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The Most Forbidden Thing · FiM Minific ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 400–750
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I should have something in for this one.
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No luck from me this time—mind's flitting about elsewhere. Sometimes my wingèd—ooh, shiny!
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I am in.
#4 · 3
You're not going to take first and last place that easily!
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· on Beaten
There's a hole in the bottom of the sea.
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· on Mind Over Matter
What you need is love potion number nine.
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I will be giving feedback on these entries... However, due to the disparity on what I have to say between the two, I will withhold presenting it until after voting, in case anyone is on the fence about author-guessing for whatever reason. (It's the spirit of the thing.)
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· on Beaten
What, you egg?
[He stabs him.]
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· on Never Mind · >>GroaningGreyAgony
Noodlepones! Everything about this is delightful/y over-the-top, and it's great: Ye Olde Englische (and sinister skull-like visage] on the book cover, both their expressions... Yes.

The grimace of exertion and awkward foreshortening on Trxie's forehoof are the areas I'd tweak first, though both are, erm, tricky.

(Honestly, the earlier comment primed me for this.)

I took my troubles to my friend Starlight
She's always there for me both day and night
She's got the plans and a lotta magic might
She'll set me up with Mind Mangle-Numb'r Nine

I told her that I was a prudish Trix
Talkin' 'bout smooches doesn't give me kicks
She cut to the heart, and she lent her precious time
She said what you need is Mind Mangle-Numb'r Nine

She sat straight, looked elated, gave me a wink
She said I'll fix your noggin up right here in a blink
I was so glad I didn't stop for a think
I shook my head, I closed my eyes, "Sponge out the ink!"

I didn't know if I was blue or orange
That conversation left to trace of scorn, just
A friend of a friend gushin' 'bout her sexytimes
And I owe it all to Mind Mangle-Numb'r Nine
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· on Never Mind

Never Mind

Thanks for the kind words! This was a rushed doodle, and Trixie came out great on the first try, but Glim required a take two, which I executed on the back of the paper. I then had to scan both sides separately and combine them, which wound up being another issue that took way more time than it should have. I did have a lot of fun drawing this, especially the spellbook.

The mystic symbols in Trixie's mental balloon are taken from Beanworld, and the three rocks are a little Ernie Bushmiller tribute.