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A Blast from the Past · FiM Short Story ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 2000–8000
Show rules for this event
#1 · 6
Successful Cutie-Mark Gaining Attempts by the CMC

... Oh, wait. Short stories, not ultra-short stories.

Unsuccessful Cutie-Mark Gaining Attempts by the CMC

Oh, wait. That's novel length...
#2 · 3
#3 ·
Liking the prompts for this one. Perhaps soon we’ll have some s h e n a n i g a n s.
#4 · 2
Wait, my prompt won? Alrighty then. Better not regret it.
#5 · 2
I can't wait to see what these entries inspire the artists to do!
#6 ·
· · >>CoffeeMinion
Uh. So, while I definitely understand why there weren't fics submitted in this current time period... what do artists even do?
#7 · 1
I believe you can make art directly against the prompt in a case like this. So it ends up being like the rounds we do where art comes before writing.