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Exposer and closer of the extrinsically infistulated.
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>>Baal Bunny
You're welcome, and are quite welcome to use it! If you would, please link the source to my DA and I will return the favor once your story is up.

Don't worry, they never disqualifies no-one around here.
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I don't think I will have a story in for this round, but I will try to illustrate any entries.
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· on The Smallest Slice of Life
The Smallest Slice of Life
My largest regret with this one was the initial words I chose, 'took' and 'halt' have a limited number of rhymes and it sharply cramped what I was trying to achieve. I am not saying it would have been much better, but the whole might have been less strained or obscure.
My mental image was of time coming to a pause where one could really look at things and appreciate the detail of being. If only you could just, say, stop the brook from flowing and study a slice of the water as it flows and burbles or stop a bird in flight and appreciate its spreading feathers... But Time Grinds On. This is what happens when you forget about a contest for most of the day and try to squeeze in three entries around 3 AM. Sorry to have inflicted this first draft upon you.
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One Small Life
I feel that I keep coming back to this theme, being part of the flood of human storytellers and not knowing if you are making a difference, but continuing regardless as the game itself is worth the candle. I am reawakening a dormant creative project and such thoughts are much on my mind lately. I am very glad that someone is getting it. : )
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This was a case where I wrote for the sounds and let the sense take care of itself. I'm not quite sure what I was driving at now, it probably needed a few more stanzas to go anywhere consistent.
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>>Bad Horse
You would start by making a group; look to the 'Groups' tab. IIRC, you need a certain number of other users to support your group; I would be happy to help or perhaps Roger can alter the restriction.
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This is the first time I've been the only entrant in a Write-off. Does that mean the contest is declared null?

Not at all. Enjoy your gold!
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Your reply... is hazy.
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I have gotten something in...
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>>Bad Horse, >>Pascoite


Thank you for the positive comments! I haven't much to say about this one that it hasn't said by itself. I am hoping to write on sunnier topics soon.

Sonnets are often my go-to on the longer poetry rounds as they generally meet the 100 word minimum with little fuss. I am by nature a terse writer and not given to epics.
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>>Bad Horse
"Writing" is the composition period. "Final" is a left over from the glory days when we had so many fics that the round was split in two for voting purposes.
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I am in.
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>>Baal Bunny
Congrats! I'm glad something sprouted from my picture.
I had just been out for a moonlight walk and it was looking rather like an eye in the sky, so I used my potato phone that takes grainy night shots to catch a hint of what I was seeing.
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· on No One Sends Me Anything

No One Sends Me Anything

The backing of this one is likely my melancholy sense as I get older of the impermanence of verse, and indeed of the mind. I meant to show that the postman dropped the postcard as it was being put in the mailbox, and thus it was ruined by the rain. What seems to be a pretty shoreline and beach is composed in reality of bits of sand and shell, a billion sea deaths scattered into senseless arrays; this connotation didn't fully make it in and perhaps it's just as well.
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· on Well Fared

Well Fared

Thank you for the review! I first read this metric scheme in the works of Guy Wetmore Carryl and it stuck with me from childhood. I know the theme is trite but I chose not to try to stretch it in the time I have and risk marring something that was acceptable as it stood.
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>>Monokeras, >>Heavy_Mole

A Dot in the Shark

Thanks for the gold! Grats to Mono and Heavy; and a Writeoff welcome to Lexie, thanks for throwing your hat in!

Another last minute entry on my part; I was pulling an all nighter for other reasons, and this happened to tumble out. It's founded largely in worldbuilding I did for other stories of mine.

"Croon ye" is a reference to 3753 Cruithne, as Luna should have clarified but which I forgot to add because I was too weary for a full editing pass. It's an asteroid whose orbit around the Sun is weirdly interlocked with that of Earth, and is sometimes erroneously called Earth's second moon. Cruithne is an Irish name which I found harmonious here due to the reference to "Foirish Twist" (Irish Mist).

"Salzbier" is a play on malzbier (malt beer) and the conceit that ponies find salt licks to be of recreational interest.

For those who like liquor jokes, thank you for your interest. For those who don't, thank you for your patience. And thanks especially for the comments!
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· on Well Fared
A bitter break brings all to close,
Their love was nothing like a rose.
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· on From North To South
There's ne'er a place where I belonged
I follow trails the dead have left.
My sojourn always much prolonged
The more I've lived, much more bereft.
I can't grant all the wishes sown,
I cannot even save my own.
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· on Memory of Love
My verse can't stand the storm of time
Where brittle words are culture tossed
And searching brings us no surprise
As legions score their many crimes

I cast it forth for those that may,
By chance, affix their storm cast eyes.
If aught of interest is still lost,
I've made one friend along the way.
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· on No One Sends Me Anything
No greater chaos than appears to be
Within the tumult of the great blue sea
Appears in lesser verse, to good and ill,
Where nonsense noises churn forever still.
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In with a horrid little thing.
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· on Trouble Brewing · >>Monokeras
I did rinse and scrub it while I had it exposed, I had a small flexible brush for the interior of the pipe. The extra vinegar taste went away very quickly.
I will stick to acids suitable for use in a home kitchen, thank you.
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For a mini round, yes.
This one has just started:
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I will have something in.
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>>Pascoite, >>Monokeras, >>Heavy_Mole
Double Stewing

Gratz to Mono for the gold, tip of the hat to Mole, and thanks for the silver and the great comments!

I had nothing significant to contribute on the day of the contest, but I noticed that a recent event in my life could be made to fit the prompt and would even provide a closing pun, so I made it happen. I have compacted the sequence here and done some artistic rearranging, but the repairs to our aged but familiar coffee maker were done essentially as described. For the record, "Jalan" found the story amusing.

>>To be really nitpicky, I don’t see the point of disassembling the machine to descale it.

I had tried to descale it a few times using the methods you mentioned, with indifferent results. I was also interested to take a peek under the hood, and since it did lead to discovery of the weakened plastic supports, I do not regret the course I took.

>>I loved all of the attention to detail we got here about the mechanics of the pot and the cleaning process.

Glad you liked it! If you haven't already seen it, you may like to watch Technology Connections discussing this topic.
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