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Exposer and closer of the extrinsically infistulated.
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· on Abstain
>>Zaid Val'Roa, >>No_Raisin, >>Pascoite, >>Rocket Lawn Chair


Thanks for the lovely comments, and also, thanks for ignoring that I completely telegraphed this one from before the start of the round.

I had the concept early on and was just waiting on finding a cocktail napkin. One night, right before the deadline, I was invited to a party, and I grabbed a few napkins from a bar at my hotel before heading over. >>Rocket Lawn Chair, while you didn’t make this one, you may have seen me creating part of it, as I slopped some amber liquor over the side of my glass before setting it on the napkin three times. As I left the party that night, a black marble side table in the hotel resembled a bartop enough for me to complete the picture right there. I then went back to my room, quickly edited out the hotel logo and slapped my own on, then went to sleep. I could have made it conform better to the shape of the napkin, but was too tired to do so; I was also making last minute edits to Hostile Takeover.

See you all next round!
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· on Hostile Takeover
>>Rocket Lawn Chair, >>Zaid Val'Roa, >>No_Raisin, >>Pascoite, >>Rocket Lawn Chair

Hostile Takeover

Congrats to Zaid and Nonny, and thanks for the bronze!

At BC in the Quills and Sofas room, one table had some colored pencils set out for general use. I considered the “Businessman takes over Hell” theme, thought about the resemblance of a skull’s cheekbones to the armrests on a chair, and the thing grew from there. I am not happy with his proportions and should have redrawn the piece, but considering the time constraints I let it slide.

The stalactites were added in Photoshop, using select areas of the skull and the cloning stamp. I then inverted, recolored and distorted them to make the flames at the bottom. “Anything that works!”

Thanks for all the great comments!
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· on Abstain
Glad someone took my suggestion! I’ve ranked this as mid tier; thanks for creating it, Artist!
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· on How Unfortunate
I love how you packed elegant expressiveness into a drawing of a simple scroll. This pic gets a lot of things done with deceptively simple-looking curves. I’ve ranked this as upper tier; thanks for creating it, Artist!
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· on Better than what we have now
“Spacecraft I41 welcomed by new alien underlings.”
This looks like a stock cityscape shot, Google says it’s Singapore. The alien doodle is detailed enough to fit the photo, at least at first glance. I’ve ranked this as lower-mid tier; thanks for creating it, Artist!
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· on The Previous One Wasn't That Good Either · >>Zaid Val'Roa
This is rather dark, but once the contrast is up it’s quite expressive. I like how the solarization in the main face gives it the look of wearing a mask. I’ve ranked this as upper tier; thanks for creating it, Artist!
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· on Upgrade
This is a very expressive pencil sketch. I love the robot’s simultaneously cheerful and “screw you, buddy” smile. For better effect, the onlooking human and the robot’s balloon cart should not be overlapping; the elements in simple cartoon compositions should ideally have their own separate forms. I’ve ranked this as mid tier; thanks for creating it, Artist!
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· · >>Rocket Lawn Chair
>>Rocket Lawn Chair
I need to know what a “cocktail capsule” is. It sounds enchanting.
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When Life Gives You A New World, Long Live the New Flesh! No Greater Love Getting Better Contrast? Well, That’s a First.

Midsummer Overindulgence, For real? Big Oof. More Tylenol Please.

Monstrously Clever Fellows Lock Cher Up, Living in a Glass House Under New Management.

That Moment in Time When You Realize That You Are Actually… Old Hat.
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· · >>Zaid Val'Roa
>>Baal Bunny
I’m going, but I suppose I will have time to contribute something.
(Submits photo of stained cocktail napkin.)
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· on ...But Not Through Glass
>>Bachiavellian, >>TerrusStokkr

…But Not Through Glass

I was hoping but not expecting that someone would get this one. (Where’s Fenton when you need him?) I had to do it, regardless.

When the prompt was selected, it instantly reminded me of Through Birds Through Fire But Not Through Glass, a work by the Surrealist painter Yves Tanguy. My inspiration became shaped by this coincidence.

I went through several different concepts, in decreasing complexity as the deadline loomed, and finally arrived at this piece, which was mostly digitally painted in Photoshop. Tanguy often included an obelisk in his landscapes, and so there is one in mine. Philomena was drawn in Illustrator and merged with the rest of the scene with Photoshop tools.

I was expecting that some author would include a reference to a phoenix, but I couldn’t find one, so I referenced a selection of fics and hoped to muddle through somehow. I apologize for any confusion.

See you all next round!
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· on τῇ καλλίστῃ · >>georg
>>Monokeras, >>Bachiavellian, >>TerrusStokkr

τῇ καλλίστῃ

Thanks for the gold and the reviews! This is indeed a photo collage, assembled in Photoshop. I tried to use only objects that weren’t meant as pure decoration (even the apple is probably a paperweight.) I referenced an old bronze diving helmet, knife handles, fireplace pokers, a nozzle, an interesting four-pronged industrial claw, and a fire hydrant wrench. The picture of the sun is from NASA.

I copied the title from Wikipedia. I know the Author explicitly tried to keep Discord away from the ship, but I reasoned that it was going to rescue a pretty princess, anyway. It certainly won some gold for me. Excelsior!
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· on ...But Not Through Glass
A broad gauge assemblage. I have a feeling that you will understand, Artist, when I say that openly blase salads confound retrieval of less than twenty disparative quidnuncs. The mighty eyes will suspect the avuncular cacophony, but even then one may stretch too many oyster shells, mayn’t one?
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· on The Passing of the Torch
Thanks for illustrating my story, Artist!

I don’t know the Dark Souls symbolism and so can’t comment on it much. On the surface of the sun, it seems you’re going for a primitive style with the varied flame strokes. I think this could be improved if the strokes were more flowing / harmoniously arranged. I know the drawing program you used can do smooth flowing strokes, as the star trails in the sky are nicely serpentine. It may just be a matter of practicing with the tools.

I’ll adopt what the others have said about the proportions of Celestia’s head, with the observation that working on drawing smoother lines and enlarging her horn would really help things to come together. Note that the shapes of her head are well executed.

It’s clear that you have talent, Artist, and I hope to see more of your work in the coming rounds.
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· on Drizzles the Firepony · >>Anonymous Potato
The vector work here is really sharp and show-consistent. If this is your own work, Artist, kudos! If it’s generated, then I thank you for contributing an illustration and having good taste.
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In for a penny, in for an art round.
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· on The Golden Alicorn of the Sun · >>georg
This story is based on Ray Bradbury’s The Golden Apples of the Sun.Text for comparison.

The author has kept Bradbury’s central conceit (a spacecraft on a mission to retrieve something from the sun) and dressed it in MLP characters and concepts. The combination works here, and the author’s style, while more reportorial than Bradbury’s, does a fair job of evoking a sense of wonder and adventure. This is a safe upper-slater.
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In like Quinn.
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Ah, competition! Here’s my go.

Two Ways Out, Third Side of the Coin

A Paper Crown, An Idle Stroll Through Fire.
A Long Pause. That Feeling You Get When You’ve Forgotten Something Important.

A Way Out, Beating Dead Horses at What They Have Done.

Cyberbully, We Don’t Talk Anymore, Not Even a Little Bit.
An Isolated Incident, It Will Claim Us All.

No Way Out. My City Was Gone. Awkward…
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· on Reshaped
>>Meridian_Prime, >>Baal Bunny, >>WritingSpirit, >>No_Raisin, >>Cassius, >>Miller Minus


Thanks for the gold!

I was fortunate enough to get a good idea on the first day; if I get one at all, it usually comes to me on the afternoon/evening before the deadline. Even so, I lost Saturday to other commitments, so I had to summarize a lot. The terseness of most of Kh-Teh’s backstory can be partly attributed to this; I should have shown more of her interactions with the Arkies through rendered scenes.

I was hoping not to have to spell out what Chaisahk means, but sort of evoke it. It involves elements of sapience, resilience, and the drive to make it through somehow, anyhow.

>>Cassius >>Miller Minus

Well, it worked for Chuck Tingle.

I didn’t want to glorify or fetishize Kh-Teh’s interactions, but point out how awkward a solution they are to her troubles. She and the Arkies really are not sexually compatible, and nothing Kh-Teh does is going to improve that. She is certainly not slapping extra meat on the asses of the sculptures she makes to try to sexualize them further, though I applaud your creativity in coming up with that one. I’ll probably follow the suggestions to downplay this part or remove it.

Thanks to all for the great comments. See you next round!
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· on Yako
Congrats on the silver, Nonny! This piece should have taken the gold this round.
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· on Virtue al Villainy
>>No_Raisin, >>Anon Y Mous, >>Baal Bunny


Thanks for the gold!

I had trouble coming up with a scene I wanted to draw, but I had been digging through my attic recently and found my old train set. I made the connection with Baal’s story and decided on a diorama of the first scene. ( Overhead View. )

The ground is a black bath mat, which wound up looking grey because of the lighting, and sadly the values are rather close to that of the train track; this is something I’d change if I could redo things. In the back can be seen a book scanner, a thermos, a puzzle and a few bits of lab glass. What looked like a coffee cup in perspective was the cap from a butane bottle. The backdrop is a piece of blue iridescent cloth I got for another project. The figures were sketched and cut from paper, then propped in place with T-pins.

>>Baal Bunny
You’re very welcome! Thanks for making it possible.
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· on Behold! Hawlucha... err Hyathka! · >>Anon Y Mous
I really liked this entry before I found out it was a joke. :(
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· on Virtue al Villainy
Nice train set, and a creative assembled photo. You’ve got it coming together. Kudos, Artist.
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· on Sorry · >>Anon Y Mous
Clever work, building a raptor out of bird parts and Worth1000 shoops. A good comedic effort. Thanks, Artist!
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