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I Did My Best · Original Short Story ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 2000–8000
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I Made Lunch Myself, Mommy
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#1 ·
Pixel art makes for a refreshing change of pace. Thank you, Artist!

If there is a real game reference here, it lieth not in the sphere of my experience. The piece does speak to me in representing the fact that very, very few artists will ever make a living from their art, and that one sadly cannot just draw a bowl of beans and eat it.

The rendering on the utensils is good. I suppose you are trying to convey a tiled floor at top and part of a chair at the bottom; if so, the tiles don’t seem to line up between top and bottom. This is a minor complaint.

This piece will go in the mid-to-upper tier on my slate.
#2 ·
This piece of somewhat of a misfire for me, but not due to the artist's lack of trying.

On top of being pixel art, this entry is pretty ambitious in the perspective it chooses to convey the image. I don't think it was a good idea to draw the central image at this angle, since the pixels don't always line up properly, and overall it looks more jagged than it probably should. On a leveled plain, the image would be more recognizable and more visually pleasing.

This is abstract enough, though, that at least the writers can do a lot with it.
#3 ·
Top bins, artist. Nothing more to say than what GGA said. Sorry you didn't get any stories, but I have a sneaking feeling you will place well anyhow.

Thanks for submitting.