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Not the Whole Truth · FiM Minific ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 400–750
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Smoke and Mirrors
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· · >>Rocket Lawn Chair
Yeah, this is just really nice. Great style, nice concept, clean execution. Maybe a few more ripples in the water, especially across the reflection boundary, would help tie things together a bit more? Or maybe they'd just be extra visual noise.

Suffice to say, I like it a lot.
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· · >>Rocket Lawn Chair
I don't know if there's a meaning to be derived from how they seem to be swimming together, or if that's just a reflection of Fluttershy, but I like this. Nice color, accurate forms, and Fluttershy's mood comes across really well.
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· · >>Rocket Lawn Chair
This is probably my favorite out of the bunch. I really like the pastel-y, watercolor-y feeling here. It complements the subject matter very well, with the whole idea of blurring the lines between things. You also do a really good job of managing the different layers of focus, between the lily pads, fish, Flutter-pone, and the clouds.

If I had to lodge a complaint, I'd say that the lily pads feel a little crowded in the area around Fluttershy, and at first glance it kind of distracted my eye a bit. But that may well have been your intention, with the whole perspective play and all.

Thank you for submitting!
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· · >>Rocket Lawn Chair >>Rocket Lawn Chair
Vivid colors, and nice sense of motion; the transition of reflected sky to water is handled nicely as well.

One thing that wasn't always that clear to me, though, was just how much of the fish are in the water. For example the bottom left and right fish aren't really water-shaded, but are clearly below the lillypads. By contrast, the fish just to the bottom right of Fluttershy is much more obviously underwater.

Also, to really be contrarian, I'm tempted to advocate for clouds in the water and lillypads in the sky, but that's probably just being silly.
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· · >>Rocket Lawn Chair
I have no serious critical remarks to add (Shy could maybe use some more contrast in her shading), so let me join the praise; this is a lovely piece, skilled in conception and execution, that will take top ranks. Thank you for creating it, Artist.
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· · >>Rocket Lawn Chair
Whew, yeah. As most people have already mentioned, this one has some gorgeous color. Everything pops against that subdued blue background. There's so much life brought out of the fish, the lily pads, and our main mare in this piece. The way you've blended the sky and water together, making the fish swim through the clouds, gives it a delightful dream-like quality.

And dang, does that water look refreshing!

I don't think there's a ton more critique that I can add aside from what's been said already. >>Caliaponia makes a good point about the effect of the water surrounding the fish. The fish in the bottom of the shot could use more color around them to make them look submerged.

To nitpick a bit more, I'd say the blurry boundary between the sky and water looks a bit...dirty? There's some grey tones in there that clash with the cleaner blues and whites in the rest of the background. Some of the ripples around the lily pads feel out of place (I'm starting to get petty here). I really like how you did the ripples around the fish on the middle-right side of the piece. They seem to have a bit more volume and depth than most of the others. It would be neat if you could make more of the ripples like those.

Honestly, though, this looks pretty polished as-is, and I can't say much more about it. It's got notes of whimsy and tranquility, and I think you did a fantastic job in the time allotted. Fluttershy looks so happy to be flying with her aquatic buddies!
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Time for a retrospective!

Thank you all for gold! I'm so glad that many of you liked my work and were able to give some great feedback. Some background on the inspiration: I was thinking back to some of my previous art entries, reflecting (ironically) on how many of them involved reflections. That's when I had a picture in my head of Rainbow Dash flying through the clouds alongside some fishes, but unaware of their presence, because it was just a reflection beneath her.

After that, it made more sense to put Fluttershy in the picture, much more aware of her fish friends. I wanted to make it look like she'd found a way to fly with them that wouldn't upset them. Her solution was kind of an illusion. It wasn't the whole truth, but the lie had a more important quality: it was harmless.

I agree, a few more ripples would make it clearer what kind of effect I'm going for. I need to figure out a way to do that without, as you say, adding more visual noise. I'm glad you liked it, and thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks for the compliments! Personally, I didn't have any more meaning to this drawing besides the little anecdote I shared above. Ultimately, I hoped people would make whatever story they wanted out of it.

The lily pads were the most distracting part for me as well, especially the perspective they evoke. Something about the way they shrink toward the top of the page clashes with the angle of the reflection, I think.

Last night while I was touching it up, I made an interesting mistake that adjusted the entire perspective. I think I'm happy with this new direction,, even if it no longer fits the original theme. Thank you so much for your feedback! Also, congratulations on silver!

Well-spotted. I don't think I got the water gradient effect quite right. I was trying to imagine how the surface of the water might look if I were standing in it. When you're looking directly down, you can see straight to the bottom. As you look further outward, the bottom becomes warped, and eventually the sky's reflection completely takes over. It's a surreal effect that I didn't do proper justice, but will certainly work on in the future. Thanks for the comments!

Thanks! Really glad you liked it! Congrats on your medal!

>>Rocket Lawn Chair
I'm going to ignore this comment on the grounds that the commenter is obviously a doofus.