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Insurmountable · Poetry Minific ·
Organised by Anon Y Mous
Word limit 15–1000
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Unforeseen Complication
I sit in silence, staring at the screen,
And ponder how this challenge came about.
A normal problem, whatsoe'er that means,
Would usually be easy to work out.
But this is new. And this, I don't know how
To handle with the tools I have at hand.
I grumble: why'd this have to come up now?
What utter troglodyte gave this command?
With time, perhaps, I could have worked around
Or barreled through this issue that's arisen:
The processes that got us here aren't sound,
And I could do it better, with precision.
But I can't solve this obstacle today,
Just hope tomorrow shows a better way.
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#1 · 2
A slice of life about an obtuse and presumably unnecessary snarl whose specific nature is left undescribed. The mental state being described hums along like a rattling refrigerator, or like a cat making a grumpy face and batting at an intruder, and the meter and rhyme hum along with it. A bit on the bland side overall, but well conveyed for what it is. Some bonus points for the mouthfeel of “troglodyte”.

Tastes like: a Ritz cracker sandwich with American cheese.

Thanks for writing, author.
#2 · 1
This comes across as authentic. I just wish it were a little more dynamic. By the end of the first few lines, I know what the speaker feels, and that doesn't change through the rest. Structurally, all the lines have 10 syllables (well, I didn't check the whole thing, but when it proved out through the first 4 lines, I assumed he rest was fine), but there's no set rhythm.
#3 · 1
The bright blank whiteness spurns my roving eye,
It's hard to see an ode, and make it so,
At first my sultry thoughts just flitter by,
But then the lightning strikes, and words do flow!