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Exposer and closer of the extrinsically infistulated.
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· on Camemberment
>>Baal Bunny
I couldn't muenster enough effort myself.
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· on A Quarter of the Living World
A Quarter of the Living World

>>Corinna, >>Pascoite

Thanks for the kind comments! The prompt was a famous quote by J. B. S. Haldane, who was purportedly asked if his study of the natural world had revealed anything to him about its Creator.

This little poem did not emerge in the shape in which I imagined it, but I am pleased with how it came out.
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No worries, do what you need to do. I know you can get through it.
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Okay, I got some art prompts in. It will have to be gouda nuff.
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I will certainly do some art, if I can just locate that wedge of parm I planned to use for a reference. I wonder what happened to it.
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I got something in.
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Okay, something is in.
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I will be busy today but maybe I can get something in.
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· on The Grand Parade
>>Pascoite, >>Heavy_Mole

The Grand Parade

Thanks for the gold and the kind comments!

This round took place upon the exact date of Tampa Pride and I had to try to make both events work. I compromised by deciding to write about a parade and taking some inspiration from the passing floats I saw that day. I wrote the intro paragraph before I left and turned my hasty notes into fictional floats later that evening, making everything take a darker turn ala Naked Lunch, showing what's really at the end of the spoon as Humanity relentlessly feasts on its home planet, with the hint towards a Dark Singularity at the end. Or at least, that's what I tried to do.

See you next time!
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I am in.
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· on Sandwiches


Thanks for the gold! Gratz to Heavy Mole and Griseus.

My first thought on the prompt was to make a poem with a structure that mirrored a sandwich. I thought I could even turn out multiple entries of this type. I finished the top stanza, hit submit, got confused when it didn't go through, then realized this wasn't a minimum 15 round, I had to get a hundred words in. So I made some more sandwiches then and there, though they came out in different metric forms, and thus it went. I'm glad you liked them.
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· on Sandwiches
Icing glassy on the top
Of the minimal amount of pastry
And the just too tart fruit filling
In the closing of the rectangle...

A pop-tart is a sandwich.
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· on It's Just Soup
Did you really have to
Bring up your lunch?
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· on Out One Noon
Our strings are curled inside, yet we stand like beads
Running along centuries of clear mornings
Each a sparkling glint in rising sun
The songs they sang are now mine, and will be another's.
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I have nothing as well...
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An Intruder, Cornered Through a Needle's Eye!
It Gets Better.
Mother of All The Brightest Days—Duck and Cover!
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· on Family Ties
Despite the assertions of Gregor Mendel,
I eschew my shared traits with the dam of Grendel.
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· on Past and Future
Looking far back through the never-mind,
Black-tinted glasses mock your cause,
Seek what was only yours to find,
Huddled alone in the never-was.
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· on Static Potential
It was the spark built up through our inaction
That gave the tingling thrill to our attraction.
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· on On the Dreariness of Carrying a Hod of Bricks Downhill
As you stomp, jump and sway down the hill
And the bricks scatter wide from the hod,
You may reach the conclusion--you'll still
Make the same size of hole in the sod.
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· on Welcome Home
Welcome Home

This is just an info image from NOAA's hurricane tracking website. It does show how Ian was forecast to be on track to pass over Tampa and thence my house, before turning to the right and causing destruction in Cape Coral and environs. From my point of view, it blinked, in a way, but since no one else would be privy to that information, this one rather deserved to sink to the bottom.
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· on It's All Half Over
It's All Half Over

A doodle dashed off at the last minute. I really should take my time on one of these occasions.
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· on Look Down, Look Down...
Look Down, Look Down...

This is just a night shot of the moon and clouds through my phone that doesn't take good night shots. I added a radial blur to spice it up a bit.
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· on The Longest Wink
The Longest Wink

Congrats to Griseus for the aptly titled gold, and to whoever shielded their audacity under the Anonymous account!

This piece is just what it says on the tin, an attempt to apply the prompt to something else that is spirally. I knew I would want the image of a barred spiral galaxy to best fit the aspect ratio of an eye. The closed lid was drawn in Illustrator and enhanced slightly in Photoshop.
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I'm afraid I won't be in on the story round. Good luck to everyone else!
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