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A Blast from the Past · FiM Short Story ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 2000–8000
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Successful Cutie-Mark Gaining Attempts by the CMC

... Oh, wait. Short stories, not ultra-short stories.

Unsuccessful Cutie-Mark Gaining Attempts by the CMC

Oh, wait. That's novel length...
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Liking the prompts for this one. Perhaps soon we’ll have some s h e n a n i g a n s.
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Wait, my prompt won? Alrighty then. Better not regret it.
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I can't wait to see what these entries inspire the artists to do!
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· · >>CoffeeMinion
Uh. So, while I definitely understand why there weren't fics submitted in this current time period... what do artists even do?
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I believe you can make art directly against the prompt in a case like this. So it ends up being like the rounds we do where art comes before writing.
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· on Those Who Ignore History
Did I stutter?

Apparently, yes.

This wallpaper pattern takes a basic path to showing the meta-consequences of not sticking by one's choices. Points for idea and presentation. I still find myself wishing there was a bit more depth to the pic.

This will likely go in my mid-tier; thanks for creating it.
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· on Predessor · >>MLPmatthewl419
Ponies create balloons and airships, so you are on firm ground there, Artist, despite your caption.

The landing structures are largely minimalist, but the aircraft are dimensionally rendered and reasonably thought out (though there should be more ropes connecting the basket to the balloon). Points for concept, visualization, and hand-drawn rendition.

This will likely go in my upper-tier; thanks for creating it.
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· on What She Left Unsaid
Boom! An edited astronomy photo. Points for selecting an interesting and colorful image, and the competent shoopery. This will likely go in my upper-tier; thanks for creating it.
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· on The Dark of Ages (Hopefully) Past
I see red pictures and I want them painted black...

Points for topical reference to current events, minus for triviality of creation. This is probably the one that's going to go in my lower tier. Thanks for creating it.
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· on Those Who Ignore History
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· on What She Left Unsaid · >>GroaningGreyAgony
More than anything, I'm curious as to the how on this one. Took me a second to really see what was happening (I historically suck at those seeing-eye puzzle books) but, once I did, I was impressed.

I actually went back to check the original image to make sure it wasn't always there and nobody ever saw it 'til now, which would have also been cool.

Shout out to Supernovae.
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· on Predessor · >>MLPmatthewl419
One of the more interesting things about FiM's worldbuilding is how casually anachronistic the technology is. Sometimes we get tech like airships that seems like something out of Jules Verne, or a Karel Zeman film. Feels like someone in 1900 imagining what air travel would be like in 2000, as depicted by someone living in the year 2020.
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· on Predessor · >>MLPmatthewl419
This is cute. There's a thought of "bringing the past with you to the future" going on that I really dig; not least of all because so much of the things I valued as a kid ended up horribly destroyed. Unless I'm interpreting the color coding wrong and that old balloon wasn't used as the sailing for the airship, in which case still props for making me think of sad personal things.
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· on What She Left Unsaid · >>GroaningGreyAgony
A thousand years is a long time, but how long is it really when put in the context of space?
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· on The Dark of Ages (Hopefully) Past
It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
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· on Those Who Ignore History
"Dormammu Sparkle, I've come to bargain. Yes I know I'm supposed to be the bad guy in my time-travel adventure, but shut up."

Cute array work, and I can never say no to more Glimmer. Though is it many Glimmers, all tangled in wibbly wobbly web of woe, or just one running the Cosmic Treadmill, trying to undo one last, unbearable mistake? The world may never know.
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· on The Dark of Ages (Hopefully) Past
I've never seen a more accurate representation of a proper Age of Dark from Dark Souls. Topical, and the caption plays into both real events and my Dark Souls joke, so I'm going to call it a soft win.
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· on What She Left Unsaid
>>Rao, >>No_Raisin

What She Left Unsaid

Thanks for the gold and the comments!

If you look at the original, turn it clockwise about 45 degrees and squint, you might see what looks like a long-snouted creature with its mouth open impossibly wide. My main modification was to close that gap a bit. I largely freehanded the horn with the cloning stamp tool, using it like a paintbrush to overlay the colors I wanted from another part of the image.

Glad you liked it. Hope to see you next round!
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· on Predessor
Oh shoot I forgot to actually get to this, so sorry about that!

Thanks for the comment! And yeah, I wanted the landing structures to be very minimalistic and 'industrial.' I actually based this off of a city I'm developing in my head, and this is a rendition of what I call "The Eastern Docks." Fun fact, I actually wanted to add more of the structures in the background, but then ran out of time.

That's so true. Just today, actually, I was reminded that in the Mare Do Well episode we see a hydro-electric dam. Like, wow.

Thank you :). I was not going for that with the colors at all, I just wanted it to be unified because the rest of it is colorless. But hey, that's pretty dang cool - I like it.