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All the Time in the World · FiM Short Story ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 2000–8000
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Taking a Little Time Off
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#1 · 2
Sorry, Artist, you don’t get a limerick.

This is a bit rough, scratchy and unpolished. At least it appears to have been scanned cleanly. The centerpiece of this work is Twilight’s expression, as she takes her time in chewing. I like her wings, her slumping ears and her thousand-mile stare. More time spent in polishing this work would have made a big difference were the competition more varied.

Regardless, your talent is evident and I am sure we will see more good work from you in the future. In other rounds, the unfinished nature of this work might count against you. At present, there is only one place this drawing can occupy on my slate. :) Good work, Artist!
#2 · 3
Well.... “anonymous person I don’t know”, if this contest were more varied this picture would DEFINITELY make it to my top slate.

I love the crazed look in Twilight’s eyes and the extreme perspective of Canterlot. The title alone bounces it up my slate. ;)
#3 ·
Yes, Crazy Eyes fit Twilight like a glove.

While the composition is a bit coarse and sketchy, I'm kind of loving the story implied by the drawing. She looks like she's covetously protecting her hoard of thyme like an herbivorous dragon, and the thought of that gave me a laugh.

The background could use a tad bit more detail to clearly convey the scale of the pile. It looks like you have one of the castle's spires back there, but without reading the story, it's a bit unclear what that could be. Twilight certainly has some excellent little details: the feathers in her wings, the fuzz on her hooves. Her muzzle and jawline look a little blobby and dis-proportionate. However, as GroaningGrey mentioned, the rough nature of this drawing is likely due to a short time constraint, and I'm sure with a little more time and polish, this could really shine. Thanks for arting!
#4 ·
Echoing the above, mostly. The crazy eyes really sell the whole thing, as far as I'm concerned. The wings are neat and the ear direction tells me she's ready to fight a bitch if someone interrupts her snack time. It's a bit hard to tell exactly where she is, though. I'm not sure I would have picked up that Canterlot was in the back for a while if someone else hadn't pointed it out. I get it, now, but it's not 100% clear at first.

It also kind of looks like she's hoarding herbs on a cloud based on how small the mountain looks in the background, which is an interesting bit of narrative layer to the picture.