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A Modern Haunting · Poetry Short Short ·
Organised by Anon Y Mous
Word limit 100–2000
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When you're stuck by yourself in a room,
Don't give way to groaning and gloom.
Before you get swamped,
Pick out a nice prompt,
And write with fresh vistas abloom!
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· on In Sleep They Join Her
Nice sonnet form, and I appreciate the female rhyme. The rhythm is a bit forced in places, but mostly, it works. I love the imagery of a girl nestling into her bed, but I'm a little unclear on what exactly is happening. After a couple of read-throughs, I think it's just that she's going to sleep in a setting that could be considered spooky, but she's decided she's not going to let t be. I'm not sure that's right. At first, I thought it was pointing toward a twist where she's a ghost, or maybe that some of the threats were real, but I think I've settled on that first explanation. Well done.

I wonder if this round just caught people by surprise. It seems kind of soon after the first round, and maybe the usual poets just didn't notice there was a round coming up (I haven't joined the group myself, so I don't get notifications of poetry events and have to check manually).
#4 ·
I had half-baked plans to join in on this one but got sidetracked and missed the entire writing period. Oh well…