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Rising From the Ashes · FiM Short Story ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 2000–8000
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Forged in the Fires of Friendship
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Simple bordering on simplistic, but I feel like it's trying to be evocative? I just wish it was a little more concrete on what it was shooting for.

There's a two-colored feather and some fire. My first thought is that the fire is changing the color of the feather, but is it going up or down? Is this Twilight/Rainbow Dash? I wish there was more to go on than just the color. And if it is changing the color from one to the other, what's that supposed to mean?

I dunno. I feel like this one has a strong concept behind it that's just not getting through to me, because it's been overly simplified. That being said, minimal + evocative is my favorite, so I think this will still do fairly well by me.
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Top tier for how evocative this one is by remaining so simple.

There's a lot of stories to get from it but it has a solid anchor with the fact that the two feathers obviously belong to Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle.
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Simple and thought-provoking, yes, but I can't come to a conclusion as to how to make this a proper and interesting concept within my own mind. Maybe it's just me, and someone else can think up one pretty easily, but I'm left with nothing.
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For this one, I feel the interpretation lies in the title, "Forged in the Fires of Friendship." Although fire has the ability to destroy, it also has the power to create, as in a forge. Which way is the fire going? It isn't. It merely exists as a boundary between Twilight and Rainbow. Perhaps this prompt could spawn a story of intense, consuming passion. Perhaps a story of mutual loss. Maybe even both simultaneously.
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· · >>Kitcat36 >>Kitcat36
I like this as a prompt piece; it is pretty open to interpretation but gives you a place to start from.

As a piece of art, I like it - it is kind of simple, but it uses its iconic nature well - though I think you could have done the very edges of the feather a bit better. Making them look a bit more feathered would have been nice - maybe use the feathering tool next time? I think that's what it is called that lets you get sort of a fringe on something.
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· · >>Kitcat36
That piece made me think of you, TD. The first thought I had when I saw it was "Twidash!" and I know you like the ship--you just put out a story about it! xD
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I can see this working well as a prompt for some people, and I can even imagine it being used as coverart for a fic. But as a standalone piece of art, it's not doing much for me. You should also fix up the edges of the feathers a bit. They keep alternating between too sharp and too fuzzy. I also think this might be a bit better without the smoke and ashes.
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This is a simple piece, executed casually. The power comes from what it suggests about characters we know. It would be helpful to know if the fire were burning up or burning down, but the room for interpretation makes this a more valuable piece for the writers. I place this at upper mid tier for the concept.
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This caption wants to follow its papa into show business and take over from him as the "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 'To Be Continued…' Caption" someday. rn it's just the most adorable child actor. 13/10
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Quite simple and open to a lot of interpretations. I like this as a concept, but there's just too little of actual shapes/colors on canvas here for me to be captivated.
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· · >>TitaniumDragon
HA! I totally pegged this as yours!! *pats self on back* I've never managed to guess anything before, so this is pretty exciting.
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Yeah, was perhaps not my most subtle work, though I figured it could work for a variety of "Twilight and Rainbow Dash" things.