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The Other Side · FiM Short Story ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 2000–8000
The Book of Might Have Beens (half-assed)
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· · >>Rocket Lawn Chair
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that this one wasn't finished haha. I can see that you have skill here. The shading of the horn is very pretty and the rest of the picture could use some dramatic shading as well. I love the muzzle and the expression that she has towards the book and her tears. Good job on this one!

"Drunk submission (Forgive me)" Never!!
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· · >>Rocket Lawn Chair
Ah, another time-constraint special. Don’t feel too bad, Artist, you are not alone.

Pros: What parts you were able to finish show skill; you can visualize a pony head in 3D and render it in the show’s style, with your own touches here and there. The eyes and hair curls of the main figure in particular strike me as well rendered and effective.

Cons: This is perhaps one third of a first draft. Perhaps it can join the others in a particularly appropriate Portfolio of Might Have Beens.

This piece will go low on my slate due to its state of completion, but don’t let this discourage you, Artist. Your talent is there, waiting to be shown; I hope you get more time to display it in the next art round.
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This was much more feedback than thought this dingy little story would get, and I'm so grateful to have received it. In the next write-off I'll try to give back a little more!

Last-minute excuses are kind of a given at this point (especially since I'd written 4200 words of a completely different story on Saturday, then canned it Sunday morning), but you all bring up a good point in the lukewarm, underwhelming feeling of the reveal and the ending. As with most of my stories, it starts with "Ooh, neat idea!" then rides off the initial momentum until it's time to tie everything up in a neat little bow, and my fingers start fumbling with the knots.

My initial idea didn't even ride on the interaction between Luna and the journalist, and I would love to go back and give Ink more compelling motivations beyond just wanting to know what the dreams mean, and Luna more compelling reasons to conceal her secret. When I dredge through this draft with a finer comb, I'll be sure to pick up on these important details.

Regardless, I'm thrilled you folks still enjoyed it for what it was! Thank you all for your feedback!

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Ah, Liquid Confidence is a blessing and a curse!
This makes me so embarrassed to have submitted in this state. Neither this drawing nor my brain was all there. Picture a bottle of booze sitting on my shoulder, with devil horns and bat-like wings, growling "Do it..." in a gravelly Christian Bale voice. Then, posted on my other shoulder, there's a sign which reads "Out To Lunch".

I apologize for this, and commend Cold in Gardez for what was probably my favorite story of the bunch.