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Being small has its perks.
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They Stood Against the Sky
Original Short Story
The Pain Network
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The Other Side
FiM Short Story
Fluttershy Saves the World in 7 Days
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The Next Generation
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There Is No God
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No Turning Back
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Spin The Wheel, Win A Prize
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More than Meets the Eye
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Antoine's Armory
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On The Wings of a Dream
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(Where Griffons Go) When It Rains
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I Did My Best
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Necromance Like No One's Watching
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The Grass isn't Greener
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Through Fire
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Tempest's Choice
Nightmare After Nightmare Night
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Starlight over the Bridge
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Oh, thank God. I was just thinking there's not nearly enough writeoff going on.
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Do you have a moment to fill out my survey? I promise it won't take long. In fact there is only one question:

Q: If you could be any bird, which would you be and why?

Answer carefully. Lives are at stake.
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Today I become a lurker no more! Excited to read everyone's entries, but even more excited to go to sleep if I'm being totally honest. Hope everyone's enjoying squeaky bum time!
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>submit prompt
>decide I don't want it anymore and take away my vote
>wins anyway
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sips drink

I came out to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
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Colour Contagion

That settles it, no Americans allowed.
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my bad, ya'll

Implying you're the least bit sorry.
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I don't critique any author who has way more processing power than I do, as a rule.
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Okay I'll go first.

I would be a blue jay because Toronto's baseball team is the Toronto Blue Jays and since I live in Toronto I think people would be nice to me and feed me seeds and nuts and rashers (the vegetarian kind) and I would bring them good luck on game nights but I would stay away from the stadium because if I was hit by a stray baseball I would explode in a puff of beautiful blue feathers. And then I would bird-haunt the team and make sure they lose.

I also think that blue jays get all the honeys because I only ever see them in pairs whereas lots of other birds I see alone all the time and I don't think I'd be very good at being a lone wolf (especially considering I will be a bird and not a wolf).
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Thanks for reading, everyone. This was my first time entering the writeoff, and if the goal of this competition is to gain feedback and learn about things that work in your writing vs things that don't, then I'd say this was a huge success.

Just to clear a couple things up: I decided to take an opportunity to experiment, and something I've always wanted to write is a story where the readers are, for better or worse, left with a ton of questions at the end. Xepher put it best when he guessed I was saying: "Haha, no answers for you!" I may or may have thought that at some point—maybe even verbatim.

I think in some ways the lack of info worked and some it didn't—especially with the narrator. Writing this again I would probably give them a name (though I might stick with no gender, Trick, because it's the current year after all) and a more fleshed out backstory, if nothing else than to get rid of the reader's idea that they are secretly someone from the show. But in terms of his relationship with Lily, and why she invited him? I think I liked how little I told. But I'd have to revisit.

And no... he didn't off himself. It's personally a pet peeve of mine when a first-person narrator kills themselves because then how were you tellin' the story, asshole? This made me think that the readers would know that my story would obviously never do anything so silly. I probably should have known better, especially in an anonymous competition...

Cheers, guys. Good luck in the finals to everyone who made it, and I'll see you at the next one!