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The Devil's in the Details · Original Short Story ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 2000–8000
Show rules for this event
Welcoming Committee
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#1 ·
I love the detail in this picture. The sly medal kitty in the frame of the portrait and the tiny kitty underneath the chair.

I love the odd and transfixing look of the grandfather like he is expecting the viewer to do something very predictable...

Overall, I love the welcoming committee. They are definitely allowed to welcome me anytime. <3
#2 ·
That's a heck of a lotta kitties. I do find it interesting how paw-like the base of the chair legs are, or the face in the back of the chair. Any particular reason for using what looks like an Egyptian hairless cat on the left there?

Anyway, pretty neat piece here.
#3 ·
From the baleful expression of the old man to the sinuous Siamese, this piece delights on many levels. Nicely done, Artist!
#4 ·
Cool choice to do this as white-on-black! I also like how you do a nice job of differentiating the two main cats with their silhouettes—Baubles has that boneless super-curvy slender look, while Bangles has more angularity defined joints and a more consolidated profile. And of course, it's a cute touch that you've got Beans hiding in the background. Thanks for submitting!