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Exposer and closer of the extrinsically infistulated.
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· on If They Liked It Once...
Mrwowr? Miaiouu! Mmmrrrrp.
Roger, can we has a chutzpah award?
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· on Wicked Witch of the North
This piece, while doodled in a scribbly way, nonetheless shows signs of competence (e.g., the dimensionality of the reindeer’s antlers and the elegance of its cartoony expression) which indicate that a talented artist was Slumming.

This piece is amusing, even if you didn’t have time (or think the joke worth the effort) to do a fuller treatment. Other pieces will push this one further down my slate, but don’t take this as a reflection on your skill, Artist. Thanks for contributing!
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· on Better Not Look Back
The previously reviewed piece had a very murky background, this one has none at all. This can be a stylistic decision, so I won’t dock too many points for it.

The lady’s expression is gripping, and her appearance has an unsettling oddness to it. Future physiology or sloppy anatomy? Again, I’ll be charitable. The ghostly T-rex skull is striking as well, though it should likely give more of an appearance of being lit from above.

Overall, a solid piece that will earn a high place on my slate.
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· on Home Alone
Art review time!

I’ve mentioned issues with proper scanning of pencil art for greater clarity in the past, and so won’t go into detail about it here.

There is plenty of talent on display here, Artist, but one problem is that I have to study the drawing to perceive it. I love the figure forms (though the horse’s boardlike legs bother me, and I wish we could see more of Dorothy’s expression). However, I think this piece suffers most from lack of contrast and clarity. While the figures have some outlining, the background elements are present but unclear. Is that a fence with trees and bushes, or a door with flames and smoke? Some more delineation and careful outlining will help to make things clear.

Overall, this has the makings of a good piece, and some polish would make it a very good one. Regardless, you’ll still be going in the upper tier in this round. :)
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I scribbled something on a piece of paper. Instead of burning it, I submitted it here.
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I am in, after damn near pulling an all nighter. Now off to work in two hours!
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“On Dangerous Ground, When the Citrus Came to Town. Goats. Goats Everywhere. Breadful Sugar and Ot. The Elephant in the Room! Bananas? What Bananas?”


“It’s Not As Bad As It Looks, I Swear!”


“What is, love? Baby? Don’t hurt me--”

“That’s A Keeper. Hell is Other People, More than Meets the Eye.”

“A Winter Afternoon, A Fresh Start With a Twist. Why Are You Doing This?”

“The End is Never The End. Circular Frame of Reference. Discovery of a Lifetime, In Hope of Spring Resurgent!
Despite Your Disbelief, This Is Heaven. Take Me Home, Country Roads.”
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Time was almost gone. The seconds ticked off the clock like the footsteps of doom.

"What's the range?" he called out to the nav com as his fingers danced over the keys.

"Two-thousand, eight-thousand," came the reply. "Can't pin it down any more. And no horseplay on this one, you're on your own."

Of course, he thought. But there was no time for bitterness. The keyboard rattled under his flying fingertips as the clock ticked on, shaving the seconds away, and his eyes roamed desperately over the white expanse of the viewport, which was filling up, but not fast enough...

There! That sparkle in the distance, a golden gleam! He had one clear shot. With the calm of one who has gambled everything he has, including his honor, even his life, he reached at the last possible second for the submit button, and clicked–


"What do you mean, I had five more minutes!?"
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· on The Least You Can
>>Anon Y Mous, >>QuillScratch, >>Zaid Val'Roa

The Least I Could

I had a suspicion that the art slate would be under-represented in this round. I figured roughly that there might be two entries, and decided to see if I could score a bronze while still being entirely ignorant of the show on which the round was based, and also offering a bit of sporting challenge to others who might have, say, just rendered the show’s logo in MS Paint in hopes of scoring an easy bronze for themselves. I glanced over the stories, and when the first one had a catgirl I ended my search. I drew a generic catperson stick figure and tried different faces before settling on this one; I had to be generic or readers might wonder why my sketch didn’t much resemble the actual character. I’m glad you liked it!

As it turns out, I miscalculated slightly and won a silver for Anonymous. I am pleased.

Creators, please don’t think that I am mocking you. This is a dig at the Writeoff rules that let these weird things happen in small rounds. Excelsior, and keep SheRa-ing!
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· on The Wound in the Way · >>Cosmic_Cowboy
>>Anon Y Mous, >>MLPmatthewl419, >>Pascoite, >>Rocket Lawn Chair

Congrats to Rocket Lawn Chair, and thanks to all for the silver! Not bad for a last-minute job.

I’m not sure that anyone got exactly what I was going for with this one. I started this by thinking of Discord seeking the Wound, but the Wound was always behind his head where he wasn’t looking. I imagined a two-panel comic showing him looking to left and right with the Wound eluding him, and after that the Yin-Yang suggested itself.

I usually do a pencil sketch and scan it, and sometimes “ink it”–that is, draw over it–in Illustrator. In this case, while I drew a quick sketch on paper for layout, I drew Discord directly using Illustrator’s Bezier tools without overlaying, and I am very pleased with the result. I think I really nailed him on the bottom, where he’s holding the opera glasses. I did lighten the stroke on his hair over the black background, and it looked okay on my main monitor.

After sleeping on it, I had the idea that having the Sisters chasing each other around the “World” would help the image, and I barely had time to shoop them in before going to work. Had I a bit more time, I would have drawn them from scratch.

Thanks for all the great comments!
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· on Delicate Reflections · >>Rocket Lawn Chair
I can’t review all the art pieces all the time, so I’m only going to cover, say, half of the entries in this round.

The Good: Kudos, Artist, this is a beautiful and thoughtful piece. The figures are full of character and life, the spherical perspective is well handled, and the soap bubbles are both an excellent way to convey scenes from the past, and a metaphor for the transience of life. Well conceived, well composed, and well done indeed!

The Meh: The piece is a pencil sketch, which in itself is not bad, but combined with the unintended color artifacts and shading of what seems to be a cell-phone photo of line art, it looks unfinished. Artist, changing the lighting in your environment, the photo settings on your device, and/or using image editing software to clean up and enhance contrast of your art, will go a long way towards making your pencil sketches look clean and polished.

In light of the factors above, this piece is destined to go in both the highest and lowest tiers of my slate. Thank you for contributing!
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· · >>Rocket Lawn Chair >>MLPmatthewl419
In for the art round, in for a pound.
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· · >>Zaid Val'Roa
“Tuesday After Lunch…?”

“Mistakes Were Made. For What it’s Worth…”

“I’ll Believe It When You Say It.”

“That Time I Accidentallyed…? Growing Pains, One Mare Army. The Simple Magic of a Good Book and a Fireplace, Burning Brightest.”

“Beyond the Pale. Retrospection?”

“Challenge Accepted! Measure for measure?”

“Familiar Uncomfortableness. Where The Sun Don’t Shine? There was a hole here. It’s gone now.”

“Help is Coming. A New Resolution!”

“First of Many. An Accident Waiting to Happen; Something Vaguely Hearth’s Warming Related. The Twelve Days After Hearth’s Warming, Going Blank Again. One Hundred and One Days of Winter. Enough (censored) Snow!”

“Five Golden Rings?”

“Hollow Holiday. And at the End, You Shall Remain Alone.”
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· on Downtrodden
>>WritingSpirit, >>Miller Minus, >>Anon Y Mous, >>AndrewRogue, >>Samey90, >>Bachiavellian, >>No_Raisin


I was a bit bemused and intrigued by the source art, with its flat topped mushroom cloud. I thought of different things it might be, but it looks most to me like a whale’s tail. This visual observation was the basis of this story, and everything else I wrote was meant to lead to the closing lines reinterpreting that dominant feature of the source art. That’s pretty much all this story is.

Now that I know that orca gladiators are a welcome thing, I shall reconsider my aims.

Thanks for the great comments!
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· on Broken Are Bonds We Forged in Life
>>Dubs_Rewatcher, >>Bachiavellian, >>Miller Minus

Broken Bonds

I live within walking distance of two graveyards. Sometimes I go for a walk in the larger one to seek out story ideas. So it was that after Thanksgiving, with time running out and only one decent idea, I set forth again to commune with the dead.

I took some shots of a neat rocky crevice with some moss in it (which might have made a good companion piece for Alamo II), then starting taking shots of gravestones. Since most of the stones are old, I felt I would be able to find one discolored with age or moss, and thus prompt-worthy.

My search ended when I found this one. A good thing, since it was getting colder and the sunlight was fading.

The low lighting conditions probably contributed to the blurriness of the photo. By the time I found out it wasn’t high def, it was too dark to go back and take another shot. I cropped and corrected the levels in Photoshop but the image is otherwise untouched.

The red inside the gravestone base is a mystery. My guess is that it’s a hollow that collects rainwater, and falling leaves have soaked in that water over many, many autumns, leaving their tannins behind to stain the stone.

Thank you all for your great comments!
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· on Catching On.
>>Bachiavellian, >>Miller Minus

On Catching

This was the first idea I had at the start of the round, but I had the suspicion that others would be trying similar ideas (and indeed, Zaid did). Thus, I focused on the holiday with my family, and didn’t put any serious effort into this concept until the last day.

I had some trouble with the pencil sketch on watercolor paper and had to redraw it a few times, which goes some way towards explaining the awkward appearance. The paints were ordinary acrylic paints, watered down. I bumped the colors of the background up in Photoshop, but other than that it is unretouched. The drop on her neck was an accident which I deemed to be fitting.

Thanks for the positive comments!
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· on No, I am alright
Another of the fifty schadenfreudes of gray. The foreground figure looks real enough to have been drawn from a photo. The background figures are more rudimentary and rushed.

There’s a measure of hope in the green figure, which is facing our heroine and may be approaching with friendly intent. In real life, depressed people (even those who would value human contact) are actually sending out large “Stay Away From Me!” signals that no one they’d really want to meet will violate. Such is life, so it goes.

I will class this as an upper tier effort. Thanks, Artist!
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· on United Violence and Crime Organization · >>Monokeras
Help, the earth is bleeding orange juice! I don’t have much more to say about this one, though. Sorry, Author. Thanks for contributing!
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· on Kitchen Scene
This is a decent watercolor still life. It could use a little more contrast, particularly around the shading of the grapes.

Aside from the painting being colorful, I can’t see a direct connection to the prompt unless I reach a bit. (For instance, it’s a billion years after Alamo II: The Greyening, when the Green Goo swept over the planet, feeding on light itself, contaminating all in its path and befouling all the water. Here we see some revolting “seed pods,” instances of how the Goo spreads its vile presence.) For this reason of prompt connection, the entry will likely go in my middle tier.
#20149 ·
· on Emergent Properties · >>Baal Bunny
Are those trees in the window, or nuke clouds? I’m calling trees, because of the birds flying with apparent calm. Another Skittles addict faces the consequences of her gluttony. That, or she just did something not suitable for public mention with a unicorn. This doodle conveys its idea for the most part, but the bare execution will lead me to place it in the low-mid tier.
#20148 ·
· on Broken Are Bonds We Forged in Life
A very dramatic image, with lots of story potential. Did you shoop in that red color, or was it there already? Creepy if so. Nicely composed overall, though the sides are a bit tight. A mid to upper tier shot.
#20147 ·
· on The Queen's English
Ah, so 15 years from now, we’re still arguing over Gibraltar, but have started using psuedo-Latin in front page newspaper articles. Could this new blue wave from the 13 be called a Brentrance? A cute idea, and I will class this as mid tier.
#20146 ·
· on The Last Connoisseurs of Warm Colours · >>Samey90
Earth is under attack by a giant letter T! Someone call Letterman!

The helmet looks more like a green beret. The rat is sufficiently rodentine. As the only clear details in the work, they are commanding more attention than the artist perhaps wanted them to receive. It’s true that, being so sharply outlined, they do not seem to fit well with the blurry and almost impressionistic background. I am classing this as mid tier.
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· on Howl of the Foul Vowel · >>Baal Bunny
How about flour and velour and contour? Or pour or hour or your? Or our?
Just a simple idea here and very basic execution. In comparison to the other pieces in this round, this one will wind up in the lower tier. Sorry, Artist; thanks for contributing!
#20126 ·
· on Forging
The title fortunately gives the scribbles some shape; otherwise it might be hard to tell what was happening here. The hand shape is rudimentary and messy, and doesn’t seem to be gripping the handle of the hammer (which itself is only suggested by one line). I’m sorry, Artist, but this is going in the lower tier. Try to keep control of your forms, and thanks for contributing!
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