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Hiding in Plain Sight · Original Minific ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 500–900
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Prompt Score
It's Only A Model 9
Construct 7
The Day We Didn't Need Soldiers 10
Let's Be Frank 7
Never Again 10
The Eyes 8
Defy the Odds 7
The Stillness of Those Moments 9
Get on with It! 4
A Fish Devoutly to be Consumed 4
A Stitch in Time 8
Once Upon a Time 6
Guess Who's Back 5
And Then, Things Got Worse 5
Star Light, Star Bright 7
They All Link Back 6
The Blurst of Times‽ 4
Red and Black 5
Hiding in Plain Sight 13
This End of the Telescope 7
To Withstand Eternity 10
Small Yellow Rubber Ducks On Top Of A Big White Rocky Mountain 4
Indecisive Action 7
Now Even Longer 4
The Terrible Truth 10
A Glass Case of EMOTION 4
Imprecise Methodologies 4