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Artist and wanna be writer always striving to get better! I draw dogs all the time and write about them a lot less than you would think.
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It Could Have Gone Better
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Crazy ol' Applejack
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Keep Pretending
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They Stood Against the Sky
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They Stood Against the Sky
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Its Come to This
They Stood Against the Sky
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8 PM ( Rain )
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The Howl in the Dark
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You Are Not Armed
They Stood Against the Sky
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All Deception
The Howl in the Dark
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Hiding in Plain Sight
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It's Always the Mirrors
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Burr Oak Estates
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Very excited to read everyone's stories as usual ! :D
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Very excited for the art round !
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Well, last minute story and last minute entry ! It was a lot of fun to write but def don't feel it came out as well as it could have...
Still-! looking forward to reading everyones in a bit ! :D
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Well it's not great and not that long but at least it's Something !
Looking forward to everyone elses entries though !! :D
( maybe one of these times ill start something earlier and get it done with time for actual editing ! )
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· on An Estate
>>Miller Minus

Thank you for the comments guys !! I appreciate them a lot !
I was wondering if I had left it too vague and it seems I did ! All I really had for this round was a bit of a story outline and about an hour to write xOx

Suggestions and the like are always appreciated though like I said, ty for taking the time to comment :D
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· on Melted · >>TheRiverSings
This is my fav piece out of the art comp! I love the cool purple tones you added to compliment the warmness of the rest of the piece and the emotion overall is serene and reserved. The hints of sculpting on the face are also very nice, I quite like the softness of her expression.
My only gripes come from anatomy that doesn't feel intentional, mainly in the shoulders and pelvis. The arm under her has no imaginable connection point to her body and the other is fighting to have the shape you gave it. My advice is to think of the shoulders as a line or V and remember that they are connected. The thigh gap also comes across as awkward to me, in this kind of pose it's unlikely one would be present. ( If its meant to be hair, sorry ! It reads as a gap ! )
Human figures are hard and you did a nice job !
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· on Cap’n Pip
This art style is very cute !! I really like the linework ! I feel like water color would have served this piece better for coloring but its still very nice and a def top contender from my view ! :D
( the soft pink of his nose is adorable omg )
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· on Confrontation · >>Anon Y Mous
I really enjoy this one as well ! The stylized horns are esp nice ! This piece leaves me a little wanting though, if nothing else for the potential this has to be VERY dramatic and extra. As it stands its a good illustrative work, the composition works well and is fairly clear. Though putting a big commanding shape at the very center does fight with some of your smaller details !
If you weren't going to push this to 100 with dramatic lighting from the red moon ( a blood moon came to mind first n i think a lunar eclipse would be fitting for this situation ) I believe the point you worked it to was for the best.
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· on Toy Chest
I think this is very cute ! and fits with the prompt well in a non-dramatic way !
My only real gripe and hang up with this is just How distracting the right eye is, the line-weight being so polar opposite on the eyes just takes away from the piece as a whole. I think it could have been intentional ( to denote a spot on the eye ? ) but lighter hatching would have def worked better in that case. If it was accidental well... i would have tried to sell it more as a spot and just leaned into it if i were you !
Still nice job !
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· on She's Looking Through You · >>Rao >>Zaid Val'Roa

From what i can tell the hair is recolored photos of hair stuck together ! I havent seen anyone really mention that just yet so I had to say something ! ( Theres a small section where the brown hair didnt get colored in, i didnt even really register that was what was going on at first glance until i had seen that )

The background is def a stock texture as well, possibly wet media brushes but more than likely stock image. Id call it 100% digital and partially photo manipulated !

( it kills me when people say 'especially for digital work', that was another big prompt for me to jump in here with a 'well actually' comment LOL )