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Exposer and closer of the extrinsically infistulated.
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I swate the lorft that clutes atwain,
And swaves asheggle glem,
Mol rabs are stengled, also bein,
Fadanse when stav be yem.

Why gonze before the nith of jee?
Retrop and zeise a pin,
Decast of wozen sippestry!
So poetrate agin.
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Come back and all will be forgiven. :)
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Great, now there are two.
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· on What She Left Unsaid
>>Rao, >>No_Raisin

What She Left Unsaid

Thanks for the gold and the comments!

If you look at the original, turn it clockwise about 45 degrees and squint, you might see what looks like a long-snouted creature with its mouth open impossibly wide. My main modification was to close that gap a bit. I largely freehanded the horn with the cloning stamp tool, using it like a paintbrush to overlay the colors I wanted from another part of the image.

Glad you liked it. Hope to see you next round!
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· on The Dark of Ages (Hopefully) Past
I see red pictures and I want them painted black...

Points for topical reference to current events, minus for triviality of creation. This is probably the one that's going to go in my lower tier. Thanks for creating it.
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· on What She Left Unsaid
Boom! An edited astronomy photo. Points for selecting an interesting and colorful image, and the competent shoopery. This will likely go in my upper-tier; thanks for creating it.
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· on Predessor · >>MLPmatthewl419
Ponies create balloons and airships, so you are on firm ground there, Artist, despite your caption.

The landing structures are largely minimalist, but the aircraft are dimensionally rendered and reasonably thought out (though there should be more ropes connecting the basket to the balloon). Points for concept, visualization, and hand-drawn rendition.

This will likely go in my upper-tier; thanks for creating it.
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· on Those Who Ignore History
Did I stutter?

Apparently, yes.

This wallpaper pattern takes a basic path to showing the meta-consequences of not sticking by one's choices. Points for idea and presentation. I still find myself wishing there was a bit more depth to the pic.

This will likely go in my mid-tier; thanks for creating it.
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When you're stuck by yourself in a room,
Don't give way to groaning and gloom.
Before you get swamped,
Pick out a nice prompt,
And write with fresh vistas abloom!
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· on Hey Ocean
Some things must run deeper than one's mere speech,
So let's watch as the sand is cast up on the beach,
And wavedrift is written out line upon line,
From the sea which, like Homer's, is dark as the wine.
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· on 384 Fluid Ounces · >>Super_Trampoline
Author, if this is autobiographical, there's hope. I've been to the brink of the abyss and pulled back. PM me if you want to talk.
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· on Did You Know That Samuel L. Jackson Voiced Frozone? I Didn't. · >>Super_Trampoline
Meter, you maternal fornicator.
Do you practice it?
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· on Truth · >>Super_Trampoline
You came and you did something more than those
Who passed on this event for one of prose.
We come to heed the callings of our curse,
And clap our musings in the jail of verse.
#24572 ·
· on The Last Thing You Ever Said to Me Was "Suck My Cock".
I do not hate thee, oh,
Still less with fellatio.
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· on Pumpkinhead · >>Super_Trampoline >>Light_Striker
Out through the grounds hot water soon will press,
The crema pearly, rich brown liquid dear
Deep-fills the cup with rolling brew expressed.

I inhale, and right through the tangled mess
Of thoughts my inspiration makes all clear;
Out through the grounds hot water soon will press.
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· on I Bet Henry Kissinger Does Too · >>Super_Trampoline
Dilution is troublesome,
But soda is bubblesome.
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· on Also Life Might Not Have Developed On Earth. · >>Super_Trampoline
Conveniently, ice floats. We say
A higher form made it that way,
A theme more pleasing in its pull
Than the anthropic principle.
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· on Water · >>Super_Trampoline
Coffee, precious cup of joe
Coffee, sets my brain aglow
Coffee, fresh ground ere it's brewed
Fills my heart with stalwart beats and mind with ready mood!
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· on Project Habakkuk · >>Super_Trampoline
Operation Mincemeat
was the audacious plan
to plant "official" documents
upon a "drowned" man

and float him to the Spanish coast
where German spies could pry,
and keep the Nazis soundly fooled
right out through next July.

And so ideas not complete
in one time-pressured round,
may be brought out and dressed again
to find more fruitful ground.
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· on We Sink, We Rise
The surging coils of the great blue deeps
Entwine the world with life and lend their power
To mighty storms, destructive in their sweeps
And flooding waves that rise, the lands to scour.

Yet how more terrible we are, who tower
Over beasts, and rend atomic keeps;
How fearsome we shall be in our great hour!
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· on Wow I Actually Caught the Writing Portion of a Writeoff For Once · >>Super_Trampoline
Convivial versification
Can spur our distraught congregation
To fight to unite
As we strive to write tight
Within times of excessive truncation.
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· on I Thought She Was Singing About His Poor Circulation. She Wasn't · >>Super_Trampoline
And there's a song by ELO
That I can't get out of my head,
And one by the Eagles too,
But I can't tell you why.
We remake ourselves
Around the music we have in common.
#24563 ·
· on Waterlogged · >>Super_Trampoline
In times of stress,
Even poets try to
tighten their belts.
#24562 ·
· on Slow Nice Sleeping
icy path divides,
sun warmed surface slick
leading in its own directions
you may wind up elsewhere
with a single footstep
#24561 ·
· on In Hawaii They Serve It With Milk · >>Super_Trampoline
A curl of childhood memories
The crunch of airy ice
And the red syrup sinking
Into the cup below,
Making me slowly
As round as the sno-cone.
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