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On the Verge · FiM Short Story ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 2000–8000
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Falling With Style
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#1 · 1
At first, I thought she was flying. Instead, I see my perspective changed from that to the wierd angle of her sliding down the gravel. Good way to make this piece unique, since the most common artwork of her is when she is airborne.

...unless that isn't what you intended. Again, I have some trouble telling.

Altogether, a good piece! Thanks for arting! (I feel like that last word is not right for some strange reason).
#2 · 3
"Not fly! Jump good!"

I don't know if Dash would do this on her hooves, or if she would try out a skateboard. Do ponies even have skateboards? I can't remember. I mean, if Spyro the fucking dragon can have a skateboard, why not horse?

I need answers, author. >:/
#3 · 3
The usual disclaimer: I know about as much about art as I know about carpentry. That is to say, I can maybe put together an Ikea bookshelf, but it's going to be wonky and there will definitely be that one mysterious screw left over.

ANYWAY: I absolutely love this.

The perspective, the colour, the everything. Fantastic job, artist.

I actually got TWO really cool ideas out of this, but one of them has since mutated into a freaking novel-length epic about mutated cannibalistic pony tribes, time travel and the end of the world (don't ask) and the other isn't really something I can write right now (just, not in the right frame of mind) so you won't be seeing them in this contest. But when Pray For Rain and/or October finally make it onto Fimfic (hopefully sometime this century) you can be assured you were a big part of the inspiration!
#4 · 1
I really like the watercolor-y feel of this, with the layered strokework. It's striking in Dash's wings, with how you suggest the texture of feathers with it.

The composition was a little bit confusing to me at first; it took me a moment to realize she was on top of a cliff/ramp. But once I did figure it out, I love how the little details in the background come to life, like the river and the bridge. It's a cool, storybook-like image, and it really suggests a larger world to me.

Thank you for arting!
#5 ·
I'm not sure why she's standing in front of a path rather than a precipice if she's planning to take flight as the title would indicate (I think), but that's not really a problem for the image.

The grass could be a little less spidery.
#6 · 1
Hey artist, I haven't read the story, so I don't feel entirely qualified to talk about your fabulous art. Feel free to ignore this review!

First impressions give me claustrophobia. The dominant yellow/orange color scheme of this drawing are entirely overwhelming. I don't know the themes that the fic is trying to encompass, but the subject (Rainbow) feels very oppressed by the colors in this drawing, and by extension, so do I.

Structurally/anatomically, you've illustrated Rainbow Dash nicely. The environment, however, can use some greater detail to denote depth. I can't really tell how deep the cliff is compared to the rocks adjacent to the grass. All the outlying terrain seems like rushed filler that I'm sure you'd have devoted more time to, if you'd been allowed.