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Uncharted Territory · Friendship is Short Shorts Short Short ·
Organised by CoffeeMinion
Word limit 750–1250
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Pic Results
# Artist Title Final ε
1 Gold medal Zaid Val'Roa Mare, Stallion, I've Still Got It Going On 7.99 0.07
2 Silver medal GroaningGreyAgony Someday You’ll Understand 1.38 0.18
3 Bronze medal Anon Y Mous They tried to put me on the cover of Vogue, 0.36 0.20
4 ConfettiMortarboard CoffeeMinion "Next, you're going to say: 'Get me a pickle, Bon Bon!'" 0.11 0.23
5 Ribbon Señor Alta Cruz I Can't Believe It's Not Luna 0.05 0.18