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Rot · FiM Minific ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 400–750
Show rules for this event
#1 · 8
Look at that word limit! It’s so tiny!! XD
#2 · 7
"In 9 meters, commit genocide." - Starlight Glimmer
#3 · 6
Pretty diverse prompts in this round. "Empty Cans of Hatred" in particular really mutters my buffin.
#4 · 6
The show my theatre school was running just ended, so I'm finally free on a Saturday! Is this the round I finally get back into the Writeoff?
#5 · 3
· · >>LoftyWithers
In an attempt to continue a hallowed Writeoff tradition, enjoy a horrific mashup of YOUR prompts, fillies and gentlecolts! Liberties were taken only for the sake of stringing this nonsense together:

Lost Luster made Bedroom Eyes at The Hornwyrm. “Keep Dancing, Gobble Gobble Gobble. I’m Wanting to Have a Good Time while Pushing the Boundaries of PG-13.”

“Bug Off!” barked its Monster-in-Law, Rot, in tones like Empty Cans of Hatred On the Edge. “I’m Nearly almost dead but not quite.”

“'Tis Just a Flesh Wound,” Luster purred. “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. The End is Never the End is Never the-”

“Twilight, Twilight, Nihil, Nihil!!!

Fire Upon the Deep smote them all.
#6 · 4
PG Is a Wanting

Nihil is of the Good,
But Nihil Have The Rot.
Dancing Upon the Bedroom Bug--
Veil Off, Never On--
Gobble Time of Nearly Flesh.
Gobble Twilight, almost Empty.
Gobble Hornwyrm, Hatred Deep.

Monster Edge, Pushing Fire.
Eyes in Cans Wound Just Beyond.
Lost the Law Most Wonderful.
'Tis the Time to Boundaries.
End the Year, The 13 dead.
It’s the Twilight of the Luster--
A Never not quite Keep the end.
#7 · 4

...Did Ot just sneak into a prompt?
#8 · 2
· · >>CoffeeMinion >>LoftyWithers
Ugh, the one prompt I had the least hope for developing a workable idea. Drat.
#9 · 2
· · >>LoftyWithers
This is 100% where I’m at with this. I had a tentative plan that isn’t adapting well at all. I didn’t expect this would win! But oh well: hard mode engage
#10 · 3
· · >>CoffeeMinion
If it helps, Rot is the German word for red.
#11 · 3
That is officially something to go on. Thank you!
#12 · 4
· · >>Anon Y Mous >>007Ben >>KwirkyJ
This prompt is the most disappointing thing since my son.
#13 · 3
Cassius isn’t a disappointment :(
#14 · 4
still slightly less disappointing than the blank page I have after wasting most of today
#15 · 2
I have an incomplete idea for a story, but... it's just not there. And I could strip it down to 750 words, but the pacing would be absolutely murdered. I don't see myself getting anything in this round. Good luck to those who do!
#16 · 3
· · >>Anon Y Mous
*slowly reaches for anonymous button*

*backs away*

Nah... even if I put it as anonymous, people could probably still tell it was me since my writing style is so clunky.
#17 · 3
Do it!!!!!!! I have a need 2 read
#18 · 2
And although my son eventually committed suicide in a truck stop bathroom, the story I submitted will be around forever. It will never go away. It cannot be undone.
#19 · 2
Amazingly, somehow, I am submit.

Also am ded, need sleep. D:
#20 · 4
Okay folks, just when you thought you were safe to go back to the Writeoff, it’s MINIFIC MASHUPS!!

At The Meat Pyre: If you and your fellow Writeoff participants can all make it through 750 words of Pinkie waxing creepy about her pitch-black and murdery headspace, you’re in for a treat: a free catered lunch of locally-sourced barbecue, served with a nice Chianti and a side of fava beans! thp-thp-thp-thp...

The Cutie Mark Crusaders Murder Most Fowl: Raven Inkwell’s masterstoke of pest removal comes when she cruelly misleads the CMCs into trying to surgically extract goose wings for transplant onto Scootaloo. The kids end up scarred for life as they try over and over to no avail, but boy do they work cheap!

Facts and Grave Matters and Feelings: Rainbow Dash and Mudbriar get into an altercation that ends when she frustratedly smashes him over the head with a rock. The next day, Maud makes her dig him back up and administers some magical cologne that resurrects him. But for her crimes, Dash is cursed for the rest of her days to wander the land and make unwanted remarks about who she thinks is and isn’t a virgin.

Fermented Glimmer: In which Starlight drunkenly crashes a party and laments to her friends why she’s never made a move to win her would-be special somepony, only to discover that she’s actually crashed a family gathering at the Apple farm, and possibly atomized the entertainment they’d hired. Embarrassed as all get out, but still quite thoroughly drunk, she attempts to cast a spell that would make her the new Princess of Love—if that domain wasn’t already taken. One awkward trip to the void later, she ends up married to Shining Armor, who only seems able to mumble a single phrase, over and over again:

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FF group folder is up