Instead of doing a detailed parody of the Devil card with flaming holes in it as my centerpiece, I cheaped out and made a Chaos card instead. I did apply creative effort to this, and I am glad to see it was appreciated.

In keeping with the prompt, I had meant to play on the tarot concept of reversal - that the meaning of a card changes if it’s upside down. Discord is conveying that, no matter what, his card is only ever going to come up Chaos for you, and you’re going to have to deal with it. In retrospect, I should perhaps have inverted Discord instead, leaving the frame right side up. The colored background behind Discord’s head is an Illustrator fill pattern

The Sun card is very sketchy indeed where the Chaos card covers it. I had planned to customize it more for MLP but lacked the time.

None of this is cut and paste. I used the Rider cards as a reference and drew my own versions in Illustrator. I then laid the cards out in Photoshop, where I added a background, drop shadows and texture.

Thanks for the great comments!
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· on Dedicated and Everything!
Simple in symbolism and execution, but quite effective. Thanks for creating it, Artist!
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· on She Was Made for This
Cute, basic execution of a fitting idea. I fear it will be pushed down my slate by the many top tier works this round, but thanks for making it, Artist!
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· on "There's a distinct lack of hugs in your future..."
Adding to what’s been said, I find the appearance of the crystal ball to be rather ominous, taken with her expression and that title. Top tier work.
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· on Displaced
Someone was a bit too fond of bananas, I gather. Lovely moonscape and befuddled expression. An upper tier piece, of which we have many this round. Thank you, Artist!
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· on The Other Side of Summer
A pretty bridge to the past, a pause for reflection, and an easy top tier piece.
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· on Bad Luck? I Don’t Know Her.
What a beautifully Discordant image. Artist, you are very skilled at caricaturing and making shapes look three dimensional and alive. The only thing that works against this image is that so much chaotic stuff is overlapping that one must study the image to make sense of it. But one tends to want to do that, anyway. This will be an upper tier piece for sure.
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· on For all we know, it may be there. It's not like you can check
Well, Artist, I think we can check, using the very same equipment that took the image you used. But whatever. A simple image to execute, but very effective. Well done!
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· on "Well, this is new."
Pinks has Resting Twitch Tail! O noes!
A simple piece, but effective at conveying the joke. Nicely done, Artist.
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· · >>scifipony
Why am I still up?
What is this thing that has appeared at my fingertips?
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I’m in, and again I’ve stayed up too late only to arrive at a poor thing indeed, having butchered my original conception. Be it fair or foul, it’s up. Good night, all, and good luck!
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· · >>Pascoite
Good on you! Will you do any art critiques?
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