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Wind and Rain · Original Short Story ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 2000–8000
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#1 ·
The dark background hides much at first glance. Not quite as compelling as the other piece the artist did for this round, but still a dynamic take on the idea. I will rank this as mid tier.
#2 ·
I ended up liking this one a lot (and not just because I did a similar thing some rounds ago :P). I didn't see the sihouette in the gallery thumbnail, which I assume was by design. It's a nice surprise, and it feels moody to me despite its simplicity. Thanks for submitting!
#3 ·
As GGA and Bachi said above, this takes the cake with the silhouette. It wasn't too hidden for me (probs since I was using dark mode), but good take nonetheless. It's a hard one to judge since its simplicity- which can be taken as a good thing and a bad thing just depending on the viewer. To me, there is nothing major to improve on. I guess the only thing I can think of that may be of use to you is that the sail seems a little static for what is going on. IMO, the sail should be more flayed and tattered in the wind since the waves are telling a story that the sea is in the midst of a storm.

Either way, thanks for arting!
#4 ·
Is that supposed to be milk? Or... nah, I'm not gonna say it.