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It's a Long Way Down · Original Short Story ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 2000–8000
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Sleeping with the Snailfishes
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#1 ·
Good one, I like the parallel between the ball gowing down into the abyss and the bubbles going up. It creates a nice contrast and it's up to many interpretations. The fact there isn't any color create a nice atmosphere of depression.

However, my dirty mind can prevent myself from seeing a vagina here.
#2 ·
I really love the ball, chain, and bubbles, but the cliff walls felt more sketchy. Pretty piece, though, and fits the prompt well.
#3 ·
Misses the golden ratio by about 0.03, which makes me kinda sad. Still pretty good, though.
#4 ·
I'd say it was a diving bell or sphere, but there's no air hose attached, so it may be more sinister...
This is a bit rough in execution but the values and composition are good. I like it.
#5 ·
Oh damn, absolutely excellent composition on this. The bell doesn't read quite as well as it could have, it's just a tad too dark. The chain, I'm guessing you might've been going for motion blur (or not) that looks just a wee bit off.
Other than that, top tier.
#6 ·
The nudibranchs will welcome you.

I think your bubbles should be a bit more wobbly, because as-is, they don't look like they're bubbling very much. But I love the motion-blur on the chain.
#7 ·
I like this a lot, I just wish there was a little more detail on the cliffs.
#8 ·
I think the title (a riff on mobsters' threats of enemy disposal) makes pretty clear the intention here: being dragged into the depths by a weight manacled on.

There's way too much slack in the chain if that's the case, but I'm willing to forgive that as artistic license given that the composition framed by the chain is super strong and easily the best part about this. Likewise, the fact that these mobsters are throwing their victims into the Mariana Trench is something I'm willing to spot it on the grounds that it gives the picture a sense of depth that a simple background of murky water wouldn't (and seeing the entire ocean floor would clutter). Nice work with the bubbles, too. Not in my top tier but solid overall.
#9 ·
I see both the golden ratio and a vagina. And someone being pulled to their death. And water. Is this a summation of life and the universe?

I appreciate the work that went into this, and I acknowledge that it's very well composed and crafted, but it doesn't excite me.