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I didn't exist in your world until you read this sentence.
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· on Ready for a Night Out
If a party doesn't end with a skeleton wearing a hat, can it really be said you're partying?
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· on 8 Track Mind
This robot intimidates me.
Its gaze tells me it knows more than I can possibly imagine. The fact that it has clear "Yes" and "No" answers, yet also has the option to request additional information shows me that it has attained a level of wisdom where it has trascended complacency and acknowledges the quest for knowledge is neverending. I am in awe of it.
Also, that's a baller sun.
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· · >>Baal Bunny
I main.
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· · >>Baal Bunny
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· on It Screams
Well, they do say one has to suffer for their art. Or more than one in Glimmy's case.

This is also another entry that lacks an ending that really rounds up the whole story. Nevertheless, I found myself enjoying this one quite a lot. Starlight was charming the whole way through, and I was amused by Twilight's shock.

I still find it disquieting that we'll never know the fate of those new ponies in the pocket universe, but sacrifices must be made for the greater good.

Overall, though. Upper placement for sure. Well done.
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· on Dismaid
So, the Majordomo is Q and Blueblood is James Bond? Makes sense.

I enjoyed this story. However, I have to echo >>2Merr's comment. I feel there's too much crammed in the story. A tale of a human turned into a pony finding a place in Equestria thanks to the help of another displaced human is nice enough on its own, but under the constraints of the event's wordcount, the latter half feels like it's just plot twist after plot twist, with a new reveal coming every couple of paragraphs.

I recommend focusing on what you want to tell and make sure to spend enough time on that. As it stands, I can't give it that high of a rating.
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· on A letter from Brass Tacks
This leaves me inmensely frustrated and I hate you, author, on a personal level for it.

I jest, but seriously, this was great, and I would've preferred a succint explanation by Brass Tacks scribbled at the end of the note before fleeing that at least hinted st what may have happened.

As it stands, this is a great, intriguing opener with lots of potential and nothing more.
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· on Forever
“Dress every lady like a whore, and every whore like a lady.”

Is that why most ponies go naked?
Makes sense.

I liked this story. It's calm and quiet, and it really lets Rarity and Starlight shine through the dialogue. It doesn't try to offer a definitive answer, but rather suggests a change of perspective to help reevaluate things. Quite nice.
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Combine them into a single, stronger entry for next time.
In other news, congrats to everyone for making it to the top 10!
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Neat, poetry round.
Here's hoping I get to write
Let's all do our best!
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· · >>Light_Striker >>CoffeeMinion
Harmony... neighs...
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· · >>CoffeeMinion
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· on Magic. Friendship. Rock n' Roll.
Can't wait for the exposé on Fluttershy's substance abuse.
Overall, there's something about Pinkie's pose that seems... stiff. I can't put my finger on what it is, but she feels a bit wooden.
On the other hand, I like her thighs, so it's all forgiven.
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· on We'll Be Together Forever and Ever
Together forever and never to part
Together forever we two
And don't you know
I would move heaven and earth
To be together forever with you

Of course, when it comes to all other constellations, they're just a couple of dots here and there meant to represent an image, but when it comes to you and your sister it's a full rendition, isn't it, Luna?
Narcissism aside, I like the concept and execution. It's simple, but it manages to evoke enough of the story for me to appreciate.
Well done!
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· on Daughter, Mirror
I don't like this. I feel her staring into my soul in a nonconsensual way.
Make her stop.
Make her stop!
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· on Silent Gestures
Look at the bright side, Twiggles. At least there's no Equestrian UN.

I like the spirit of this story. It follows the theme of Twilight trying to fill Celestia's horseshoes and not quite getting the hang of diplomacy. Nevertheless, I wish there would've been a bigger resolution, for Twilight to arrive at a bigger epiphany than just appealing to the Gryphon ways.

It was nice for Spike to make some time to give Twi a hand, though.

So... Nice, but I can't say much more than that.
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· on Crowns and Mimosas
Twilight Sparkle Caught Drinking While Country Faces One of Its Harshests Social Crises
by puff piece

Be it after the banishment of Nightmare Moon, the second coming of Discord, or the Great Butterfly Kerfuffle, creatures of all kind inhabiting the lands of Equestria have looked up at its Princesses for reassurance during harsh times. However, that does not seem to be the case with our current regent.
Multiple reports coming from Eastern Canterlot shed an unflatering light upon Equestria's newly appointed Princess.
Dynamite Stick, 68, had this to say, "You could see her in that balcony, waving that champagne flute around, blasting music. I don't rightly know how much she must have drunk to start having seizures." Additional reports indicate that the Princess was, in fact, dancing. "This didn't happen when Celestia was in charge, I tell you. That mare knew how to be regal."
Local brewer, Stiff Drink, 26, was confused. "What's the big deal? I for one, can get behind a ruler who can handle a good drink." After being informed the Princess was drinking mimosas, she launched into a two hour diatribe against fruity drinks. "Those things are an insult unto alcohol itself!"
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· on Rain
I'm reminded of a friend who's hilariously anti-marriage. Seriously, he's unable to see any positive from it. To this day he champions the Shrek movies as being a testament to how marriage sucks and ruins a person. Love him to pieces, he's always a source of entertainment.

Dash and AJ seem to be going through a lull in their relationship, and I love how you portrayed it. These little moments that show how things have changed, and that longing Dash has for things to be normal, and how it ends on a high note showing that despite the low points, they still love each other and they'll make it work.

Just wait until winter. You'll have more downtime and a perfect chance to snuggle.

This is my favourite out of this batch, and I don't see that really changing.
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· · >>CoffeeMinion
It does give a chance to blow off some steam about our perceived shortcomings and how they manifested in the story.
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Congrats to everyone for making it to the top ten!
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I find that I like this prompt.
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Original comment for the original fiction.
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