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Hiding in Plain Sight · Original Minific ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 500–900
Show rules for this event
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· · >>QuillScratch
- To Quill Scratch -

The dark catlike silhouette emerged out of the darkness outside the door, immediately followed by a young, nimble girlish shape covered in a red costume with black spots all over. They stopped at the threshold, examining the room before them. The floor was tiled like a giant chess board. The pure white walls glowed of a dim light that suffused the room. At the far end, a doorframe led to the place they were heading to.

The catlike form made a step forward, but the girl snatched his shoulder and pulled him back forcibly.

“Don’t do that, Cat Noir!” she said.

“Why? What’s there?” the cat-looking guy asked.

“It’s a trap! There’s no way to safely walk through this maze. If you tread the wrong tile, it will immediately trigger a drizzle of hydrofluoric acid!”

“Charming,” Cat Noir said. “What’s your plan?”

The girl seemed to hesitate. She examined the ceiling, looking for a bump she could twirl and secure her yoyo around. But there was none. She scratched her head.

“Heh,” Cat Noir said. “My dear Ladybug has run out of idea, it seems! That’s a first.”

The girl glared daggers at him. Suddenly she threw her yoyo up and shouted “Lucky charm!”

There was a flash of energy and a giant frying pan fell on to the ground, face down, with a big clash. “Hey!” the girl said. “Time to play turtles! Follow me!”

They both slipped under the pan. “Will that protect us?” Cat Noir asked. “If it doesn’t, we’re toast!”

“Come on,” the girl said, “frying pans have a protective, non-stick layer made up of polytetrafluoroethylene. It’s HF-proof! Let’s go!”

They hadn’t made a few inches ahead that a spray of liquid coming from the ceiling hit bang on the pan, whose metallic underside began to boil away. But they crawled on, on all fours, as fast as they could, leaving behind them a trail of acid that ate the tiles away.

When they reached the far wall, a thin, dark layer of plastic attached to a mangy handle was all that was left of the pan. Fortunately, they were out of danger. They both stood up and threw the pan remnant aside.

“Well done, milady!” Cat Noir said. “What now? Shall we step through the door and open the safe?”

”Not yet! Look here!” She showed small holes on the doorjambs. “There are invisible infrared rays that protects the room against intrusion. Break one, and the alarm will go off immediately!”

“So what shall we do?”

”Here!” She rummaged into her purse and palmed out two glassy buttons that she showed to Cat Noir. “These are fake IR emitters. I’ll hold one in front of the two lowermost receptors. They’ll be blinded, and then you can crawl your way inside undetected. Remember, when you have destroyed the safe, you have ten second to exit!” She pushed a minute switch on each button, took one in each hand and slammed them against the first two holes. “GO!” she shouted. “I won’t be able to hold for long.”

“Alright!” Cat Noir flopped onto the ground and stealthily crawled through the door. Once inside, he stood up, ran to the safe ahead of him and “Cataclysm!” he shouted. Then he touched the safe, which instantly crumbled to dust.

On the ground, covered in metallic dust, he saw a folder. Something had been written on it, but the writing had been savagely daubed over with black marker ink.

“Quick!” the girl called behind him. He grasped the folder, ran to the door and plunged down, gliding on the ground until he was outside. Just as his right foot was passing through the doorway, the floor suddenly cracked and fell down in a loud crash.

“Phew,” Cat Noir said. “That was close!”

The girl let the buttons drop on to the ground. She took the folder from Cat Noir’s hands and torn it. From inside, a dark butterfly escaped and whiffled away blithely.

“Time to de-evilize!” the girl said. She whirled her yoyo, and threw it towards the butterfly. It seized the flying insect and snapped shut.

“No more evil-doing for you, little butterfly!” she said, as the yoyo opened again and a white butterfly escaped. Then she grasped the handle of the former pan, punted it and “Miraculous Ladybug!” she shouted. Instantly, a flurry of red sparkles flew this way and that, and in her hands the folder mended instantly, revealing the name that had been gouged under the black stains.

And it read I Regret Nothing, original manuscripts.

P.S: I know I should have had Roger akumatized. Just had no time to write that part. Sorry.
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· · >>Monokeras >>CoffeeMinion >>Bachiavellian >>Southpaw >>RogerDodger
Experimenting with a word limit of 500–900 for this event.

I need a way to more decisively make changes or do experiments with the formats, rules, etc. I have previously taken discussions of this nature with a bent towards conservatism out of concern for people who missed the discussions or are simply happy with the way things are. However, I think this has lead to it being hard to get any changes made at all.

To that end, I'm going to periodically hold meetings in the #meta discord channel where things can not just be discussed but also decided on. This means decisions will mostly be made with consideration for people who show up. (However, this is still not necessarily a democratic process, since I've got the final say on everything.)

These meetings will be held on the Sunday following the conclusion of a scheduled event at 00:30 UTC. The first will be 24 Jun 00:30.
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What happened to you Roger?
00:30 GMT? Unlikely for Europeans.
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I'll have to try to make the meeting! I've asked about different limits before and it's cool to see openness to discussion.

It's also cool to see the limit bump for the current round. I don't tend to do Original rounds, but I'd definitely take advantage of it if I did.
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Exciting news! I tend to be the kind of person who sits in the corner and cries about change, but I do think this'll be helpful. Will join in if I remember to!
#6 ·
>>RogerDodger I like this idea. :)

For those who can't make the Discord meeting, maybe summarize everything, and make the decision by poll if needed?

I can make it (430pm Pacific), but this would give anyone who can't show at that time a chance to give some input, at least...
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· · >>GroaningGreyAgony >>Zaid Val'Roa >>RogerDodger
Can we still ask for an art round this time? I feel up to drawing some stories.
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For anyone curious, >>Monokeras is better than maybe 60% of the Miraculous fanfics I've been binge-reading* since I last showed my face here. God, the pony fandom spoiled me for quality.

Fingers crossed, I'm in for this round! It's been ages since I've competed, and even longer since I've written anything that wasn't absurdly pretentious/a bit rubbish, so it'll be good to throw myself back in the ring. Excited to see some old friendly faces, and meet all the people who have joined since I became obsessed with Miraculous and ditched you guys mysteriously vanished.

*I kid you not, there was a point where I was reading about 40k words every morning before I went to work. I'm down to a much more reasonable 15-20k now. That fandom is freaking addictive.
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I'm back for the first time in over 1 1/2 years.
Hopefully I can still write.
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· · >>RogerDodger
>>Anon Y Mous

I will second this.
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"Get On With It!!"
"It's Only a Model"

Hmm, two prompt submissions with a suspicious Monty Python ring. Who's behind this conspiracy!?
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· · >>GroaningGreyAgony >>RogerDodger
>>Anon Y Mous
An art round for a minific event would be interesting.
I second this motion.
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· · >>Zaid Val'Roa
>>Zaid Val'Roa

Hey, I seconded it first! You have to third it!
#14 · 1
Okay, I cube it.
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· · >>FloydienSlip
Wow. It's been a while. I'll try to submit something this time around.
#16 · 7
I'll be in #mentors Saturday evening/night again, if anyone wants an outside eye on their story, or you can PM me from FiMFic, if you're not in the Discord server.
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This round for sure.
#18 · 2
I have a poetry festival, town fair, and game session to attend this weekend. My chances are slim. Let’s see what happens.
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Let's all count ourselves lucky that this wasn't a pony round.
#20 · 4
Huh. That came together really, really quick. This whole "turning off discord" thing really helps. Maybe I'll write another one?
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Long has it been since I last graced a Writeoff. Always a pleasure when I do, though.
#22 · 3
Writing only 900 words or less is harder than I thought.

Edit: I've already written 1500 words no one can stop me.
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· · >>Anon Y Mous
>>Anon Y Mous
>>Zaid Val'Roa
#24 ·
I've scrapped two ideas tonight. I'll have to unfortunately bow out this round. Best of luck to everyone else!
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Bless you Mr. Dodger.
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· · >>Miller Minus
im posh back
#27 · 4
Very excited to read everyone's stories as usual ! :D
#28 · 3
I did something! :D
#29 · 1
Great to see youre posh back
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· · >>Monokeras

Are you having a bad day or something? Your reviews are coming across as too rude and dismissive in places. People put time and effort into these stories, remember, and to them you look a bit disrespectful.

It's fine to state what you thought didn't work in a fic, but I think the way you've written these is not going to help get your point across to the authors. It'll put them on the defensive and it won't make you look good compared with the other reviewers.
#31 ·
· · >>Cassius

Well I’ve been reviewing like this for ages. That’s just my style, a bit curt and to-the-point, agreed. Two years ago or more, I can’t remember, we had a discussion on reviews. I can assure you that the WriteOff has become a lot more subdued than it was at that time. Maybe I carry over some of those old habits? Or that’s something I caught grading papers? ;)

Here, have a load of this. Example, expert of Cassius’s comment on one of my former stories:

This story reads similar to a foreign 80s horror B-movie , with a classic sort of horror set-up that borrows heavily from well-known horror set-ups of a creepy object or place that has mysterious powers, like Stephen King's Pet Semetary or The Monkey's Paw that is consistently eroded by inexperience of the author in portraying this type of story and the limitations of his own linguistic abilities (once again similar to a foreign B-move) . This is a prime example of the type of story where the author has an approximate idea of the beats and rhythm of how the story should be plotted to progress, but no clear idea on how those beats should be executed. Hence the characterization, dialogue, and general "feel" of the story often veer in conflicting and often confusing directions.
#32 ·
· · >>Monokeras

You wouldn’t jump off a bridge if Cassius did, would you?

I’m going to comment on this later.
#33 ·
I would, if only to save you from drowning
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· · >>Anon Y Mous
Okie dokie, I've submitted some art for this event. That was fun! Can't wait to see what other people have created for the art round. :D
#35 · 1
I’ve sumbitted my magnum opus. I’m so fucking ready.
#36 · 2
I made it to finals! YES! YES! YES!

Aw why do we have to wait four more days for results? I'm too excited to see how this goes to bother waiting.

Really looking forward to seeing them! :D
#37 · 3
tfw when I get the most upvotes I can remember for a post offering help, then nobody takes me up on the offer. :(

Oh well. I'll be around again next event.
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· · >>BlueChameleonVI
Reminder to everyone that there will be a meeting tomorrow to discuss changes to the schedule (among other things). See >>RogerDodger for details.

If you're unable to make the meeting time but want a particular issue discussed, say so in the #meta Discord channel beforehand.