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· on Between Day/Night · >>Bachiavellian
Is it a gimmick? Absolutely.

Is it a clever use of dark mode? ABSOLUTELY.
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Horse round, which means I'm in.
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· on Perfect · >>Anon Y Mous
This fic left me confused, and not in a good way.

Context is important, even if there's a distinct lack of one, but the reason for Fluttershy being upset here is really weird, in that it doesn't really add up.

I'm pretty sure animals have died in her care, because animals die and death is a part of life and so on, so I don't know what the deal with that is. Of course animals die in her care.

Also, I'm not sure how this stallion came to say these things to Fluttershy, or how they even crossed paths.

Also also, I'm not sure, given how tell-y and blatant the message is, if this whole thing is meant to be taken straight or as a parody of a lower-tier episode of the show. Probably the former.

I think there's something good here, but it's really muddled as it is now.

I'm feeling a strong 5 to a light 6 on this.
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· on A– · >>BlueChameleonVI >>Miller Minus >>Miller Minus
This entry is split into three sections, and two of them are great.

The first, unfortunately, is not one of those two. The setup is rough, and the exchange between Sunset and her teacher strikes me as rather cliched, in the sense that classroom exchanges don't really sound like this.

I guess it came off as inauthentic, which is a shame because the other sections came off as anything but inauthentic.

Personally I'm not familiar with the idea of Sunset coming from a poor family, but regardless I think it's handled masterfully here, with far more subtlety and emotional depth than the first section.

You can still see that bratty side of Sunset, long before she redeemed herself, but you can also see a Sunset desperate to climb out of her bad position in life. I found myself disliking and yet also sympathizing with her.

I knew people who were like Sunset when they were kids, so I think that adds to the emotional weight.

I'm feeling a decent to strong 8 on this.
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· on Thank You for Coming · >>Chris
Guys, I'm having a dilemma at the moment.

I found this fic funny, but not exactly good...?

I laughed because of how schizophrenic it got with the tone and how rabid Starlight and Sunset got, but at the same time none of this makes any sense.

At the same time I suspect this wasn't supposed to make sense, but even if we're being generous with characterization flexibility this is really jarring.

Also agreeing with >>Trick_Question about the ending punchline, which felt really... off somehow.

I guess I can't give this such a low rating, considering it is a comedy and I did laugh outright a couple times, but again I'm not sure if those laughs were earned.

I'm feeling a light to decent 6 on this.
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· on Griswielda's Fortune · >>Trick_Question >>Miller Minus
That was fucked up, if you stop to think about it, but also very funny.

Funny in kind of an internal way, not so much external. I didn't laugh, but I really wanted to.

I like how you can read this story without any knowledge of the show and still appreciate it to a great degree, but knowing the show and how griffons usually behave certainly enhances the experience.

I love the title. It's like a perfect short story title in that it's concise but conveys more than one meaning. Great.

The prose is also pretty solid, although there are a few word choices that made me pause. I think I'm also lighter on this area because it's a comedy, and because there's not really any proofreading I would honestly recommend.

Griswielda is a fully formed character in the short time we spend with her, and she is both a scoundrel and also someone you kinda wanna see get away with everything, even though you know she probably won't.

I feel like the ending could've hit harder, but it was done competently, and I didn't feel cheated or anything.

I'm feeling a strong 8 to a very light 9 on this.
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· on Laissez-Fate · >>Trick_Question >>Trick_Question
causing somepony to actually consent, which leaves them with no such aftermath.

There's a difference between causing someone to consent, and making them consent. We have no reason to believe within the text that Shining would go with Cadance of his own volition. He could, but he doesn't seem to, which is why Cadance forces him to change his emotions, unbeknownst to him.

For a better example, let's say Cadance wanted to impress Shining Armor, so she wore a subtle perfume that was advertised as having pheromones that attract stallions. Is that the same as rape? Only if you're trapped in a morality based upon arbitrary definitions.

Not rape, true. However, that's not what happened in this story and I'm sure you're aware of that much.

Surely if Cadance influencing Shiny by means he is unaware is "reprehensible", then the perfume is equally abhorrent.

Bad analogy only gets worse.

But it isn't, because what Cadance did wasn't reprehensible.

To say this is a bad take would be an understatement, but let's continue.

She has no information about whether Shiny's attraction to a random pony will end in happiness or heartache for him upon which to base a decision.

Actually she does. Or at the very least she knows when Shining's thread will tie into someone else's. The point of the story is that she ties Shining's thread to her own in spite of knowing things shouldn't be that way.

However, she does know that she is intelligent and a princess and would likely be a better mate for Shining Armor (just statistically) than some random pony.

There's a punchline established here, but I'm gonna way till your next sentence to say it.

Her action is likely to increase Shining Armor's lifelong happiness, which arguably makes it more ethical than connecting him to some young mare he has a crush on, or even doing nothing.

Colonialism in a nutshell. Now, it's generally agreed among educated peoples that colonialism is historically a very bad thing, so bad in fact that it'll take decades to fully comprehend its long-term negative effects. What you're proposing here is the same mindset as, say, a first world country colonizing a third world country. Sure, invading and manipulating the government of the third world country without the consent of its people could seem bad, but after all, isn't it for the greater good? But of course the first world country is doing all this for selfish reasons, and ultimately at the third world country's expense. So no, Cadance is not doing "what's best" for Shining; even the story makes this much clear.

Being convinced that Cadance did something wrong when it isn't even clear how what she did works or what its full effect will be

But we do know what Cadance did, TQ. The rape/roofie analogy is flawed, sure, but it was the first thing to come to mind, and it's also not entirely off from what she did. Then again, we've been discussing what exactly it was that Cadance did in the Discord server, so I've had a lot of time to think about this.

The moral observation this story makes is: "If you had the power to force your crush to fall in love with you, would you do it? Probably yes." The fact that we don't know of any negative consequences, aside from the Voice being upset, only makes it more uncomfortable. It's like watching someone get away with murder.

In this case perhaps it has something to do with a gross oversimplification of ethics by idealizing the concept of "consent" such that all you have to do to determine if something is ethical is see if it fits within that simplistic definition.

This sounds like an argument made by someone trying to justify sexual assault on the grounds that the common definition of consent is "simplistic," and therefore maybe it wasn't sexual assault after all? In the context of this story it's more emotional assault, but the comparison remains intact.

Here's a question: Suppose you rape someone while they are in such a state of consciousness that they have no recollection of the rape occurring. Is it still bad? You might say no. I would say yes, since it still violates that person's sense of autonomy to such a degree they are effectively robbed of it. And autonomy, which is not the same thing as free will, is very important.

I'm a feminist libertarian, goddamnit, REEEEEEEE!

Shining Armor will consent to everything in his future relationship with Cadence.

Does he have a choice in the matter? The story implies he doesn't.

Her influencing him doesn't affect that.

Mainly because she didn't influence him so much as directly mold his heart's desire to fit her own wants. And no, there's no point in the story where we get the actual impression that Cadance is doing this for Shining's sake.

She isn't raping him and she isn't forcing him to do anything.

Except fall in love with her, but we've already been through this.

If anything, she's helping him.

Colonialism justification once again, just more crassly phrased this time. Of course, the colonizer is much like the rapist, trying to put some of the blame on the victim while also trying to make one's own actions appear as not entirely selfish. To say that Cadance has even the passive desire to "help" Shining here is incredibly disingenuous.

Frankly, this story works because what Cadance did to Shining was bad, both from an ethical standpoint and (at the very least) as her failing in her position as a responsible princess.
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· on Enjoy the Silence
>>Miller Minus
>>Anon Y Mous

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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· on A Little Shortcut
That was a thing.

Hmm, yes, that was indeed a thing.

I like how Rarity having wings is treated almost passively so that the reader has to do a double take to notice something's very wrong here. I also like how Pinkie's walking-on-the-ceiling bit is kind of a reference to that one episode with the Cake twins.

Or maybe that was just a coincidence and I'm trying to pull more from this fic than is necessary.

It's pretty robust and consistently executed, and it knows exactly when and where to end.

Did I laugh at any point, though? Nah, man.

A chuckle, I think, but this is a pretty lightweight "absurd" comedy.

I'm feeling a very light 7 on this.
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