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So I'm going to go see a certain movie that opened today. It's about magical horses or something. I don't know, sounded like a Don Hertzfeldt production.

I'm going in about three hours; I'll try it out and see if it's okay for you guys to see (even though I know all of you have already watched it illegally online). Maybe it'll be alright...
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Just finished my submissions. Here's hoping at least one of them gets a good reception.

And by "good", I mean nobody outright despises them.
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· · >>horizon
Wow, folks seemed to have posted a lot of song names for prompts this round. Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Despacito (2), In the Summertime, Ain't No Sunshine, and a few others.

Guess y'all are feeling musical this week.
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The good news: Hurricane Irma didn't destroy me or any of my family members. The power also came back on in under 24 hours, restoring the A/C and Internet connection for us.

The bad news: This means I can read and critique all of your stories.


Be very afraid.
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So I got back a while ago, and I'll only say this about "My Little Pony: The Movie": It's definitely worth seeing. The movie's a bit lacking in some places, but on the whole, it was very entertaining. I'm definitely going to see it again a few more times while it's in theaters.

The only thing I regret is watching it when all the little kids came to same theater, and there were a bunch of unnecessary comments directed at the screen; whoever said bronies were more obnoxious than 3-7 years old has never been around children in their life. If you go to watch it, go to a weekday showing or a late night showing (or both, if you're resourceful).

So declareth the Liberius Dudester.
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This looks like a pretty interesting prompt. I'm going to see if I can scrape something together by the deadline.
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· · >>Ratlab
Figures that the one story I didn't read and vote on in the finals would be the one that won. Oh well.

On a more serious note, there were quite a few good stories this round. Even though not all of them were my usual cup of tea, they were at least definitely entertaining to read and fairly well put together. If this is the amount of talent in here, I'm going to have a tough time writing anything close to making the finals.

And while I'm here, I'll just admit now that I was the one who suggested the prompt title, "That Winter Feeling". Wasn't sure if it was a rule that you couldn't say if you made the prompt, so I was waiting until the write-off was over. It was just something I thought of with the approaching season-end festivities and the gradual chill that's been creeping up. I didn't think it'd even be accepted, as I thought it was a bit too broad. But apparently a lot of you voted for it, so here we are. And I'm glad you did; these were actually some very creative stories.

Good job everyone, and I look forward for the next round of MLP short stories.

(Edit: Don't mind those deleted posts. The website goofed for a second and I accidentally submitted this post more than once.)
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· · >>AndrewRogue
Yes! I finally completed reviewing all of the finalists! (I know you guys would've been really broken up if I hadn't... :P)
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I really hope I'll be able to do this contest. Hurricane Irma might be hitting my area soon, so I may not have power for a few days. Hopefully, it'll only be a glancing blow and I'll be able to upload it on time.
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· on Severe Weather Appreciation Week
I think you bring up several good points, particularly in terms of looking at this more from a pony perspective than a real-world context. Your three assumptions are more-or-less sound, and the observation about the weather patterns does certainly does mitigate the idea of the town being totally annihilated.

That being said, it’s what you said about this story relating to culture that really solidified my dislike for this story:

What's actually happening here — if we remove the context of Earth's recent hurricanes, and focus on the text — is pegasi being given permission to cut loose for a short period in order to get in touch with something that is normally suppressed for the convenience of mainstream society. It's little different from, say, pride marches or Burning Man — or, perhaps, grown men going to a convention celebrating a cartoon for little girls, instead of staying at home and being stoic and Masculine and emotionally repressed.

That’s actually a pretty interesting way of looking at it. Trying to express one’s cultural identity in an oppressive atmosphere is definitely a good story idea, and this story does seem to suggest that cultural identity is important.

However, there’s one central problem with the metaphor you provide. What’s the difference between a pride parade or Brony Convention to this story’s situation?

Willing participation. With a convention or parade, one has the explicit choice to participate or not participate. They’re in public locations, and people have the ability to go to or avoid them at their own discretion. In this story, the ponies that live in this town are pretty much stuck with this cultural presentation, even if they didn’t want it. I don’t like the music of Lady Gaga, and I’d be pissed if my town passed a provision that said the entire town must play her songs on repeat for a week. It’s this reason that really makes me find the pegasi unsympathetic, as their cultural presentation forces everypony to participate in it, whether they want to or not.

As for my invoking of Hurricane Irma, it wasn’t so much that I was offended the author was using the subject matter as much as it was using a real-world event that I had experience with to point out why the pegasi were coming across as jerks. As you said, we do need to look at the story from a pony-world perspective, but my point with Irma was that it’s a universal feeling to not want your home damaged, especially when said damage can be completely prevented (as it could be in this universe). Even if your assumption that their houses get wreaked every week is correct, that doesn’t mean they want it to happen every week.

In the end, though, I agree with you that the story has more admirable qualities than I gave in my first posting. I still can’t say I like it, but I can at least understand why others enjoy it.