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The Greatest Contradiction · She-Ra Minific ·
Organised by QuillScratch
Word limit 400–750
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This is getting out of hand! Now there are two of them!
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My obscenely long work week is finally over and I am so ready to curl up and write she-ra!

Also I just found out there's a drop down letting me post as a user or as an organiser. Don't let me abuse this power*, folks. It's so tempting.

*I think it just changes the colour of my name tag to green but shush that's a kind of power.
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· · >>LoftyWithers >>No_Raisin
Question: in the She-Ra community, what do the authors want out of the writeoffs? Is it just a motivation to sit down and write something? Or do they use the feedback, revise their stories, and post them somewhere?
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I'm barely in the She-Ra community, so pound of salt.

I'm looking mostly to write and receive feedback. The write-off community seems to be a good place for that. I don't care so much about publishing right now. If there's a better place to post She-Ra fics than AO3, I don't know it. The feedback for me will go mostly into improving skills for future stories.

I liked the word count limits for this round. With small effort, I can get feedback on many of the skills I am working on:
🎀 Pacing
🎀 Starting and ending stories and scenes
🎀 Narration
🎀 Effective tag elision
🎀 Unknown weaknesses
🎀 Sentence variation

At the same time, I get to practice general skills, writing pace, schedule management, word count estimation, and more.

Most importantly, I get to support some new friends. She-Ra is not of primary interest to me, but I enjoy it enough that it is no chore to participate at this level. The longer rounds are at the edge of my willingness to participate, but some of that limiting effort boils down to skill. As my skills advance, dumping something longer into the page will become easier.
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· · >>Pascoite
Hard to say, because despite being established as an official group for quite some time now, the She-Ra group here is still really small. And on top of that, the few people who contribute to pic and fic are for the most part absent for feedback. Sometimes it's okay, but then you had the last round where literally no one touched the submissions. And with this round it's been just me and Lofty giving feedback, and that's it.

I feel kind of lost with this group, to be honest. As in, I don't know what to do with it, since feedback is so minimal and we don't even discuss these rounds in the Discord server.
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That's pretty much exactly what I'm getting at. The authors, except for ones who have already been around the writeoffs, don't comment on the stories. If they valued the comments they got, I would assume they'd reciprocate, but they don't, which makes me wonder if they read and use the feedback at all. And it's fine if that isn't what they're here for.

There's a She-Ra Discord server, right? I think I remember Dubs Rewatcher saying so. Maybe some discussions go on there?

I'm kind of torn too. I don't want to spend time posting reviews nobody will use, but I also don't want to neglect the few who do just because the community at large doesn't. The two parts of this site I wanted to keep supporting when I can are the She-Ra and poetry events, but it seems like the interest for She-Ra just isn't there. Maybe I'll just wait until the authors are revealed and comment on stories whose authors also left comments. Except I can't tell if LoftyWithers is Anonymous.
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There was author guessing on this, but where did the results for it go?