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Hiding in Plain Sight · Original Minific ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 500–900
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Poor Suzy
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· · >>Anon Y Mous
A cute comic. You have an elegant drawing style that is pleasant to look at and great at conveying emotions. The coloring, linework and composition are all clean and professional.

Nits: Why’d you color in the cuticles, of all things? Why would anyone hold a gun like that? (A pro who was hesitating about shooting someone might point the gun in the air or at the ground, but wouldn’t change their grip from one that could fire at a moment’s notice. In the current position, it looks like the shooter’s hand is growing from his neck.) And why does your werewolf look like a rat? (I think it’s mainly the overlarge ears, grey fur and pink nose. Also, those look more like rat feet than doggie paws, and I think it’s partly due to the long thin nails.)

This is an upper tier piece. I’m not sure exactly where it will land on my slate yet; there’s a lot of good art this round and it will be hard to choose.
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Thank you!!

The only thing I have to clear up is the way he holds the gun. It was supposed to be comedic, the way he holds it. No one sane would hold a gun that way lol.


I also have absolutely no reasoning why I colored in the cuticles.

I think they didn’t look right and blended into the picture??? Past me has no idea.