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The Most Forbidden Thing · FiM Minific ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 400–750
Show rules for this event
Mind Over Matter
Starlight Glimmer was a self-aware pony, which is to say that she recognized that her will to dominate all life in Equestria played second fiddle to the more general desire for attention and adulation. As such, she was not upset in the least when her good friend Trixie barged into her study and studies.

Without knocking, Trixie forced the door open, shouted “Starlight!” in a plaintive tone, and without pause planted her face in Starlight’s mattress before mumbling unintelligibly into the padding.

Starlight deftly closed the tome and set it to the side as she smiled beatifically. “Trixie, you seem upset,” she said. There was another indistinct mumble in reply. “I’m sorry,” Starlight said, “I didn’t quite make that out.”

Trixie grugingly lifted her head and plopped it atop the mattress and frowned. “Trixie wishes to talk to you about” and the rest was lost to mumbling.

“Try that again?”

“About sensual things!” Trixie blurted, flushing with embarrassment. “I’m having a friendship problem!”

“Good!” Starlight said, before catching herself. “…That you came to me about it, I mean. Please, sit down. What brought this on? You’re usually very, shall I say, tight-lipped about that kind of thing.”

“Trixie thinks it is gross and is confused why other ponies don’t!”

“Well,” Starlight said, eternally patient, “whatever it is, I’m happy to help. What exactly do you want to talk about?”

Trixie stared down past her hooves, still blushing, as if she hadn’t heard.

“What exactly—“

“Maud.” Trixie said, upset that she was being rushed. “It’s about Maud.”


“And Mudbriar.”

“Maud and Mudbriar?”

“Trixie was spending time with Maud as she does not infrequently, and we were just talking, and her coltfriend came up and what they do together, and what she likes about him, and then into their necking and kissing and… and other things… and I couldn’t just ask her not to talk about her coltfriend and how he makes her happy, but I know I was turning green the whole time and she just didn’t notice until I said I needed to leave, and that was a couple days ago and I know I should just forget about the entire thing but I keep performing the conversation in my head and on top of the whole thing being gross what gets to me the most is that I’m embarrased that I got so upset over the wole thing! I wish I could just forget the entire conversation.”

Starlight rode the river of words with aplomb. “You’re in luck! It just so happens, I’ve been studying the restricted section, and recently memory magic specifically! I could make you forget anything you want!”

Trixie looked up, surprised and cautiously hopeful. “Really? You can do that?”

Starlight nodded emphatically. “Absolutely! There were some warnings about the possibility to fundamentally
change a pony’s personality and how it’s been made massively forbidden, but it’s really quite straightforward. If you want, I can pull that ugly memory right out of your skull.”

“You’d do that for Trixie… that is, for me? Starlight, you’re a life-saver. Please. Yes, please, get rid of that conversation. I feel just terrible every time I think about it.”

“I don’t think I’ll even need to get rid of the entire thing. It’s mostly the embarrassment, right? I’ll fix that – that way, next time it comes up… if it comes up… you’ll still remember what she told you before.”

“That sounds perfect! Trixie eagerly accepts!”

Sunset shifted her pose and lit her horn.

“You should have full memory of the discussion, but none of the baggage.” Her horn shimmered and sparked energetically. “Here we go…”

A flash of light filled the entire room. Both of them blinked stars from their eyes for a second afterward, both more than a little cross-eyed.

“Well,” Starlight said not a little eagerly, “did it work?”

Trixie thought for a moment, mumbling to herself. “Agate… Mudbriar… necking… mayonnaise… Hm. Yes… Yes! Starlight, it worked!” Trixie wrapped her hooves around Starlight and mashed their lips together with such fervor that Starlight’s horn sparked for completley different reasons. “Starlight, I can’t thank you enough!” She shimmied back, grinning all the way. “Now, Trixie is fully aware how precious your study time, so she shalll get out of your mane. With heartfelt thanks, Trixie exits stage right!”

Starlight held a hoof up to her tingling lips as Trixie vanished out the door. A shadow of doubt threatened. “Um,” she called out. “Trixie…”
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What you need is love potion number nine.