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#17270 · 6
Alright, first time submission, let's see how it goes! Special thanks to the attendees of SadSac 2018 who helped me push it through!
#17601 · 6
So, as far as prompts go, you think...

It could have gone better
#19174 · 6
Alright, got the arts in! This was refreshing, I needed a little creative fun. Looking forward to seeing all the entries tomorrow!
#20572 · 6
I hauled this story through a power outage, so y'all better love it.
#19751 · 5
Oof, I certainly need more practice with original fiction...
...but ponies are so cozy...
#20676 · 5
· · >>GroaningGreyAgony
Now taking commissions to create an anonymous piece of art for this round. $150 will probably be enough to motivate me. Will accept blank checks.
#19892 · 3
· on Two on a Raft
>>Ferd Threstle
>>Miller Minus

Fortunately there aren't many excuses I can give this fic, as I can agree with nearly all the critique levied against it, especially the problems most of you noticed with tenses and the lack of any clear message in the story. If there was any message in my head at the time, it might have had something to do with how aimless and desolate I've felt my writing to be lately, just drifting along with an uncertain future—but that would still be assigning purpose to something that I went into with no purpose or goal besides simply finishing on time. I kind of regret canning my original idea when I was 3k words into it on Saturday.

Thank you all for taking time to read and provide feedback. I didn't have fun writing this, and I apologize for conveying that feeling to you.
#20781 · 3
· on Artistic License · >>Anon Y Mous >>Chris
So this was a pretty fun read. Some references or hints may have gone over my head, but I'll do my best to give my honest, over-analytical impressions.

The exchange between the two sisters is very casual and flows naturally. There's something very honest and relatable about Celestia looking at a piece of work with herself as the subject. Digging deeply into the subject with her sister gives her an excuse to say things about herself she's been needing to say. It gives her pause for introspection, reflecting over the unique light another pony sees her in, which is also where the meta element plays nicely into this story. The actual artist could be reading this story and wondering similar things about their relation to the writer. Not sure if the name "Lawn Chair" is an inside joke, but I can only assume the artist knows what it means.

The way Luna and Celestia converse reminded me of the way we treat fandom, and how we enjoy media. We love reading too deeply into things, even though we know we may be totally off-base. There's something really fun about it. We love discovering what it says about ourselves. Secretly, I think we love talking about ourselves, especially when we're trying to fool ourselves into thinking that we're talking about something else. Which isn't a bad thing, because we're each able to bring some fragment of uniqueness to the art. Speaking of which, the "Death of the Artist" line is a pretty funny and completely appropriate punctuation to end the story.

Anyway, what do I know. I'm supposed to be unconscio—um, I mean, I enjoyed the story. Hope the artist gets a chance to read it, too!
#17384 · 2
· on The Book of Might Have Beens (half-assed)

This was much more feedback than thought this dingy little story would get, and I'm so grateful to have received it. In the next write-off I'll try to give back a little more!

Last-minute excuses are kind of a given at this point (especially since I'd written 4200 words of a completely different story on Saturday, then canned it Sunday morning), but you all bring up a good point in the lukewarm, underwhelming feeling of the reveal and the ending. As with most of my stories, it starts with "Ooh, neat idea!" then rides off the initial momentum until it's time to tie everything up in a neat little bow, and my fingers start fumbling with the knots.

My initial idea didn't even ride on the interaction between Luna and the journalist, and I would love to go back and give Ink more compelling motivations beyond just wanting to know what the dreams mean, and Luna more compelling reasons to conceal her secret. When I dredge through this draft with a finer comb, I'll be sure to pick up on these important details.

Regardless, I'm thrilled you folks still enjoyed it for what it was! Thank you all for your feedback!

>>dragon discord

Ah, Liquid Confidence is a blessing and a curse!
This makes me so embarrassed to have submitted in this state. Neither this drawing nor my brain was all there. Picture a bottle of booze sitting on my shoulder, with devil horns and bat-like wings, growling "Do it..." in a gravelly Christian Bale voice. Then, posted on my other shoulder, there's a sign which reads "Out To Lunch".

I apologize for this, and commend Cold in Gardez for what was probably my favorite story of the bunch.
#17437 · 2
· on Werewolf Hunting Sucks · >>BlueChameleonVI
Kind of a supernatural noir detective vibe with some great snappy dialogue and prose. Loving his snarky attitude, and to frame beast-hunting in a Halloween setting really lets his snark shine in a lighthearted way. Though choppy stream of consciousness isn't often my cup of tea, you've executed it fairly convincingly. I do agree with Cassius regarding the profanity, and it seems to me as though it's almost used as a crutch to convey your character's frustrations sometimes.