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Wind and Rain · Original Short Story ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 2000–8000
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#1 · 5
Oh, hey. A Pic2Fic event.
It's been a while since one of those, or at least since I participated.
Here's hoping I can set aside the time!
#2 · 1
I wonder who will take part in the event. As time goes on, the number of entrants seems to taper off gently… :(
#3 · 1
We seem to be getting spread out with all the multiple events.
#4 · 1
Yeah, given what is left of us, I wonder if that politics does really pay off.
#5 · 2
You guys:

Picked my prompt again! Now I'm gonna hafta enter and come in last! It's already a tradition at this point...

#6 ·
· · >>Baal Bunny
Friends, can someone link me to the writeoff discord please?
#7 · 1

Click on:

Where it says "Chat" up at the very top of the Writeoff main page.

#8 · 2
Oh ** I feel so bad, seeing a writeoff with only two fic entries. I've hated myself every time I've skipped writing something. Now it's been years since I last published something on fimfic. Now it's forever since I even entered some fiction here. Two entries? Ugh.. Let's get back on board, everyone!!! (I speak to myself as much as anyone.)