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I didn't exist in your world until you read this sentence.
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· · >>horizon
if you try hard enough, any prompt can be about butts.

Seeing how the prompt this time is "Here at the End of all Things", you don't even have to try too hard.
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· · >>RogerDodger
Nice. My only suggestion would be to extend the drawing period a little bit. In the last round I had to read quite fast to find a story which inspired me enough to draw something, two days into the event, I'd only read a third of the entries, and had to choose one to start drawing. More time would let the artists read more entries, thus increasing the chances of finding a story which will get the juices flowing.
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· · >>Moosetasm
Also art!
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My prompt won. It's been several years, and I didn't think it would happen.
Now I have to participate.
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THE DISCOVERY - A Young Six Writing Contest

Well, there will always be other contests.
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I'll try my hand at a few mash-ups. They seem fun.

Death by Lamia: Princess Celestia grows tired of Blueblood's irreprehensible behaviour and incontrolable urges, and in an effort to give him a taste of his own medicine, he arranges him to seduce a mythical creature. Contains sensible material regarding murder, sexual abuse, and eating disorders.

At the Wake of Dawn: Starlight wakes up and can't make head or tails of her own thought process. Deeming these thoughts not fit to share with the rest of Equinity, she decides to exile herself. Monologues, regrets, divisive literary choices.

Cutiesugi: When a filly appears having lost her cutie mark, Pinkie Pie, Spike and Apple Bloom decide to paint her a new one. Mystery, Introspective analysis of the worth of the individual, Arts and Crafts tips.

Room Enough For Wub: Vinyl Scratch summons an echo of Starswirl's mind through an accident involving her turntable and a bottle of wine. They both bond and share happy times together. High-level magic, bogus tunes, questionable ethics, heart-warming romance.
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· · >>GaPJaxie >>horizon
Let's see if I can do this right. Mashup Time!

For The Luna, Upon the Silva - Drying Paint may be shy and a bit of a loser, but he's determined to conquer the heart of Princess Luna, but will she enjoy this unassuming unicorn's penchant for freeverse?

Don't Leave Me With Garmonbozia - Sunset Shimmer and Rainbow Dash embark on a journey into Sunset's subconscious mind to face their worst fears. Unfortunately, they both fell asleep while watching Twin Peaks reruns. Will they be able to defeat the accursed nightmare creature and keep their sanity? !tuo dnif ot ni erutnev ot evah ll'uoY

A Hurtful Spectrum - In her quest to achieve absolute colourness, Rarity asks Discord for help, only for her perception of reality to be altered beyond her equestrian bounds.

Familiar Violet - When Rainbow Dash's uncle dies, she orders a replacement from Cel-Est Iea

Blackmail Quest! - Down on the dumps, the Sirens resort to blackmail Limestone Pie out of her bra money, only to get a kick in the butt as payment. (Hosted off-site on Twilight's livejournal account.)
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· · >>Zaid Val'Roa
Hey, it's been less than a day and all stories have at least one review.
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Mashups: Insensitive Edition!

Le Roi en Septembre - Our Main Character tries to grasp the intricacies of The King in Yellow, but his efforts are cut short when his friend invites him to a coworker's after-work party in their office on 200 Greenwhich Street.

The Only Letter You Need is Tee - When Sarah became a chaos mage, she didn't imagine she'd end up destroying half of America. Especially Lower Manhattan.

Warmth Can't Melt Steel Beams - A man reminisces on the events which led up to him dying under the rubble of the World Trade Center.

The Last Stop - Journal entry of the hijackers of American Airlines Flight 11 prior to the September 11 atacks.

One for the Air - Two gentlemen of arab descent have a nice chat in the airport bar about the good old days before boarding their plane.

911 - A cop answers to a routine call for domestic violence on a hotel. The Marriot World Trade Center.

Debris In Silent Witness - After getting to a safe spot in WTC-1, Stephenie Greenhaven calls to emergency services for help. Sadly, a piece of debris hits her on the shoulder and she falls off.

Closer, and Closer, and Closer, and Closer... - A boy imagines a fantastical tale to cope with the horrors of being trapped in the daycare of the World Trade Center on a September morning.

I Am Alive for Now - A computer gains sentience and ponders about the fragility of life. Sadly, it's the on-board computer of United 93.

Metaphysical Grief Counseling - A fairy runs a special therapy session with survivors of the 9/11 attack.

A Close Call With Dad - "I want to say I thank you for not telling me you were a 9/11 truther."
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· on Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M. · >>BlueChameleonVI >>Bachiavellian
Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M.

I'm sure everyone who stayed up late finishing their entries can corroborate this.

I have a soft spot for small conversational pieces, they can deliver a solid experience in a single scene, and this does precisely that.

Twilight's princesshood being an obstacle to a normal relationship is something you don't see too often, and when you do see it, it's usually focused on contrasting her longevity with that of normal ponies. This is much simpler, and therefore more relatable. There's a lot of drama to be had regarding Twilight's status as a hurdle to pass in the pursuit of love, and you did a good job presenting that idea as well as addressing it with Celestia's view on the matter.

I only wish it could've dwelled deeper on Twilight's thoughts after Celestia gives her advice, because I feel the story wraps up too quickly from that point onwards. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed your story.