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Message from the Underground · Original Short Story ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 2000–8000
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Signs of Life at Event Horizon Station
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· · >>Comma Typer
A classic minimalist tactic of tinges of light at the end of a dark tunnel. It captures the viewer's attention and forces them to wonder if the signs of life are friendly or otherwise. The contrast between the blackness and pixelated beams creates a spottiness that fits a perspective from a person squinting in the dark.

The one pet peeve I'd say is the image at the end of the tunnel being a little too formless to work. Since the object looks much the same as the surrounding beams, it's hard to distinguish it as something like light or a far-off human form. A more consistent figure might strike the viewer's eye a little better.
#2 ·
· · >>Comma Typer
I love the ambiguity here! The pixely texture lends this piece a very ominous vibe, a la 2001: A Space Odyssey. The sci-fi direction given by the title is a welcome dose of clarity. I get the impression of arches and gothic churches and grand designs in a digital space.
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· · >>Comma Typer
This looks like a mining tunnel to me more than a space station, but the art method perfectly suits the mood; this is a creepy image that calls SCP-087 to mind. Thanks for creating it, Artist!
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· · >>Comma Typer
To me, this is the coolest of the art pieces. It does bug me somewhat that there’s not enough definition in the light at the end of the tunnel to suggest what it could be. That’s a wasted opportunity IMO. But the mood and style of this is epic. It’s dank, creepy, and retro-technological. Love it.
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In which we don't need to go to space for black holes.

This feels like someone took an ancient Nokia phone, went to some abandoned railroad place, and took a picture. Because if that's not how you made this picture, then it sure feels an awful lot like it. Nostalgia, for one... but nostalgia in the same way I would consider a creepypasta version of a game to be nostalgic.

I agree with some others here that the little thing at the middle is a bit too little or dark to become truly worthwhile, but otherwise, this is pretty good!
#6 ·

Well, this was a wonderful surprise!

First off, this is photo manipulation. The source image is here.

As for the pic itself, I must admit that the signs of life at the center is a bit too dark or indistinct as libertydude and CoffeeMinion have pointed out. Sadly, the idea never occurred to me to just add more to it—I had the incorrect mindset that I could only manipulate photos that I didn't at least try, well, adding some more into it (or at least changing the color of the little lights there so it stands out more—like a thermal imaging camera).

Still, I was and still am glad about how the pic turned out. It is good to know that you've enjoyed it so well that it got first place.

Thank you, and see you around for the fic stage!