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This would make a great Back Mirror, Outer Limits or Twilight Zone EP. You should expand on it.
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Contest is over and I don't have to say anything pretending to be smart.

Even though it's lopsided in POV, I like this story a lot.
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· on Signed by Supernatural
Post by Griseus , deleted
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I'm a dumb person who is over compensating for a lot. Cue the rough ABAB ABAB ABAB ABAB ABAB noise. They sound good when you say these lines out loud - singing not so much. Raping yo? Yo! Well if you have someone high, the poem rolls off the tongue great. Reason why I don't do drugs is because I always sound like I'm strung out on them.

Whipped this up in 30 to 45 mins and my choices that I could pull off were limited. Something rough like this that I had interest in or the Lady Gaga song which I had NOOOooo interest into making a poem. First thing I think of when it comes to Jesus and Judus is weed. Song is fun, the video is trashy and I doubt anyone would get it.

In seriousness Peter had pride issue during his lifetime. His main betray was that he denied the Lord three times to save his skin. Still became a major leader in the early days. Did write a couple books with a bunch of other people (Mother Mary, Wife Mary and Judus), but later church leadership condense 'em or had them forbidden.
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Give this person the prize.
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No, I just suck or didn't care or both.
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Prove people positive poems are pretty punk.
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· on Late for Sunday Dinner · >>Baal Bunny
Considering a car ran up the guy wire of a utility pole in my area, this wasn't so weird.
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My little ponies or my adult ponies?
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· on to say this is just
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Get in my belly!
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Like it a lot. Seems to fit the theme going on in this one while sounding good.
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>>Baal Bunny
Pretty sure I just pull this out of my backside. Mostly wanted to make this pretty to read while keeping this short and to the point. Long poems are not my thing nor do I enjoy reading them. Want to feel or imprint it all at once. Like a cookie in one bite or a shot of alcohol. I guess? Don't drink much but I do like cookies. Need to work on a lot of stuff and at least ask myself "Doesn't this make sense and come together?"
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Oh wow these are good. This was hell trying to decide what was best.
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· on Fianchetto
I fucking knew this was yours as soon as I read the the first four lines. (Yet I didn't do any guessing. Why? Didn't want to be rude like I am now.) It's written a bit better than Buyer's Remorse and much better than mine. I guess. Feels like a poem to me. Maybe I dumb shit down too much?
Anyhow - where is the escalation? Playing chess in a dream is not exciting. Chess is boring because it both players are thinking at least 2 or much more moves ahead. Dreams are too chaotic and non liner. Escalation is an order shitshow that you can follow the threads back to where it started. Therefore no escalation for me, me and me.
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This was my pick because it makes the most sense to me and I couldn't vote for my own work. It's kinda lame for me because I'm BLAH on home ownership and never worry about the big stuff. It's the little things that will kill and harm you from my warp perspective. It technical better than what I have but it has nothing that appeals to me drama wise and didn't draw me in.
Me, me and me.
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Why did I write this a fucking train wreck? Because I didn't write this for anyone else but myself. "Man among men yet still a boy" - college age person in their 20s verse me in their early 40s Just to clear that shit up before anyone gets more weird ideas.
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Oh... derp.
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Really need to watch this group more often. Didn't even know there was a prompt.
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All and all, all these stories I have something to learn from.
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