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Onward and Upward · Original Short Story ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 2000–8000
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I have gotten something in...
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· on Spirits have Spoken · >>GroaningGreyAgony
"Try again later."
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· on Spirits have Spoken
Your reply... is hazy.
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· on Decision at the Apex · >>Heavy_Mole
I'm not gonna get it done:

Before the deadline, but I started a pretty weird little thing inspired by this photo involving the troll from "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" grouchily expecting another wunna them damn goats crossing his bridge and finding a kitten instead. It may yet turn into a story, but not for this contest, alas...

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· on Decision at the Apex · >>GroaningGreyAgony
This is the first time I've been the only entrant in a Write-off. Does that mean the contest is declared null?

>>Baal Bunny
Maybe you can sneak it in under a different prompt, something related to goats or threes or obliquities thereof...

Too bad about this round. You have such a realized style that I always learn something when we "compete".
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· on Decision at the Apex · >>Heavy_Mole

This is the first time I've been the only entrant in a Write-off. Does that mean the contest is declared null?

Not at all. Enjoy your gold!
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· on Decision at the Apex
Oh, but the waiting...!
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· on If It Weren't For The Waiting · >>Heavy_Mole
This was really difficult to read.

This is a personal taste issue, but I always find it odd to read things that impart great wisdom and sophistication to animals, particularly when despite this seemingly advanced intelligence, they still act in very animal ways.

Though it seems like that's another symptom of effecting a kind of... I don't know, Victorian style? I feel like there's an obvious allegorical meaning to all this that's going over my head because it's obscured under a great number of words.

This is probably also something that's not necessarily your fault: at first, it seems like it'll be about the oncoming doom (pretty obvious the light is a meteor even though the story doesn't reveal that for a while),, but then it switches to philosophical discussions among the dinosaurs, often only semi-related. It left me not knowing what the thread was and perceiving the story as unfocused. Later, then two get brought together, and I'm not sure there's a good way of keeping the connection between the two strong from the beginning so the theme feels more unified.

I'm probably just not the audience for this.
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· on If It Weren't For The Waiting
Thanks for taking the time to read. It's not just you. You're right to say that the story feels unfocused. I would go even further and say that it's not quite a story, yet. The allusion I have in mind is not clear, so there's little narrative tension and a whole lot of 'baubles' ("Ooh, this looks like... something."). It's the "ugly side" of my writing, generally. But at the risk of making excuses I'd say this is just a draft and was meant as more of a warm-up after the holidays.