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The Hugs Went Away Again · FiM Short Story ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 2000–8000
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I have another journey of a thousand miles to undertake and I can't commit to writing a story, but I will draw a pic for everyone who submits.
#2 ·
Pretty sure with 99.999 percent certainty I'll get my story in before the deadline.
#3 · 1
Depending on how things go:

This afternoon, I might have one to submit, too.

#4 ·
… interesting collection…
#5 · 1
Ah… I was thinking of doing a pic, but I'm exhausted and wouldn't get it in in time… hmf.
#6 ·
· · >>Griseus
As promised, all fics now have a pic from me. I hope you like them!
#7 · 1
Like 'em a lot.