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Lunch, Lunch, Lunch · Poetry Short Short ·
Organised by Anon Y Mous
Word limit 100–2000
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The top slice of bread
Where the mustard is spread,
And the lettuce quite neat
On the cold cuts of meat,
With the cheese just so
On the bread slice below!

Here the pita yawns, crusty and wide,
Around tightly packed goodies inside,
Where falafel was tossed
With tzatziki sauce
And some onions along for the ride.

So with one gentle squeeze, the hard tortilla

Snapped...... Around the carne and queso and guac

And suddenly the fillings flowed all around!

With a transfixed olive atop,
The Reuben rests at the deli counter,
Dressing drooling from the pastrami,
Commingled with the sauerkraut
In an acerbic moment of rye commentary.
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· · >>GroaningGreyAgony
Reading down the list of titles, this looked like a thematic set written by the same person. Then I noticed the prompt. Duh...

This is kind of a mishmash of meters and rhyme schemes. The way it changes from the first stanza to the second is not so unusual to see in children's stories, for example, but you don't as often see it in straight-up poetry.

I like how each stanza is about a different kind of sandwich (and one reignites the old debate about whether a taco is one), and the last one ends on a nice pun.
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Icing glassy on the top
Of the minimal amount of pastry
And the just too tart fruit filling
In the closing of the rectangle...

A pop-tart is a sandwich.
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Thanks for the gold! Gratz to Heavy Mole and Griseus.

My first thought on the prompt was to make a poem with a structure that mirrored a sandwich. I thought I could even turn out multiple entries of this type. I finished the top stanza, hit submit, got confused when it didn't go through, then realized this wasn't a minimum 15 round, I had to get a hundred words in. So I made some more sandwiches then and there, though they came out in different metric forms, and thus it went. I'm glad you liked them.
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If you please, go out, and tell the nurses
A double-pack of peanut butter’s needed
To go with all the jelly that I have
Upon my reading of these sandwiched verses.