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Glass Masquerade · Original Short Story ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 2000–8000
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And so it begins...
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Huh, this sure happened sooner than I thought... cool.
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· · >>georg >>Miller Minus >>RogerDodger
I probably won't be participating because it's OF round, but I needed to send a bug note to Roger.

There's a minor bug on the front page. When it shows a limited selection of Writeoffs, the one at the bottom is from a year earlier than all the others.
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· · >>Miller Minus
>>Trick_Question A minor temporal folding issue due to the cosmic ley line the Earth is passing this week. No biggie, unless there's some sort of election, and then we can get minor rains of frogs, disembodied voices speaking in the tongues of old gods, and politicians. (yuck!)
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I think we see Cold Comfort on the bottom of the home page because it was commented on more recently than the later rounds (by Cold and me about a month ago).

If I'm not mistaken, how it works is: The homepage includes the most recently "discussed" contests, plus the current one, all sorted in order of contest date. A little strange, but I do believe it is deliberate.

Or what >>georg said.
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That's intended. See https://github.com/RogerDodger/WriteOff/issues/33
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Oof, I certainly need more practice with original fiction...
...but ponies are so cozy...
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· · >>Trick_Question >>Trick_Question
I prefer the short story rounds to minifics, but sadly I’m out. The summer convention season that ate my time this year gets to sting me one last time — I’m off at an indie tabletop RPG gaming con this weekend, and if I do get any spare internet time, it’s going to Back When Tigers Used To Smoke editing.

Good luck and happy writing, all!
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· · >>Hagdal Hohensalza
Glass Masquerade. The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie, It’s the Latest Thing… What?

Thy Flesh Consumed A Failed Experiment; Red Strawberry Snow Beanis. (Re)Union. Dead Men Do Tell Tales. All of These Voices Inside of my Head: Smoking Tigers Who Framed Roger Dodger? This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.

A Stitch in Time, Not ‘If’, But ‘When’. The End of the World Isn’t So Bad After All. It’s Raining Men, Oh The Humanity, It’s Raining Men! First World Problems. Help Us!

No Way Out? An Empire of Keys! Escape Artists Through the Mountains. Don’t Give Up!
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Let's hope for a good prompt lads.
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Nice, as always. Especially the ray of hope at the end.
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Beanis, Help Us! It’s Raining Men, Oh The Humanity, It’s Raining Men – Dead Men! Do, Tell Tales – Not ‘If’, But ‘When.’ A Failed Experiment? Don’t Give Up.

The Smoking Tigers’ End of the World Isn’t So Bad After All. The Devil Who Framed Roger Dodger (?) Wears a Suit and Tie Through the Red Strawberry Snow Mountains. Thy Flesh Consumed All of These (Re)Union Voices Inside of my Head. First World Problems! It’s the Latest Thing . . . (This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.)

What? No Way Out? An Empire of Keys + A Stitch in Time = Glass Masquerade Escape Artists
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· · >>Trick_Question
Halp horizon haaaaalp

Cannot add story to recent folder for some reason :raritydespair:
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Regular reminder: I'll be in #mentors on the Discord server and available by PM if anyone wants another pair of eyes on their story, anywhere from helping plan it to looking over a draft to answering quick advice questions. It takes a couple hours to go through stories of this length, so the more requests I get, the less in depth I can be. So get in early!
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Don't have the time to write anything this round, but should be around to write reviews!
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This looks like a pretty interesting prompt. I'm going to see if I can scrape something together by the deadline.
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· · >>Baal Bunny
Thanks to Beelzebunny for fixing the thing. <3
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You're welcome!

I meant to put a note about it here, but I went to sleep instead--I've noticed sometimes that, when you're adding a story to a FimFiction group that doesn't have any stories in it, you have to do it from the little pull down menu on the story's cover page rather than from the actual group page.

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· · >>Hap
I'm going to concede here; I couldn't find the ideas or the time this weekend. Sad trombone.

The story I was going with was about a guy who didn't bring a costume to a costume party and needed to find a way to convince people that he actually was in costume. Groundbreaking stuff, I know. But I wanted to share the following line, which is about when I realized that it wasn't worth it:

He sits up and takes another swig. "You could say your costume is made of glass? So people just can't see it!"

"That's fucking stupid."

"I'm just spitballing, man. I'm not the asshole who double bluffed himself and is doing this shit last minute."

I'll at least be around for reviews. Good luck to everyone in the final stretch!
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>>Miller Minus
That's too bad, man.
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As I figured, I had little time this weekend, and the concepts I got from this prompt did not lead to story ideas I wanted to write. Good luck to all, and I will look to contribute to the art round.
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Ok, I recant what I said before. Found the time to jot something down. I'm in. Will I be the only one?

Edit: No. I will compete with the other twenty stories written by BCIV :P
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· · >>Monokeras >>Baal Bunny
I have to wonder, with the number of people saying they had trouble with this prompt... who was voting for it?
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I didn't. Promised.

What, no BCIV?
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· · >>Hap
Congratulations to everyone for making into the top 10.
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· · >>Pascoite


In all the years I've been wandering around here, I'm not sure a prompt I've voted for has ever been chosen. I'm not sure I've ever seen my preliminary ballot contain all the stories before, either. Will we still have two rounds of voting?

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>>Zaid Val'Roa
That's all I really wanted! I'm so proud of myself.
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>>Baal Bunny
I can't remember if that's ever happened before. We've had some small rounds, but they may have been before we had a formal ballot. Since I didn't enter, I have all but one story. I'm only missing the long one. By word count, I'd guess that other non-entrants would have all but two. If not, then I lucked out.
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Eh, wasn't able to make anything on time. Will be sure to check out some of these stories though.
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The scoreboard has been updated with a fresh, mobile-friendly design, with fancy new vector award icons courtesy of GGA.

(Go look at it it's very pretty.)
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Radio Writeoff

Will happen this Saturday, at 1:00pm mountain time, 8:00pm London time.

Here is a poll.
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My art is in.
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Well, sadly, I was not able to find time to get art in. Regardless, I look forward to seeing what others come up with!
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Congrats Aragon!!

Also I totally called it that 100% would be second...
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And, even though no one’s reading anymore… a couple of mashups.

Hello As I Go

Laying the Jack of Spades
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Ya know, I'm not surprised that out of my top 5 favorite art pieces, 3 of them won the round. I am surprised at how poorly the other 2 did considering they were ranked higher than the winners.
A little disappointing, but understandable.