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Tbh, I've been wanting for one of these for months.
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*BREAKING NEWS: horizon found in a tree writing saucy fanfiction*
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TBH, 3rd commenter is a new record for me.
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Oh, sweet, I love when there's art. Hooray, I get to do arts!
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A couple general things before I get to the comments. The picture I took is terrible. I used the camera on my 10 year old Mac. So, colors and stuff got a little weird. It's also a little crooked. Furthermore, I have never been able to art. Like, I actually surprised myself with how well this turned out, considering.

So here's a story for you, I did base this very heavily off of Twilight. In fact, if you look carefully, you can see the remains of the wing lines. But then I thought to myself, "Twilight is so overused." So I did a quick think, and remembered Moondancer is a recolor of Twilight. So I made her. The proportions? Well, I'll get to that with GGA.

>>Zaid Val'Roa
I wasn't really sure how to make a good fire signalling where it 1. Didn't cover the cutie mark too much, 2. Didn't cover the entire body, and 3. Could still be seen with dark-ish green on black.

I mean, I voiced my actual complaints. I realized I forgot the glasses when it was too late to do anything.

I tried doing geometric shapes once. It failed. And then I took my artless self (I've never been able to art) and went to do other stuff. This one I just freehanded. And yeah, I'll certainly practise stuff when I have time/ motivation again.

Yeah... I kinda sorta based her colors on a fan drawing that didn't have them. Also, I really hate them. So my excuse is they sorta faded away like the eyes.

#3? Yay! I feel so special. Now go and try to draw better than this.
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Well, I am extremely sad. I'm gonna miss the art deadline. I'll post the art on my fimfic page in, like, a day or two when it's complete.
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You mean... this image?

Yeah, I see it too.
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Yeesss..... art turned in.
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Wow... that went places
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I used to think "may the fourth be with you" was funny, then I took an arrow in the knee.

No, don't skip it!!! Bad horizon!